Moriarty the Patriot: Review and Episode Guide

Moriarty the Patriot: Review and Episode Guide

Move over Sherlock. It's Moriarty's time to shine now. Updated on 11/24/2020: Added Episode Guide for Episode 7.

I've been a huge fan of Sherlock: from the original Arthur Conan Doyle's books (despite struggling to digest his type of old english writing back in high school), to its 2 movie versions, and lastly to a TV show on BBC.

BBC Sherlock

BBC Sherlock seasons 1 & 2 have been my most favorite so far -- until my significant other suggested this anime titled Professor Moriarty: The Patriot, which challenged that notion.

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A. Review of Moriarty the Patriot
B. Episode Guide of Moriarty the Patriot
     Episode 1 Guide: The Earl's Crime
     Episode 2 Guide: Scarlet Eyes Act 1
     Episode 3 Guide: Scarlet Eyes Act 2
     Episode 4 Guide: A Rare Breed
     Episode 5 Guide: The Dancer on the Bridge
     Episode 6 Guide: Noahtic Act I
     Episode 7 Guide: Noahtic Act II
     Episode 8 Guide: A Study in "S"

A. Review of Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot shows a fresh perspective and something totally different from all the Sherlock media I've consumed.

First of all, I love the fact that this anime shows Moriarty's past, a prequel to the usual events we see on Sherlock -- and explains the rationale behind his criminal machinations. It shows how his mind works as a criminal consultant and an actual Sherlock's equal, instead of a mere caricature of Sherlock's archenemy.

William James Moriarty - Childhood in Orphanage

Using the charming blonde villain trope on Moriarty really works well too. Watching Moriarty here especially his past feels like watching a younger (smarter, kinder and sneakier) Dio Brando of Jojo Bizarre Adventure, especially how they both struggled as an urchin in the streets of London-- and get eventually adopted by an aristocratic family.

Moriarty Brothers - Underworld - Opening Song

Second, I'm vibing with its opening song. It helps set the tone of the whole series without revealing too much about how the anime will progress (although like in JJBA and Millionaire Detective, I suspect there are a couple of clues there which will only make sense in the latter part of the series), and makes it feel like we're watching a mystery detective show -- only this time from the point of view of Moriarty and his influence among what their society (actually our society) labels as the stereotypical criminals.

Moriarty Family Seal - Je Crois en Moi

The Moriarty Family's coat-of-arms already hints about the 3 brothers orchestrating the criminal underworld to reform UK like a spider in the middle of its web. William James Moriarty is the head and the Moriarty we know that Sherlock fights with, while Albert Moriarty is their financier and informer, and Louis acts as William's right-hand man and assistant.

Moriarty's Vision

And third, we get to see a respectable side of Moriarty, a patriot one, trying to save the people from the lower ranks of society that the UK royalty and nobles shun -- as opposed to the terrorist Moriarty that the BBC Sherlock had portrayed because, well, Sherlock and his older Brother work for the Queen, and they're noblemen themselves. 

London, UK

This not only gives him a chance to be sympathized by the viewers, but also begs the question of who actually started the crimes -- a chicken-and-egg kind of situation -- and makes the viewers reflect on real life itself, instead of lazily typecasting different sides as simply good or evil. 

One of the things I don't like so far is the closing song in this anime -- it sounds so eerily cheery after all the killings that happen in certain episodes. Although it matches the overall theme of being "cleansed" after doing revenge, Moriarty doesn't do the revenge and stay relatively peaceful, and influences others to commit the crimes instead of doing it himself. 

Moriarty Brothers Painting - Ending Song

A melancholy music similar to Olafur Arnald's piano pieces, or Yu Yu Hakusho's would have fit better: either something that mirrors Moriarty's personality as a scheming character, who stays the same all throughout the series, or a song that fits the bitter aftertaste as the people he influences do revenge because though one may find peace or "closure" from doing so, there's no way committing a sin will cleanse another sin. 

The end doesn't justify the means, as they say.

Speaking of closing song, I made the mistake of not watching anymore once it plays and see the credits roll lol. It was only when I started re-watching the first 3 episodes for this guide that I noticed and realized that they show the name of the next episode and hint of what's next to come at the very last part after the closing song.

Another thing I don't like is the general theme of doing sacrifice just to achieve their goals -- by hook or by crook. It's a dangerous ideology to have (and preach), and something I'm totally against.

Law of Attraction - Quote of the Day

I believe in Law of Attraction instead wherein we attract what we think and focus on the most instead: keep thinking that doing "necessary" pain and sacrifice, and you definitely attract situations that require those things. Stay high vibe and think of freedom, happiness, success and you attract them instead. 

Although I don't manage to follow that 100% of the time because I get easily influenced by the things around me, I strive whenever I can remember to do so. This is also why I avoid people who focus way too much on negative situations (except for those that simply share a fact or personal lesson from their experience), unfriend those who are too hung up about status and titles and belittle others, and keep ignoring those who act entitled. Despite that, this anime touching on these issues is the ultimate reason why I love this show overall especially Albert Moriarty's character.

Albert James Moriarty

Anyway, back to the main Moriarty. William James Moriarty.

Watching Moriarty here feels like watching a parallel universe where Dio Brando of JJBA didn't have to experience abuse from his own deadbeat dad (probably died early), or him being born to different parents who died early so he and a new brother were both left as an orphan. Both Moriarty and Dio envision a perfect society, cleansed from its current curse -- whether that's socioeconomic or human mortality -- and they, being strongly influential among the people around them, make them revered like gods.

William James Moriarty as God Like Dio Brando

I know there's a manga version of this anime -- but my rule is: either I just read the manga and not watch the anime anymore (i.e. Death Note, The Wallflower, Berserk), or watch the anime and not read the manga at all (i.e. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Ghost in the Shell, Steins; Gate).

I make an exception when it comes to Hunter X Hunter though lol.

Nevertheless, I still wanna create an episode guide just for the heck of it :P

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

I keep the episode guides censored though. So if you want to see the bloody version, go watch the anime πŸ™€ The anime itself isn't really unnecessarily gory (so far). Just enough controlled tasteful blood here and there to get the story across instead of tacky gore galore πŸ˜–

B. Episode Guide of Moriarty the Patriot

Episode 1 Guide: The Earl's Crime

In episode 1, we get a glimpse of his general thinking process very similar to the way Sherlock's mind works: using his "palace of knowledge" (a nod to Sherlock's "Mind Palace") and helping a victim if possible to avenge any wrongdoings done to him.

Moriarty's Mind Palace

Like the usual Sherlock, Moriarty-- whose first name is mentioned as William here (instead of Jim or James like in the BBC Sherlock and other movies, respectively) -- easily connects the clues about the recent murder spree of children after reading the morning papers.

He then deduces that the criminal either personally knows or have interacted with the children's parents, and have probably seen his victims either visiting or assisting in their parents' businesses or shops.

People would want things they've already seen - QOTD

Except for his last victim who is an orphan and regularly performs a concertina using his accordion on the streets. Being orphans themselves, William and his younger brother, Louis, then begin discussing and investigating the odd orphan.

Orphan Clue

Eventually they learn that the orphan regularly performs at a certain spot, which can possibly be easily seen by the killer through a window-seat from the Gastro Club nearby.

His older brother named Albert (I never knew he has an older brother! I just know that he's from a middle class family), then arrives after visiting his tailor named Eden -- who happened to be one of the parents whose kid died from the recent Hannibal Lectre on the loose.

William Moriarty then requests his brother to help him get in that fancy members-only dining club.

Thanks to the orphan's friend whom William invites over to get some info, eventually they learn more clues and their prime suspect is now Earl Argleton, one of the founders of the Gastro Club and fond of gourmet food especially fresh young meat.

Earl Argleton

William then charms his way to do some "small talk" with the earl -- which leads to a subtle interrogation until the latter nervously excuses himself and leaves.

William Moriarty Investigation

William leaves the dining club too, but as soon as he turns at a corner street, the earl's henchman starts following him to kidnap him. But William effortlessly outwits the dumb henchman with the help of his younger brother, and this same henchman is what they use to confirm the real killer.

We then see a flashback of Albert fetching his tailor, Eden, and sending him to William. William confirms if Eden really wants to avenge his son, by which the latter agrees.

Back to present time, we see their carriage leading to a hideout where they got the real killer, which is Earl Argleton indeed, tied down on a chair. 

William and Eden's Revenge

As the tailor arrives and sees the earl, we get another flashback of what the latter did to the former's son, before returning to the present moment when the tailor finally avenges his child's death.

William Moriarty Smoking

William then gives a hanky to the tailor to wipe his deed off, before closing the door to that case.

In the final scene for this episode, we see the same perspective as Albert in the carriage, watching the tailor goes about his business as usual, feeling content and grateful that he finally gets the justice and closure he's seeking of.


Episode 2 Guide: Scarlet Eyes Act 1

This episode is a hell of a flashback.

Here we see William in a carriage, who tries to help someone win a horse racing bet. We then suddenly see him as a kid doing the same thing to other adults -- giving advice on which horse was going to win for that day. 

Aside from that, he also helps other adults in town like advising a lady who asked him how to preserve her flowers better. He tells her to put those in a vase with water and a pinch of vinegar (I didn't know we can add vinegar, that's the first time I heard about that tip!). 

He then receives a basket of cookies as a gift from a man he helped deal with rat infestation before riding the carriage back home, while some people in town start wondering why that William Moriarty look a tad different from how they remembered Albert's younger brother.

Grandma knows the truth

At this point, I also began wondering if those cookies are actually clean and safe to eat, or if they're just given to him too because they have been you-know-what by rats already.

William and Albert both grab a cookie and start eating. The cookies look ok and fresh, so I guess I'm just being paranoid.

William gets free cookies


As soon as they get home, an older butler mocks William for wearing Albert's old designer clothes, and scolds him to quickly change back to his own ordinary clothes already and help his young sickly brother clean the yard.

This is also where we get to see Albert's real younger brother, named William!

The real William Moriarty

We then get another flashback where Albert is seen talking to the real William too. The latter tries to stop the former into going back to the orphanage because the former got a bad cold there last time.

At this point, I have no idea what The Moriarty's real name is anymore before he gets adopted (well, probably Jim?).

Jim Moriarty of BBC Sherlock

To avoid confusion, from this point forward, I'll start referring to the Moriarty we know as Moriarty, and the real younger brother as "William".

Albert still goes back to the Ragged orphanage anyway (what a name). 

Albert Moriarty hates England

Ragged Orphanage

It is during this time where Albert sees Moriarty for the first time. There he stands out as a precocious child, popular among other orphans for being a great tutor to them, and learning that he often sneaks in the British Museum to read books, before the assistant librarian gets tired of reprimanding him and finally decides to take Moriarty and his younger brother Louis to that orphanage.

Albert continues observing Moriarty. We then finally see Albert approaching Moriarty while in the middle of solving a math equation to a group of workers, and speak to each other for the first time. 

Here, we find out that Moriarty tries his best to be smart and helpful by providing advice to everyone as his peaceful way to receive food and money instead of stealing, so he and his brother can survive.

Moriarty's vision

On his way home, Albert overhears some people in the town square talking about a recent heist where someone's vault got stolen, and shocked to hear the same amount of distance between the street and the vault underground, with the amount Moriarty discussed about in his equation earlier with the group of "workers" -- and that's quite odd to be just a coincidence.

Shocked Albert Moriarty

As he arrives home, we then get a hint that Albert's own family -- not only their butler and his younger brother, but also his parents -- are all the typical snobbish nobles he considers a disgrace to society.

Despite his dad eventually agreeing to consider adopting, he doesn't genuinely want to do anything with the poor. It's only for show, to look like he has enough spare wealth and maintain his high status among their peers through charity work led by a charming duchess named Peniel.

Duchess Peniel

His dad eventually instructs Albert to choose whoever he wants in the orphanage that is obedient and least likely to cause trouble in their house.

Moriarty Dad Approves Adoption

Albert then starts learning hamon first to avoid getting killed by whoever that kid is that their family is gonna adopt soon, so that in the future, he can also protect his son, Joseph Joestar -- I'm just kidding.

Joseph Joestar

Albert goes back to the orphanage and nervously looks for Moriarty. This time, he gets shocked to overhear him influencing and teaching his peers about bad noble people in their society, that if ever they encounter one, there's only one way to deal with them:

Moriarty's Influence

Well. I was shook.

At that age, all I do was watch anime, paint, play with dolls and Polly Pocket, and be a normal kid.

Back to Albert.

Shocked Albert Moriarty Again

He's too shaken to approach Moriarty at this point to tell him that he's interested in adopting him so he just goes home first. One of their servants accidentally bumps him, and he sees that her hand is bleeding. 

Did she kill his dad?! Oh no!


Turns out his spoiled rotten younger brother stabbed the servant's hand with a fork, and this makes Albert (and also the viewers like me for sure) furious!

Pesky Albert's younger brother

Fuming Albert Moriarty

Albert then goes to his room and lies on his bed, while remembering what Moriarty tells his peers about bad noblemen.

At this point, we can all agree that Albert will soon get his younger brother murdered (and I'm excited about how and by whom lol; spoiler: by his brother himself, Albert), especially we see Moriarty uses the name of Albert's younger brother already in the present time.
The following day, Albert goes back to see Moriarty, tells him about what he overheard and asks him if he's willing to commit treachery against their country because the latter seems like he's about to start a revolution.

Albert speaks to William

Moriarty agrees and reveals that that's exactly his plan.

Moriarty's Plan

Moriarty then starts sharing his vision. We get to see how the hardships he witnessed (and most likely experienced himself along with his younger brother) shape his core beliefs and overall character.

Moriarty's Vision

Moriarty's Vision

Moriarty then asks Albert that since he's a nobleman himself, if he's going to report him to the Scotland Yard. Moriarty's brother, Louis, then starts sneaking behind Albert, ready to attack just in case. But the 2 orphans get the ultimate luck in their lives.

Albert remains impressed and eventually invites the brothers to live in his place, and be their sugar daddy. Albert promised that he'll help finance his lofty ambitions because he too want to change their current cursed society.

Albert invites the orphan brothers to Moriarty Manor


Episode 3 Guide: Scarlet Eyes Act 2

The flashback continues, and this time, we see Moriarty and his younger brother arrive at Albert's residence for the first time. They get treated too unkindly: first, by the rude butler; second, by Albert's Karen-ish mom yakkety-yakking about his dad adopting not just one but two orphans; and third, by his spoiled real brother William.

William sees Louis and asks him to make a cup of tea, by which the latter obliged.

However, as a sadistic spoiled brat that he is, William poured the tea on the carpet and asks Louis to clean it up using his tongue.

Moriarty Tea Scene

Luckily, Moriarty arrived to the rescue. But William changes his mind and tells Moriarty to "punish" his younger brother for him by using that fork.

At this point, I thought he's going for the kill (because that's what I would do in the situation lol). But Moriarty having higher IQ than I am thinks its best to sacrifice his hand for now instead.

Moriarty sacrifices for his younger brother

Albert apologized for what happened since he's not around during that time. Later that night, we witness Louis having chest pains but asks Moriarty to stay by him.

The 2 brothers then discuss what can be the reason why Albert invited them to live in that manor, and wonder what he needs from them.

Orphans discussing what Albert Moriarty wants from them

Moriarty assures his younger brother that he has some idea already and tells him to wait a little while for they will find out soon.

The next scene shows us the whole Moriarty family (except for the 2 orphans) eating breakfast together. 

Moriarty Family Breakfast

Albert's mom insists that they get rid of the orphans already, while his dad says that they can't just do that or they will be shamed by their peers. The mother hints that she wishes the orphans do something so the police can simply take them out, by which William gets an idea while staring at his fork.

They then begin discussing how they will celebrate William's birthday, and briefly mentions Kimble family (I initially misread the subtitle as Kambe, like Daisuke Kambe from Millionaire Detective -- imagine? lol), and talks about their financial troubles so they shouldn't be invited. 

Daisuke Kambe
Well, excuse me?

Albert on the other hand suddenly stands up and leaves. He feels sick from his family's pretentiousness and contempt against people not having the same socio-economic standing as them, and accepts the fact that his own family is part of the society's problem.

Albert Moriarty has enough

Moriarty now knows what Albert wants from him in exchange for adopting him and his brother. He then agrees to help Albert out and proudly claims that he's a criminal consultant after all.

William Moriarty now knows what Albert wants

That night, William gets in the orphans' room (which reminds me of the attic where Sarah Crewe stays). He plans to frame the orphans up by leaving silverware and making it seem like they stole them.

Moriarty suddenly shows up and tells William that it's great to see him now there, before smashing a chair and giving a piece of wood with deadly sharpened edges to Albert.

The frightened brat asks his older brother what he's planning to do, by which Albert retorts and asks the same question back as we see William holding his favorite fork out before trying to hide it behind him.

Albert vs William scene

Albert lunges towards his younger brother and does what Moriarty suggests him to do.

The 3 of them then goes down from the attic next and quietly goes around the manor to proceed with their plan. They open gas switches of the lamps and hide in an airtight cellar until the gas spreads in the manor. 

William tied a string to a shotgun's trigger connected to a grandfather clock earlier, so that after it strikes a certain time, it will pull the string and trigger the gun to fire which generates spark, and successfully causes the whole manor to explode by "accident".

Moriarty Manor Incident

Realistically speaking, they shouldn't have stayed in the manor while waiting for it to burn down or they'll pass out from suffocation. But since it's anime so, oh well.

As the three of them are about to head out, Louis decides to slap his face with a burning wood to make it seem like he's injured from the "accident" so adults will believe them more. He also said that this is his way to contribute to the group and his way of saying thank you to the 2 older brothers.

This marks the beginning of their bond as a new family.

Moriarty Brothers Bond

Once outside the manor, one of the guards putting out the fire calls for a doctor and then asks their names. Albert says his name, and introduces the orphans as his brothers.

Moriarty Brothers Bond

Back to the present moment, we see William seemingly narrating the accident that happened to the Moriarty family to a fellow traveler, and shares that the three of them managed to survive somehow by relying on one another.

The traveler gives his condolences and mentions how ideal and loving the original wealthy Moriarty family is, by which Moriarty sarcastically agrees, before seeing the train they're in head off towards another town.


Episode 4 Guide: A Rare Breed

Moriarty arrives in a new city just Northeast of England called Durham. Moriarty asks for directions from a vendor nearby about the new manor they bought. 

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

The vendor then asks if he's the new math professor teaching in their university, and Moriarty confirms that he is. The vendor then tells him that it's a small place so news spread around fast, and starts wondering why a noble like him decides to teach in university.

The wife of the viscount's gardener seen earlier at the start of the episode seethes at his sight upon overhearing this and leaves, while Moriarty gazes back at such unwelcome reaction. The vendor explains that she hates noblemen especially after the death of her son.

Moriarty finally reaches their new manor which serves as their temporary home while he's teaching in the university in Durham. Here he's welcomed by Louis busy arranging books, and serves Moriarty some tea before presenting the letter of invitation from Alexander Brighton, Viscount of Belfor.

Moriarty suggests they wait for their older brother Albert, so that the 3 of them accepts the invitation and go visit the viscount together.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

Later that night, the Moriarty brothers meet the viscount for the first time. The viscount warmly welcomes them in his manor. 

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

While in the middle of their conversation, the viscount reveals that he has a heart condition (possibly similar to Louis' condition) and shows them a small bottle of quinine. It is mainly anti-malarial, but can help in his chest condition too according to his doctor. 

Louis and the rest asks where he gets it, and the viscount reveals that he makes it himself since he has a wide collection of plants and herbs.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

The viscount then invites them in his garden and impresses the Moriarty brothers of his collection. William Moriarty then asks how we manages to take care of all those many plants, and the viscount introduces his talented gardener while remarking how ungrateful that gardener acts towards him.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

The gardener arrives home, and gets reminded of his guilt about the death of their baby boy as he sees his wife prepare 3 meals instead of 2, while telling him that she had a dream seeing the 3 of them eating together.
Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

In the next scene, we see Moriarty ends his class early and goes to the pub. He sees the gardener drinking there approaches him. He informs him that he's been in the viscount place and remarks at the hard work the gardener does in tending the viscount's garden and how impressive it is.

He then asks why he's there instead of at home with his wife, and the gardener begins sharing his story.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

We get a brief flashback of the scene at the very start of the episode where both the gardener, Mr. Burton and his wife Michelle carrying their baby boy, went to the viscount in the middle of a storm to ask his and his doctor's help to treat his son from his illness. But the viscount refused and didn't want anything to do with them. 

Ever since then, the gardener feels like his wife not only blames the viscount but also blames him for their child's death, that's why he and his wife aren't on great terms too anymore. But he claims that he's powerless to do anything against the viscount anyway.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty disagrees and says that he's not powerless, and that he simply chooses not to do anything. He plants the idea that the gardener can actually avenge his son's death. After gauging the gardener's reaction, Moriarty then reveals than aside from being a math professor, he might be of help to him.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

In the next scene, we see Moriarty doing some research in the library about quinine, before meeting with Albert and sharing that he now knows how to help the gardener.

The Moriarty brothers return to the viscount's place the next day and gives him a platter of cookies with jam. The viscount asks what type of fruit was used in the jam and tries to guess, but fails. 

Moriarty gives him a hint that it's actually abundant in his garden too, and eventually reveals that the jam is made of grapefruit.

Moriarty then suggests that grapefruit can be squeezed for its juice too. The viscount looks at his lush grapefruit tree and agrees.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

The gardener and his wife begin preparing for the juice and while doing so, his wife looks at the knife she's holding and starts walking towards the viscount.

The viscount, upon noticing her, senses what she's about to do and jumps from his seat to the floor. 

The gardener stops his wife just in time. The viscount starts getting chest pains again so Moriarty hands him his bottle of quinine from the table, while the gardener gives him a glass of grapefruit and apologizes for his wife.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

As the chest pain subsides, the viscount expresses how furious he is about what happened and fires him. As the gardener and his wife leaves the place, the viscount starts getting dizzy.

Before losing consciousness and taking his last breath, Moriarty reveals that the grapefruit juice together with quinine causes sudden drop in low-blood pressure. The viscount asks to get his doctor but Moriarty reminds him of what he did to the gardener's son. 

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

The viscount then realizes that all of these were staged after all to avenge his gardener.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot

In the next scene, we see the gardener and his wife expressing thanks to the Moriarty brothers for helping them out against the viscount before boarding their train.

 Moriarty denies being the mastermind though and insists that it was on them, and they just offered some assistance to make it happen. 

As the train leaves, Moriarty assures Louis and Albert that the couple will be fine especially the bond they shared in doing the crime made them closer, similar to the ones they share now ever since the fire "accident" that happened in the Moriarty manor.

Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot
Episode 4 Moriarty the Patriot


Episode 5 Guide: The Dancer on the Bridge

This episode reminds me of Paris Hilton's story. 

Well sort of. 

But with a tinge of Romeo and Juliet

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty is almost done in his Math Class when he noticed that one of his students, Lucian, had been absent for 3 days already. 

He plans to visit him after hearing that he's sick but Lucian's roommate, Tate, said that he's already taking care of him. 

After class Moriarty decides to go to Lucian's dorm regardless, to Tate's shock, as he's actually been trying to just cover up Lucian's absence. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty learned the truth eventually but even Tate himself had no idea where Lucian is now, and it's the first time that he's been away this long. He usually returns the following day. Tate tried asking from the pub that Lucian often goes to but he was unwelcome there and a bartender even threw water at him that's why he got a cold now. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty believes the situation is more serious than what they initially think and warns Tate to stay out and let him handle the situation from now on, while also reminding him to keep being Lucian's good friend. 

As he comes out of Lucian's dorm, Moriarty is "welcomed" by a dorm administrator named Dudley Bale. Moriarty introduces himself as Lucian's professor and expresses worry about his absence. He suggests that maybe it's better for them to call the police already to help them investigate. 

Bale on the other hand assures him that everything is alright and that it's best not to tell the police about Lucian's absence especially noble families are weary about having scandals. He also prides himself as having great connections in the police department so if things go worse, they have nothing to worry about. 

Moriarty doesn't find that too assuring and even find this Bale dude suspicious. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

He leaves and then goes straight to the bar and gives a tip to a bartender to speak up.  There he learns that Lucian and another bartender named Frida were dating. Lucian proposed to her recently which Frida accepted especially she got pregnant with him. 

But one day a guy (who turns out to be Bale and not Lucian) arrived and spoke to Frida. She didn't hear what the guy said to Frida (and no idea that he isn't her Lucian), but based on Frida's expression afterwards, she understood that she's being abandoned. Regardless, she knows that Frida is strong and even told her that she'll raise their kid by herself. 

As Moriarty is about to leave, the bartender returns the tip and tells him to use it instead to buy flowers for Frida buried in their backyard especially they weren't able to give her a proper grave with their own bartender salary. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Before going back to his temporary residence, Moriarty inspects the bridge where Frida died. As he gets home, he instructs Lucas to send a telegram for additional reinforcements. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

The first one is Fred, who arrives early and successfully able to retrieve Lucian who turns out to be drugged  by Bale who runs several brothels under the premise of hospitals so as not to raise suspicions. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

He does this to "tempt" kids from noble families (more like abduct them tbh) to indulge in illegal activities while bribing their parents with money or else he'll make that known to the public and create a scandal. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

The second one is Colonel Moran who is a sharpshooter. Moriarty tells them that since they have no client this time (and they're basically just doing this for justice sake). To cover Moran's "lodging" expenses where he'll position himself, he easily "won" a few rounds of card game in the pub that evening before heading to the vacant room upstairs, all set for their plan.

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

In the next scene we see Lucian sitting near the river, with Bale running towards him while asking why he sent him an odd letter especially he went all his way to get rid of Frida to not embarrass his family, and also wondering how he's able to get out of the brothel that he locked him in. 

Frida suddenly appears scaring the shit out of Bale causing him to admit the truth. This revelation shocks Lucian and amuses Moriarty. 

It turns out that Frida is just being played by Fred with a wig. Since they're not able to send Bale though to the police because of his connections there, Moriarty tells Bale that he'll suffer the guilt of killing an innocent lady by making him do the same thing she did right at this instant. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Bale laughs at this until Colonel Moran starts firing his gun from his hideout, missing Bale on purpose but just close enough to make Bale feel the bullets breeze through and cause terror. 

Colonel Moran continues firing as Bale "dances" with Death while bemused Moriarty continues to watch and mocks him before Bale falls in the bridge and suffers the same fate as Frida. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty looks at Bale, satisfied that their plan went smoothly. 

However, Lucian witnessing the same scenario that happened to Frida, falls down on his knees and cries incessantly. 

In the next scene we see Lucian giving a better burial for Frida along with a ginormous tombstone in her memory. 

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5

Moriarty and company express their sadness about the star-crossed lovers tragic ending. 

One of them says that if only they don't have this oppressive class system, both Lucian and Frida are enjoying a happy life now as a normal couple. 

By which Moriarty replies with:

Moriarty the Patriot - Episode 5


Episode 6 Guide: Noahtic Act I

A new ship is about to sail, and along with it some new performances: a ballet dance number prepared for the passengers of Noahtic ship, and a "real-life" play about to be staged by Moriarty and company.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

Their new target: Count Blitz Enders.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

Before the ship leaves, we see the Count giving a god-complex spiel at Fred who pretends to be one of the crew like Colonel Moran assisting the Count towards the ship afterwards.

I have no idea whom Enders killed at the start of the episode, but whether that made him become targeted by Moriarty or if he got chosen randomly for Moriarty's grand scheme to change the status quo and rebalance the class hierarchy in their society, is up for debate.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

Basically, all this episode is about Moriarty annoying the Count as much as possible to the point that the latter will lose his temper and make him commit a crime again but this time with an audience, instead of "secretly" in his hunting grounds.

The first is using a "throwaway" criminal named Thomas Michaelson who shouted at the Count as they're all boarding the ship to fall in line like the rest of the people.

The second and third are making him lose his dinner reservations in the upper deck of the ship's restaurant, and let a little girl run with a glass of some liquid, accidentally bump him and spill that liquid to his pants.

Enders crouches down and whispers at the little girl threatening her that the next time he sees her, he's gonna kill her.

This obviously scares the poor little girl away and cries towards her mother. This also creates an opportunity for Moriarty just hiding nearby to introduce himself to Enders as he lends him his handkerchief, and stages a scene where Enders associates Moriarty as someone he can trust in that ship.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

The fourth one is sending a telegram to Enders regarding a fire accident in his cottage and bad news in his business and finances.

As Moriarty is waiting for that telegram to be delivered to Enders, a guy surrounded by ladies tries to guess Moriarty's occupation.

This guy turns out to be Sherlock and this is the first time they see each other. However, they never introduced themselves, and continues to amaze each other with their own deduction skills.

This scenes creates a tension by making the viewers and Moriarty nervous as Sherlock tries to guess Moriarty's line of work -- whether he'll say criminal consultant.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

However, Sherlock correctly "guessed" that Moriarty is a mathematician instead by the way he stopped and looked at the spiral staircase infront of him -- neither in awe of the intricate designs, nor the sturdy foundation, but at the confirmation he gets from seeing the Golden Ratio.

Moriarty on the other hand, correctly "guessed" Sherlock's preoccupation: playing the violin, being a fit fighter, doing Science experiments and taking pride in his humble ancestry particularly on his mother's side.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

As Sherlock and his women companions leave, Moran approaches Moriarty and asks if there's any trouble. Moriarty knowing that Sherlock sympathizes with the commoners because of his mother lets his guard down and assures Moran that there won't be any obstacle to their plan.

Ender finally receives the telegram, and becomes extra agitated. 

The fifth and final one is making the Thomas pawn earlier go near Enders again. Enders identify the man who shouted at him earlier as they're boarding the ship and finds him convenient in venting out his anger.

Enders invites him in his suite pretending to apologize for what happened earlier. As Enders locks the door, that's the last time the pawn is seen alive.

In the next scene, we see Moran telling the news using a special code to Moriarty and informing him as well that he also unlocked Enders' suite already for him.

Moriarty knocks on the door while claiming that one of the ladies heard a shout, and asks if Enders is alright.

Episode 6 Moriarty the Patriot

Enders panics-- and even more so after Moriarty says that he door is unlocked and he's going to enter now.

Enders freezes at the sight of Moriarty witnessing the scene of the crime.


Episode 7 Guide: Noahtic Act II

In this episode, we see Moriarty and company continue staging a theatrical act to prove the rumors about Enders and his hunting grounds to be true, while at the same time leaving a subliminal message to everyone, commoners and elite folks alike about his plan to cleanse the UK from its imbalance.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

I initially thought that Moriarty will call the guards and make a scene the moment he goes in Enders' room. But he surprised me instead by even suggesting that they throw the corpse to the ocean, and even helping Enders do so.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

Moriarty then bumps Enders on purpose so the latter won't be able to see that the corpse doesn't drop on the ocean but gets caught by Fred and Moran just one floor below them.

The next day, Enders and Albert's friend enjoy the ballet performance in their upper deck VIP seat, while Albert himself monitors the events in another VIP seat just across them. As soon as the 1st Act is over, Albert's friend excuses himself and tells Enders that he got a front row seat reserved for him. This surprises Enders and warns him that he's gonna be surrounded by commoners, but Albert's friend assures him that he doesn't mind one bit since he prefers to have a closer view.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

As soon as Albert's friend leaves, Moriarty arrives much to Enders surprise. Moriarty then asks Enders if he's sure that the man he killed last night is indeed dead, and hands him a pair of binoculars. Enders scans the crowd below per Moriarty's instruction, and to his horror, sees the man he supposedly have killed already, sitting and waiting for Act 2 -- literally and figuratively.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

This man is actually Fred just wearing makeup, but nevertheless, it leads Enders to believe that the man is still alive, to go down from his VIP deck and look for him. Fred hides below at the theater's backstage and removes his makeup, while Enders runs after him.

Enders is confused where he is at the moment after looking for that man, and even feels even more confused as he suddenly sees the man he's looking forward lying dead on the ground infront of him. He gets closer to confirm that he's actually dead. But to be 101% sure, he begins stabbing the man again with his own dagger he left on his chest. 

Moriarty, Fred and Moran signal each other, and begin raising the platform the man and Enders are on which turns out to be a secret floor that is part of the theater's stage.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

As Enders and the man show up on stage, everyone goes silent in horror as they witness what Enders is doing. One of the guys running the theater tells everyone that it isn't part of the ballet performance anymore and what they're witnessing is real-life murder, while Albert tries to chime with the crowd and lowkey reveals Enders' identity much to Enders shock.

Enders then tries to gain composure and reminds the crowd that he's a nobleman and commoners like the man he killed is nothing but livestock for him, therefore confirming the rumors himself about his hunting grounds. 

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

Albert's friend himself is shocked by Enders' words and tells him that regardless of social status, what Enders did is a crime. This "betrayal" infuriates Enders and is about to jump to kill Albert's friends, but Sherlock comes in to the rescue and kicks Enders away. 

The guards arrive and pursue Enders then like Ender's hunting dogs -- but this time the role is finally reversed and he's the one being hunted down.

Enders shamelessly climbs his way to the Noahtic's sail and laughs at everyone for not being able to catch him -- until Moran starts firing at him which makes him lose his balance and fall.
Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

Enders sees Moriarty and feels hopeful that he might help him, but shocked at Moriarty's satisfied grin, before plunging deep down to the ocean -- whether he dies from that or survive it, I'm personally not sure. But based on the investigations being done in his property and hunting grounds afterwards, I assume that either he's dead or prefers to be missing in action, especially he's now become the talk of town.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

Back in their manor, Moriarty and company celebrate the success of their plan. It seems like they use Enders' property to bury the corpses of the noblemen they've gotten killed so far in earlier episodes because Moran asked Moriarty about being worried once they start digging Enders property. But Moriarty assures him that he's got everything "covered up" further and Albert is also helping him by using his influence.

Anyway. Moriarty then expresses his interest into doing background research about Sherlock Holmes and recounts his interaction with him after they disembarked from Noahtic.

Sherlock actually has been looking for Moriarty because he wants to talk about the theatrical act that transpired in the ship. Moriarty then asks him why he thinks what happened to Enders was setup, and Sherlock tells him that he checked the corpse onstage and found out that he was already dead 10-15 hours before appearing there onstage with Enders.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

What Enders said afterwards during the stage also gives him confirmation that he's the one who actually killed the man earlier, however, it seems like Enders doesn't know that the man is indeed dead, and a third party is likely to have set up the whole "performance" and led Enders there to be able to confirm himself that the man is dead, and at the same time be put to shame infront of everyone.

Sherlock then asks if Moriarty finds his hypothesis farfetched but interesting especially the latter is a mathematician, to which Moriarty wickedly smiled and agreed, before excusing himself since Albert and Louis are already waiting for him in the carriage.

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7

As Moriarty is about to leave, he turns around and asks Sherlock his name. Sherlock replies with "Holmes. Sherlock Holmes." 

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 7


Episode 8 Guide: A Study in "S"

Coming Soon

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 8

Moriarty the Patriot Episode 8

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