Dead by Daylight Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit [ Ji-Woon Hak ] Sims 4 CC Download

Dead by Daylight Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit Download

If you're like me who wants to regularly enjoy seeing Ji-Woon Hak, the Trickster in Dead by Daylight, in their Sims 4 game, then look no further! DBD Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit all-in-one download is available near the end of this post. But I also presented individual item per section for those who only want certain CC's (such as the functional Trickster Dart Board πŸ˜‚).

Mostly I've converted from Dead by Daylight itself but some manually done :P I'll be regularly updating this post and the links when I finish Ji-Woon's other coats! πŸ˜‰

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Back in April, I've impulsively used up my precious iridescent shards to buy the Trickster in Dead by Daylight (despite only playing as killer once lol).

Ji-Woon Hak Dead by Daylight Trickster

The Trickster received a backlash from hardcore DBD gamers, but it tapped a huge market: the Kpop fans lol, and I for one suddenly become willing to play as killer more often because of him.

I've read his background story, and he kinda reminds me of Hannibal. But instead of eating his victim for gourmet, he uses them as part of his instrument and mixes their wails into his music.

Ji-Woon Hak Dead by Daylight Trickster
Such art, much wow.

I then remembered that we get to play first-person point of view only as killer and not 3rd person POV like as survivor, so I won't be able to see the Trickster in-game as often as I want-- only when killer for the match decides to use him.

Unlike last month though, right now the Trickster suffers the same fate as Freddy Krueger and the Demogorgon: they don't get used as often as the Huntress, Michael Myers, the Oni and Nurse.


Sims 4 Ji-Woon Hak Dead by Daylight Trickster
Stricken by guilt? Or craving for more?

So let's give Ji-Woon Hak a new life here in the Sims 4 instead!

Also realized he's a look-a-like of Gojo so he's definitely a great addition to my new-ish Not So Berry challenge!πŸ˜‚

Sims 4 Ji-Woon Hak Dead by Daylight Trickster
It's gonna be ok, Miwa. He won't hurt you. He's a changed man now.


I. DBD Trickster Coat Sims 4 CC Download
II. DBD Trickster Pants Sims 4 CC Download 
III. DBD Trickster Boots Sims 4 CC Download
IV. DBD Trickster Chains Sims 4 CC Download
V. DBD Trickster Piercing Sims 4 CC Download
VI. DBD Trickster Bloodstains Sims 4 CC Download
VII. DBD Trickster Bat Sims 4 CC Download
VIII. DBD Trickster Knife-Turned-Darts & Functional Dartboard Sims 4 CC Download
IX. DBD Trickster Sims 4 CC All-in-One Download
X. Other CC's Used for the Dead by Daylight Trickster

I. DBD Trickster Coat

There's the iconic original dirty bloody version of Ji-Woon's yellow coat as the first swatch using the original textures I got when I ripped the assets from Dead by Daylight (adjusted the meshes and rig manually to fit the Sims rig). 

DBD Trickster Original Yellow Coat Sims 4 CC Download

But I've scrubbed the blood off for the 2nd swatch to make Ji-Woon fit the Sims 4 family-friendly world (lemme know in the comment section if you want cleaner version, and I might try scrubbing the dirt off his coat too lol):

DBD Trickster Red Coat Recolor Sims 4 CC Download

The 3rd swatch is actually my favorite version Ji-Woon's coat (bought this version in Dead by Daylight too!):

The 4th and 5th swatches are sea blue and grayish black. Also added shininess to certain parts of the coat (diamond pattern) for more "It" factor.

The coat can be found under Top > Jackets. 

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 16,653
LOD1 - 10,059
LOD2 -  6,256
LOD3 - 4,699

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II. DBD Trickster Pants

The first time I saw the Trickster's pink striped pants in-game, I was like, ohhh we're in his circus.

DBD Trickster Cropped Pants Sims 4 CC Download
That guy is so dangerous...

You either associate pin-striped pants to Wall Street daddies or -- since it's pink and he's young:

Circus it is.

I used the original in-game texture above for the 1st swatch, but I've added darker version of pink for the 2nd swatch.

There's dark blue, royal purple and black version too to match other swatches of his coat above.

The pants can be found under Bottoms > Cropped.

Polygon count:
LOD0 - 1,996
LOD1 - 1,462
LOD2 -  678
LOD3 - 383

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III. DBD Trickster Boots

Since I've layout the UV map for coats above in a way that at least minimize its blurriness in-game (still blurry, but not much), the coat's texture might affect textures of some shoes. If ever you have that issue (hopefully not), or certain clipping issues with his pants, you may choose to use Ji-Woon's original boots in Dead by Daylight instead.

DBD Trickster Boots Sims 4 CC Download

Again, 1st swatch is the original texture in-game, while 2nd swatch I made it black to reduce the dirty look (not shiny as Fed's shoes though lol). 

There's also wine red version for those who want their Ji-Woon feeling extra, and a dark brown one that matches, believe-it-or-not, my real-life boots (but mine's with heels)!

The boots can be found under Shoes > Boots.

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 1,310
LOD1 - 832
LOD2 - 500
LOD3 - 182

IV. DBD Trickster Chains

Back then I'm not really a fan of chains that remind me of flashy rappers and kitschy Gucci prints.

But Ji-Woon has enough power to change my mind.

DBD Trickster Chains Sims 4 CC Download

His blings add 'oomph' -- which may turn 'oof' once he rejects signing autograph for your Sim or refuse to take pictures with him.

Of all the Trickster-related CC's I've converted (and manually made for some), these bling-blings are the ones I enjoyed doing the most (next to the dart board😹).

First swatch is white gold, while 2nd one is silver (closer to the one in Dead by Daylight). But I added 2 gold versions too to match his other coats better.

Ji-Woon Hak in the Sims 4
I'm not into guys who do nothing but be obsessed with their abs and looks--- although I appreciate and find fit guys attractive in general since... I might have a chest fetish, idk lol!

The chains can be found under Accessories > Necklaces.

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 1,186
LOD1 - 1,007
LOD2 - 761
LOD3 - 371

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V. DBD Trickster Piercing

If you also like a one ear piercing that matches Ji-Woon's chains above, then this piercing with chain design is great! Not so obvious in the photo below though because his glowing piercing eyes are a bit distracting lol.

DBD Trickster Piercing Sims 4 CC Download

The piercing can be found under Accessories > Piercings.

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 736
LOD1 - 440
LOD2 -  264
LOD3 - 74

If you like a different ear piercing though, I recommend either this royal earcuff or this very KPop piercings set both by Pralinesims. I also like adding these gorgeous rings set by Toksik for that added badass (yet still fashionable) X-factor for your Trickster sim.

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VI. DBD Trickster Blood-Stains

If you're into total immersion, then here's Ji-Woon's blood too.

DBD Trickster Bloody Skin Sims 4 CC Download

Was wondering who caused those wounds on him because his background story never mentioned anything about him being shot. 

Was it Yun-Jin trying to defend herself?

The police before the Fog swallowed him and Yun-Jin?

Was it Caleb Quinn, finding this guy annoying?

We'll never know.

Ji-Woon's blood-stained skin can be found under Tattoos.

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 16,653
LOD1 - 10,059
LOD2 -  6,256
LOD3 - 4,699

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VII. DBD Trickster Bat

Although I don't really use this in my normal Sims gameplay like in my Not So Berry challenge, the Trickster of course wouldn't be complete without his weapon of choice: the deadly modified bat.

DBD Trickster Bat Sims 4 CC Download
He's fine. Just overdramatic.

The 1st swatch is a scrubbed, non-bloody version, while the 2nd swatch is the original bloody version (or at least I've tried -- for some reason, the original texture file in Dead by Daylight shows gray, so I made a violet version which is closer to what we see him holding in-game-- still kept the gray one though as a different swatch!

DBD Trickster Bat Sims 4 CC Download

I also added the purple glowing thingie inside his bat. The glow isn't enough to light up Sims streets at night like a flashlight, but it's glow-in-the-dark enough for immersion (well at least I tried πŸ˜‚).

DBD Trickster Bat Sims 4 CC Download

Ji-Woon's bat can be found under Accessories > Bracelets.

Polygon count (may change in the future if I update the mesh):
LOD0 - 2,569
LOD1 - 1,618
LOD2 - 964
LOD3 - 670

Haven't seen any downloadable bat animation yet -- at least the one specifically (and maniacally) done by the Trickster. But found some bat poses here by KNKN (the sitting poses don't go well with Ji-Woon's coat though since the latter is hard and fixed, and not free-flowing. Game limitation *shrugs*.).

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VIII. Functional Trickster Dartboard

Now here's the Trickster CC I've enjoyed the most lol: the functional Trickster Dartboard.

Sims 4 Functional Trickster Dartboard
Daddy Vladdy issues.

Note: You need to have the Get Together pack installed to be able to use this.

Since there's no way to throw knives around in-game in Sims 4, I've just decided to convert that into the in-game darts.

Ji-Woon Hak Invites Gojo to Play Dangerous Dart Game
Wanna play?

I had to replace the original yellow darts for the custom Trickster dart to actually show up when our Sims play darts. So even if you choose the original dart board set, the Trickster knife will show instead of the yellow darts in-game unless you remove the Trickster dart replacement.

Huge thanks to MizoreYuukii for helping me out in the debug dart! Go check out her awesome CC's and mods! She also posts very useful tutorials too for CC/mod creators. 

Also she, pancake1, PandaSama and Icemunmun has a functional cow mod that I absolutely love! Was thinking of Arnie collabing with them so he doesn't have to create his own farm animals anymore from scratch in his Farm mod, so it finally gets released (very excited about it since last year! haha!) but he might have his own reasons and we're all definitely free to do whatever creative vision we want! ^^ 

Anyway, back to the Trickster.

The Trickster dartboard is separate and not a custom replacement for the Get Together dartboard.

Sims 4 Functional Trickster Dartboard Download

The dartboard can be found under Activities and Skills > Recreation.

Polygon count:
LOD0 (High) - 1,644
LOD1 (Medium) - 1,098

The Trickster knife dart on the other hand shows up as a replacement dart when you turn on bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and can be found when you filter and choose Get Together pack.

Polygon count:
LOD0 (High) - 333

The Trickster Dartboard currently only comes in 3 colors: white, gray and brown (I'll add more colors in the future). But it comes with 15 victims photo swatches to choose from.

I don't really hate the Sims with photos pinned on the dart board (ok, maybe a little for some), but thought it just adds some immersion when playing as Ji-Woon and pretending that he's targeting certain Sim townies next:

Daddy Vladdy

Daddy Vladdy - when I first played Sims 4, I got annoyed at him for biting my alien Sim's neck. I was so worried that he might not survive (thankfully he did). I don't hate him though. I find him funny. But still nice to add him here because a lot of Simmers hate him for producing "ugly" babies πŸ˜‚

Eliza Pancakes

Eliza Pancakes - when I put my Sim self near their home, they actually become BFFs. However, I feel bothered afterwards when I spot her regularly stalking my male Sims. Like, I mean... I know she got issues with her husbando, but they gotta fix their relationship instead of creeping me and my male sims out. Other players reported that she cheated on Bob with their male sims so there's proof this girl has major issues.

Nancy Landgraab

Nancy Landgraab - she's a scary serial killer in my summer island (although she didn't "win", still...). Other players hate her for reportedly being a gold digger. I guess if you want to play the Black Widow Challenge, then she's the best Sim townie to use.

Don Lothario

Don Lothario - serial player, treats women like objects, possible ruthless competition with Ji-Woon... Definitely on Ji-Woon's target list.

Judith Ward

Judith Ward - instantly hate her the first time I saw her. That diva attitude? She doesn't like commoners in her empty celebrity home, yet have the audacity to randomly barge in my poor Miwa's home. Like, do you want to adopt her child or what? If not and she's just having diva moment, yes Ji-Woon would love to end that for good.

Brytani Cho

Brytani Cho - I know little about her actually, other than she keeps disrupting my Sims get togethers by randomly showing up (even outside Del Sol Valley) and grabbing attention from other Sims, including those that just happen to pass by. Too attention-seeking. She's next on Ji-Woon's list.

L. Faba

L. Faba - like what did I ever do to this Sim for her to give me that attitude?! Yeah, she's next on the list.

Ted Roswell

Ted Roswell - the first time I saw him, he reminds me of Nathan Prescott's dad in Life is Strange -- shady history, shady deals, shady guy in general. A fancy addition to Ji-Woon's track.

Geeta Rasoya

Geeta Rasoya - at first she's like a nice grandma to my Sims like Grandma Shirley is to the Skyrim community... until she started complaining for being loud --- like I understand if my Sim self is as loud as Penny Pizzaz. But come on. My Sim just farted as discreetly as she could after having too much Frank and Beans. Ji-Woon wouldn't appreciate a landlady either who complains a lot for the most absurd reasons, so...

Father Winter

Father Winter - he's very kind and funny at times, until you invite him to become your roommate and he goes into random tantrums and also pranks your Sim a lot with handbuzzer. I still don't hate him though. But it sure is nice to prank him back.

Candy Behr

Candy Behr - she's a nice townie and very outgoing -- very pretty too! My Sim usually becomes BFFs with her. But I imagine Ji-Woon Hak having a weird random obsession with her.

Johnny Zest

Johnny Zest - I actually don't know him that much and he hasn't bothered any of my Sims yet (maybe I should hang out more in Oasis Springs but the vampire in me likes San Myshuno and Forgotten Hollow, so...). But some players reported him being a creepy stalker. Well then, that's not gonna sit well with Ji-Woon especially if Johnny looks like he figured out Ji-Woon's secrets.

Penny Pizzaz

Penny Pizzaz - too much loud pr0n at 3 in the morning. Yes, she ended up inviting Ji-Woon over too. Big mistake of her life. Or death. Whatever.

Diego Lobo

Diego Lobo - Ji-Woon's latest investor! To impress him more, why not include his sounds as part of Ji-Woon's music, yes? Because, ahhrt!πŸ‘Œ But, oh no. Diego is surrounded by Security. It takes meticulous planning to execute him. I mean execute Ji-Woon's plan. So he gotta deal with the biggest threat in Sims first...

Jim Pickens

Jim Pickens - aka overlord. Recently tried to surpass Ji-Woon's body count, and that's NOT good for Ji-Woon because he's losing his loyal fans and source of music, I mean income...

Let me know down the comments section what color swatch and/or which Sim townie you want me to add next πŸ˜‚

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IX. DBD Trickster Sims 4 CC All-in-One Download

Congrats for reaching this part after reading some (or all -- wow!) the stuff I've babbled above-- some are useful info though, I promise.

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But even if you didn't and just clicked your way here instead from the Table of Contents (or manually scrolled down here), I hope you enjoy this humble fan kit and keep Ji-Woon Hak alive with simp energy by adding him in your regular Sims game like me πŸ˜‰

Dead by Daylight Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit Download

Anyway, here it is:

Make sure to follow my Terms of Use -- basically you may share this post but please don't reupload anywhere else. You may recolor but don't include the mesh and link back here instead.

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X. Other CC's Used for the Dead by Daylight Trickster

I have these talented CC creators to thank for other stuff I've used in my Ji-Woon Hak (NOT included in the all-in-one download above):

Hair by Stealthic.

Skin by S-Club.

Default Replacement Eyes by Reticulates.

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Dead by Daylight Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit Download


  1. I was hoping someone made this. I was playing DBD today staring at trickster thinking "Wonder if I can make him in sims 4" decided to look it up and found this. Seeing you are a Callmekevin fan too, kpop fan, love the trickster and play DBD. You're officially my fav creator period.

  2. this is so cool! thank you! would you be making the other outfits of Ji-Woon Hak as well?


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