Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker

Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker

Created a Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker Template just for funsies!~ Fill it up based on your farmer persona in-game, or any original character (OC) you can think of for story purposes! Update 11/18 - Added Stardew Valley bachelors profiles.

Note: The Stardew Valley OC Profile Template below is for PC/Desktop only. The layout is gonna be weird on some tablets and on mobile phones. Also only tested on Chrome & Edge.

This is the PSD version (MegaNz) of Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker -- in case the web version below looks weird in your browser.

Also, any info you type here isn't saved in some server. So once you refresh this page, you have to start over.

1. Just type away
2. Upload pics (you may download icons from Stardew Valley wiki).
3. Screenshot :P

Farmer Profile Pic (you may refer to this Stardew Valley Character Creator by Jazybee):





Favorite Stardew Valley Villagers:

Credit to lantos and Mair for the original template and inspiration.

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I made some design changes above. But hopefully, it still captures the slam book vibe. Also kinda rough around the edges -- aka after many cat naps, html2canvas tries and other script tutorials, I still couldn't figure out how to transform the profile above into png that's easily downloadable with a simple click of a button after filling them all up. 

So yeah, just screenshot for now lol!

Created profiles for Stardew Valley bachelors for funsies!~

P.S. Profiles for bachelorettes to follow soon! ;)

Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker - bigeyedkitteh
Stardew Valley scratches both my survival game and simulation game itch -- but I mostly play it recently for its otome aspect lol

Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker - AEntropy
AEntropy's (my S.O.) hatred on Shane is as deep as Mariana Trench

Special thanks to Victy who created my current fave portraits mod which I used for my NPCs above and in my gameplays (available here [NexusMods], here [Cafe Naver], and here [Cafe Naver]), Ohodavi for the anime portraits my SO uses, and Concerned Ape for the awesome game.

List of other Stardew Valley mods we use here.

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