How to Survive and Escape Quickly in Pumpkin Panic

How to Survive and Escape Quickly in Pumpkin Panic

The developer, Bilalaika, said that this game can be completed by around 40-60 minutes. With these tips for every player, let's cut that time by half!

There are different strategies players can use to survive longer and get out faster in Pumpkin Panic depending on whether they're new in the game (or new in the horror-survival genre), or if they've already played this before.

The first time I found out that it's totally possible to not only survive but also leave the cursed farm in under half an hour, it blew my mind! So I got inspired to strive for that.

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I've been mulling over adding these in my previous post or not, and thought about simply creating a separate guide since I want players to easily see which strategy and tips apply to them (and which ones don't). Basically, the ones geared for newbies should be separate from those targeted for more experienced ones so it's not confusing.

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I've been dilly-dallying how to go about this until other projects made me totally forget about making this post, and now it's freaking May lol.

Anyway, without further ado, let's go!

I. Pumpkin Panic Tips for Newbies

The general strategy for newbies is actually to chill. No need to rush. The important thing is to have fun! Better yet, play blind until you experience surviving on your own before proceeding below, and avoiding spoilers from successful runs.

Pumpkin Panic - Additional Tips for Newbies

If you're new in horror-survival, or if you're just like me who's a panicky scaredy cat regardless, a great way to calm yourself is to have a timer even if you’re not speedrunning. I use LiveSplit for this, but the timer app on your phone works fine too. Doing so will help you anticipate better when the Skinwalker and other monsters are about to spawn so you plan your movements accordingly.

Aside from that, here are general tips for newbies:

Rule #1: Have a good headset. I've mentioned it already here, but I can't stress this enough. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It only has to be good enough to tell you which direction certain sounds are coming from to easily find the Clowns and run away from Skinwalkers.

Gather and convert 8 branches and 6 twigs to gold at the workshop on the right side of your cabin as quickly as you can to unlock auto-fishing by Day 1. Fishing gives additional passive income if the rod catches any fish, and not the tire (0 gold). Each fish can give you: 

Purple fish - 120 gold
Pink fish - 220 gold
Yellow fish - 320 gold

Pumpkin Panic - Additional Tips for Newbies

When upgrading items, focus first on speed boost for your boots so you can quickly dash to safety (and get water from the well faster).

Yes, you can save fuel (and gold) by turning the lantern off while getting water as well as when foraging items around because forageable items glow white on their edges anyway whenever you pass by them, so you can still "see" them in the dark.

Zigzag up or down when the Skinwalker is still lurking in the area even if you don't hear its music cue anymore (the harmonica one) for like 30 seconds or more. Sometimes it loiters around and dashes left to right (or vice versa) to catch any player off-guard. Don't worry, it's not gonna chase you this time as long as, again, its music cue isn't playing anymore for at least 30 seconds.

Once you've survived Day 1, you'll see the wonderful sneaky Deer the next morning. Heed the advice posted on a tree near the farm to NOT pet it. Plan ahead to avoid getting stuck -- because it can put you in compromising situations:

Pumpkin Panic - Additional Tips for Newbies

Other than the crops and fish, you can also earn some gold from random items scattered around the farm. So remember to forage after watering your crops, or do that in between while getting water from the well and dealing with the Clowns. 

If you're already satisfied with your outfit, you can also convert the purple coins into gold. Here's how much you can earn from each:

Branch - 16 gold
Twigs - 30 gold
Purple Coin - 60 gold

II. Pumpkin Panic Tips for Experienced Players

You can leave the cursed farm by earning and spending 4,000 gold on motor gears to fix the boat the fastest way possible.

This might sound counterintuitive but instead of prioritizing getting auto-fishing on Day 1, focus on unlocking the plots with the red and purple keys the earliest possible.

Pumpkin Panic - Additional Tips for Experienced Players

Your main goals should be:
  • Buying the red key to unlock its corresponding plot while still in the tutorial mode with the crow from the gold you get in the 1st and 2nd harvest
  • Buying the purple key to unlock its corresponding plot on Night 1 (or if vying to escape earlier than 15 minutes, you should be unlocking it before Day 1 ends)

Also, instead of prioritizing upgrading boots to boost speed, the focus now is upgrading crop profits followed by upgrading the bucket so you can water more crops and minimize time spent on running to get water from the well.

It takes some trial and error and also learning the patterns of speedrunners.

What works for me is buying only 10 red seeds on the first batch, and then whatever remaining gold I have, I spend that on bucket and boots upgrades.

But when harvesting, instead of grabbing all 10 crops, I just grab just enough to earn gold for upgrading crop profits and do that first, before harvesting the remaining ones.

After that, I buy as many red seeds as I can afford and plant those.

Around the 2nd-3rd harvest of red crops, I'd have enough gold to buy the key for the purple plot and some purple seeds. If you manage to unlock the purple plot by Night 1, and even buy a gear or 2, congrats! There's a high probability that you can get out of there within just 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Panic - Additional Tips for Experienced Players
Lucky purple coins

Up to you how you go about spending purple seeds, motor gear, and other upgrades in this part, but I highly advise maxing out the bucket so you can get as much water as you can while the Deer's eating grass or inching closer (but still more than 2 blocks away to becoming Wendigo) so you're not at its mercy.


All images are from gameplays of the author. Pumpkin Panic logo is by Bilalaika and is only used for editorial purposes. All rights reserved.

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