More Wedding Venues in Stardew Valley

Ready to tie the knot with your favorite villager -- but you want it somewhere different from what Pelican Town subsidizes? Or yearning to renew your vows? Or perhaps, looking for a simple way to celebrate being Besties before moving in together? 

Buckle up as we explore More Wedding Venues in Stardew Valley!

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I. Current Venues Offered

The More Wedding Venues mod brings a range of enchanting locations for your special day. Currently, there are five venues available:

A. Beach Wedding (Custom)

Dive into romance with a custom beach location somewhere hidden in the coastline. This is perfect for those seeking a seaside celebration. Let your character feel the sand as you exchange vows against the backdrop of rolling waves and cool breeze.

πŸ’‘ No special preparations are needed (other than the ones in section III).

B. Vanilla Beach Wedding

For a more familiar setting -- and if you want to experience different seasons along with your chosen favorite texture mods installed, then the Vanilla Beach is a great option.

Located near Elliott's cabin, this beachy locale retains the charm of the original Stardew Valley experience while adding a touch of romance to your special day.

πŸ’‘ Unlike with the custom Beach, you need to prep a little beforehand here by clearing (or keeping) any forage items that naturally spawn in this map. 

πŸ’‘ If you choose to celebrate at night, you also need to manually set up your own ambient lighting because the existing bulbs installed "malfunctioned" 🀷

C. Garden Wedding

Immerse yourself in nature's embrace with a custom garden location. Surrounded by vibrant flowers and lush greenery, this venue exudes a tranquil and whimsical ambiance, creating the perfect backdrop for your heartfelt promises.

πŸ’‘ Similar to the custom Beach, no other special preparations are needed.

D. Secret Forest Wedding

Venture into the magical depths of the Secret Forest, nestled on the west side of Marnie's Shop. Enchanting and mystical, this ethereal setting will make your wedding a truly memorable affair.

πŸ’‘ Just like the Vanilla Beach, be sure to clear away any unwanted forages that randomly spawn as well as those 3 giant tree stumps here before triggering the event -- unless you want some Stranger Things vibe.

πŸ’‘ If celebrating at night, remember to prepare torches or some other desired lighting source beforehand, or else:

E. Chapel Wedding

For those seeking a more traditional ceremony, Yoba's Chapel is the ideal choice. This sacred space provides a classic country backdrop, allowing you to exchange vows under the blessings of Yoba.

πŸ’‘ No special preparations are needed.

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II. 3 Modes In This Mod

More details about the 3 modes briefly mentioned earlier in the intro:

A. Normal Wedding

As long as the default "Love Interest" setting is on, the Normal Wedding mode is triggered on the same day that you give the Mermaid Pendant to your chosen villager (or Void Pendant if it's Krobus).

This is the usual type of wedding that's celebrated after everyone in town knows you're engaged -- and they'll scream at your face if you try to sneak in a second Mermaid Pendant (or Friendship Bracelet, for those with Platonic Friendships and Partnerships mod installed) to another villager. 

B. Renewal of  Vows

For those already bound in matrimony, simply check the Renewal of Vows in the settings, and relive the magic of your wedding day. 

The Renewal of Vows mode provides a more intimate experience, with fewer guests, an extra gift from your beloved, and new custom dialogues by the officiant.

This is disabled by default, but you can enable it through the settings.

C. Bestie

Who says romantic partners are the only ones that can celebrate their union? Cherish your platonic BFFs with Bestie mode.

Inspired by the Platonic Partnerships and Friendship mod, this mode allows you to commemorate your special bond with your bestie before they move in and officially become your roommates.

This works independently from Platonic Partnerships and Friendships. Just remember to switch from "Love Interest" to "Bestie" in the settings, because whatever your setting is in the PPF won't automatically carry over in this mod. 

Uhm, thanks bro.

Bestie mode here works whether PPF is installed or not. Although I highly recommend that you have the latter for its Friendship Bracelet as well as for consistency with your interactions. 

Unless you want confusion and drama (I don't know, man. You do you).

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III. How This Mod Works (And What You Need to Prep)

Just unzip and drop files in the Mods folder of Stardew Valley.

Make sure you have these required mods:
  • Content Patcher

Highly recommended (though not required):
  • Generic Mod Config Menu
  • Platonic Partnerships and Friendships
  • Multi-Save

πŸ’‘ The Normal Wedding and Bestie ceremonies are triggered (once per mode, location, and character) on the same day that you give the pendant or bracelet AND as soon as you enter back into your Farmhouse.

πŸ’‘ The Renewal of Vows is triggered as soon as you enable it in the settings, are already married, and enter back into your Farmhouse.

πŸ’‘ If you're marrying anytime during or after Fall Year 1 AND you have Ridgeside Valley mod installed, also double-check Troubleshoot section below.

πŸ“ Checklist before the ceremony:
  • Have backup saves (I highly recommend Multi-Save mod).
  • Prepare your chosen outfit in advance.
  • Have an empty slot in your backpack (your spouse or bestie will have a little something special to give you during the event).
  • If you want to celebrate in the Vanilla Beach or Secret Forest, remember to clear out any forages beforehand  (and manually set up lighting if celebrating during night time). -- see section II above.
  • Give the pendant or bracelet to your partner during your desired season, and most importantly, weather (unless you're into celebrating your wedding in the rain like Sebastian).
  • Only enter the Farmhouse at your desired ceremony time (day or night).

After the Normal Wedding in this mod, you and your spouse will still be tagged as Dating until you go through the original wedding in Town (I never attempted to override this since this event is hardcoded in the game unlike other events, dialogues, etc.). 

After the base game wedding in Town, that's the only time your partner is finally tagged as your Spouse.

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IV. Compatibility and Limitations

This mod currently works when marrying, celebrating Bestie Day, and renewing vows only with the following NPCs (for now):
  • 12 bachelors and bachelorettes in the base game
  • Krobus
  • June from Ridgeside Valley

Other NPCs not included above will continue to have the original Stardew Valley wedding.

Tested and works fine with Platonic Partnerships and Friendships as well as Free Love (polyamory mod).

Does NOT work with:
  • anything multiplayer (no player-to-player wedding yet; other players won't be able to join a player's custom wedding, only the original one in Town)
  • marrying the same character after divorce and choosing exactly the same venue prior (but works fine if marrying a different character after divorce, or at least choosing a different venue if re-marrying the same character)

Hit or Miss (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't during tests):
  • mods that change the Farmhouse layout using PyTK.

NOT yet tested on:
  • Android
  • Stardew Valley 1.6 alpha/beta

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V. More Wedding Venues Download

Download only one version -- the one with [.1] in the end is 12 base game marriageable NPCs, Krobus, and any Ridgeside Valley NPCs I've added so far. 

The one with [.2] in the end is Compatibility Mode for those who use older versions of Content Patcher (v1.27-1.28) and covers 12 base game NPCs and Krobus only.

Coming soon are ones with [.3] in the end which is purely Stardew Valley Expanded NPCs only, and [.4] which is for other miscellaneous marriageable NPCs. Both of these can be downloaded separately on top of either [.1] or [.2] above.

More Wedding Venues in Stardew Valley (v 1.8):
MegaNz (v1.8.1) or MegaNz - Compatibility Mode (v1.8.2) | NexusMods

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⚠️ If you're up for some insanity: 

Have the Platonic Partnerships and Friendship, as well as the Free Love mod installed? Then try this!

Give a Mermaid Pendant to a Platonic partner first, and then give the Friendship Bracelet to a Romantic partner before triggering the original in-game wedding ceremony in Town.

I don't know if it's just a bug only on my part. If you experience seeing the NPC say that they celebrate being BFFs after you gave them the Friendship Bracelet (how it's intended to work originally), that also works so do the other way around instead:

Give the Friendship Bracelet first to the Platonic NPC, followed by Mermaid Pendant to Romantic NPC, to avoid triggering this dialogue.

In short, give something to an NPC that's confirmed to be platonic with your character first (dialogue is "we celebrate BFFs like normal wedding here" or something like that), before giving it to another NPC that's confirmed to be romantic ("can't wait to spend my life with you, I'll prepare in 3 days, blahblah")

Also, you need to have given both the Friendship Bracelet and the Mermaid Pendant BEFORE the original wedding in Town. 


I gave a Mermaid Pendant to Penny (she's set to Platonic in both this mod and PFP, of course), followed by giving the Friendship Bracelet to Sebastian (with default romance settings).

Everything worked fine in the ceremonies in this mod. 

But as we went "Mayor Lewis Official" in Townsquare, I was totally unprepared to witness Sebastian, fully decked to the nines:


Now it's confirmed that Sebastian cheats with Abigail πŸ˜€ lol jk!~ But hey, it's great for storytelling purposes XD


My character stood in utter humiliation in front of everyone, ready to channel her Wednesday bloodlust anytime. 

BFF Penny, the goodie-two-shoes that she is, acted business as usual, and saw "nothing".

I'm back to Elliott. No fuss, no drama. Just pure elegance and love lol!

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VI. Troubleshoot

Be sure to read the Compatibility and Limitations section above and if you encounter any issues not covered there, upload your SMAPI log right here (specific instructions on that page too). 

Include your SMAPI log url in the comment section below or here.

If you encounter this message on SMAPI (happens when you marry somebody during and anytime after Fall - Year 1):

That's caused by June not showing up yet in the Relationship menu until:

1. Richard visits your farm and tells you about this pianist in his hotel (June)
2. You visit Ridgeside Village at least once

⚠️ If you don't have Ridgeside Village mod installed, just ignore that SMAPI log. More Wedding Venues mod still works based on tests. 

⚠️ If you have Ridgeside Village mod installed, then you have to satisfy the 2 requirements above first before marrying, renewing vows, or celebrating bestie mode. Else these events won't trigger anytime during and after Fall - Year 1.

Fun fact: June was originally a fan-made Korean character for Ridgeside Valley before he's finally officially added! It's by design that he only shows up on the first day of Fall - Year 1 (and he'll only show up too in the Relationship Menu after satisfying those 2 requirements above) for a more manhwa/KDrama feels when meeting him for the first time!πŸ‚

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VII. Update Logs

v1.9 - (WIP): Add Victor and Sophia (Stardew Valley Expansion), add Floral Dance and Underwater maps
v1.8 - Minor changes in Garden and Chapel maps [v1.8.1], added Compatibility Mode for older Content Patcher [v1.8.2] 
v1.7 - *Official Public Release: Added Bestie mode (Platonic Move-in Ceremony) and June (Ridgeside)
v1.6 - Removed multiplayer mode, added Secret Forest and Vanilla Beach maps, tweaked/troubleshoot NPC attendees' spawn points
v1.5 - Changed ceremonies' after-event quotes, added and tested multiplayer mode
v1.4 - Changed spouse's gifts (removed prismatic shard because too OP and cheaty based on feedback lol)
v1.3 - Added Renewal of Vows and spouse's gifts, changed art in Beach and Chapel maps, added Garden map
v1.2 - Tweaked NPCs wedding attendees, added more wedding presiders (Mr. Qi, Gunther, Pierre)
v1.1 - Added custom dialogues for each spouse
v1.0 - Draft Beach and Chapel Wedding venues for 12 vanilla SDV marriage candidates and Krobus


  1. love the maps! thank you!!😊

  2. Ahhh! Didn't realize I need new wedding venues until I saw this thanks!

  3. lovely venues! I also love how the NPCs are facing the player instead of their backs turned, and reacting on the wedding -- Haley's react on Alex wedding is.. somethingπŸ˜†


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