I am Jesus Christ - Every Christian Gaming Youtuber's Dream Game?

I am Jesus Christ Available on Steam

If there's I am Bread and I am Fish, you bet there is I am Jesus.

I am Jesus is published by Playway S.A., the same publisher of House Flipper: a grindy Sims-like game (at least the build mode) which I've been curious about but got discouraged into actually playing it after seeing some LPs of people cleaning windows and other grime, and realized it's more like a cleaning simulator than house flipping simulator especially with its lack of robust market and pricing (a simple mobile game named Bitlife puts it to shame with the latter's interesting real estate pricing mechanics).


I am Jesus Christ Intro Game

Since it's Friday the 13th now and I'm not in the mood for any horror games (I'm also still wrapping up a new video and blog post about the newly launched Black Desert Mobile), thought I should post about this game instead.

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Today is also 12 days before Christmas and few days before Day 1 of Simbang Gabi, so...

I'm fighting the urge to add this on my wishlist (it's not out yet), the moment I saw its trailer last weekend:

I actually thought it's a fake ad, but shocked when I saw it on Steam. (I wish Detroit: Become Human is on Steam too...)

When is I am Jesus Christ gonna be released? Most likely I am Jesus is gonna be out by Christmas Holy Week next year, but we'll see. (4/30/2020 update: No. It's not yet on Steam now.)

I am Jesus Christ The 12 Disciples Last Supper

I have finished I am Bread on mobile. Didn't attempt to play I am Fish (yet) because it's just a prototype for now (I doubt I'll get A scores or any scores lol).

But I am Jesus Christ?

I am Jesus Christ Cross Crucifixion

Being an agnostic pagan, I know I'll just end up memeing this game and offending people left, center, right. I just can't think of any way to safely play this game without ending up in some Spanish Inquisition 2.0.

Or maybe not. They're Christian memes if ever after all.

The fact I'm a lady playing as Jesus Christ also already raises some eyebrows.

I am Jesus Christ Feet Washing

The devs boast being able to recharge Jesus superpowers by praying, meditating, and washing people's feet. And the Jesus superpower-slash-HP bar on the lower right corner lowers every time the player performs miracles and fights Satan.

I am Jesus Christ Demon Spawn Satan

I don't know if they're serious about marketing this game to ultra-religious Christian parents who want their kids to play some Bible-inspired games instead of say, Resident Evil; or if the devs are low-key trolling (or maybe they're New Age-y like me lol or are into Buddhism) because they encourage players to experience what it's like to be a Christian God -- which is the very essence of challenging the actual existence of Jesus as god because YOU are god who makes things happen and attracts abundance, or the lack there of (but that's beside the point).

Well that's cool and all but I have already decided not to play this game at all-- until the devs said it's open world.

I am Jesus Christ Resurrection

Open. Freakin. World.


Should you play this game?

I don't know. That's up to you, if you're into this kind of games or if you're a gaming Youtuber and want to create some interesting content.

Am I gonna play this once it's out?

I am Jesus Christ Blind Woman

Hmmmm... If there's a way to prevent Jesus from dying and change its 2k year old ending then I'm in.

System Requirements


OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Phenom II X4 965
GPU: GTX 550Ti / Intel HD 620
DirectX: v. 9.0
Available Space: 4 GB


OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K / AMD FX-8320
GPU: GTX 960 / Radeon R9 290X
DirectX: v. 11.0
Available Space: 4 GB

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