How to Get All Endings and Achievements in Passpartout: The Starving Artist Simulator

If you find yourself stuck in a certain stage or studio, not getting the invitation letter you've been waiting for to move on to the next round, don't fret! I'm gonna help you get all 5 endings in Passpartout: The Starving Artist Simulator, as well as all of its 25 Achievements. Edited 6/11/2022: Added my gameplay for Minimalism Route and added correction about black paint in Passion Route.

This guide was originally published in my older art blog back in 2017. But thought it's better to move all my gaming stuff here now (similar to my Sims 4 and Sansar shenanigans lol), and also update this (added tips about Bad Ending and Achievements Guide) before the release of the 2nd one, Passpartout: The Lost Artist.

Awww... last episode of Mieruko-chan tonight in Muse Asia. I wonder if they have Season 2. But anyway, I'm extending it in "spirit" with the following Mieruko-chan Custom Content in the Sims 4 lol!
Edited 12/23/2021: Added the fashion showcase video:P

Took a short break from trading, video editing, and intense 3D rendering lol, and created this quiz to find out which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you?👀 Edit 8/24/2021: transferred to a different quiz maker. No more annoying limit of takers per month now. Enjoy!^^

McDonald's BTS Meal: Was it Worth the Hype?

As of this writing, we only have 2 days left to avail of the free upsize -- from medium to large -- on fries and drinks (unless they extend it)! Sadly this is only available for those who will be ordering the BTS Meal through its Ride-Thru-- which isn't just limited to cars, but now inclusive of bicycles, e-scooters, even kalesa, anything with wheels basically. 

Also, let's take a look at some of the fans' fun creative DIYs. I'll be sharing my first impressions and review about the BTS Meal experience too, as well as my reaction to some crazy BTS Meal-related news.

Dead by Daylight Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit Download

If you're like me who wants to regularly enjoy seeing Ji-Woon Hak, the Trickster in Dead by Daylight, in their Sims 4 game, then look no further! DBD Trickster Sims 4 Fan Kit all-in-one download is available near the end of this post. But I also presented individual item per section for those who only want certain CC's (such as the functional Trickster Dart Board 😂).

Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen may be over (in Crunchyroll) last March 27, but my obsession with it isn't yet. So I started creating some Sims 4 custom content for it. (As of this writing, I've managed to create Gojo Satoru and Miwa Kasumi so far, but will be adding more Jujutsu Kaisen characters soon -- stay tuned! 😸). Edit 12/19/2021: Updated Miwa's hair (added more swatches!^^). Will add the others real soon!

Why You Should Have a Blog and Focus Less on Social Media

In this post, let's talk about why blogging isn't dead, why it's not yet late to have your own blog in 2022 (& beyond!), why we should actually have at least an official blog or website or Youtube channel, and why you need to focus more on making long-form content on your own blog and channel instead of focusing too much on social media growth. Updated on April 24, 2022 - added more reasons why cold e-mail marketing doesn't work anymore; added info about Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, and IG Reels in 3rd section, updated analytics screenshot, and Pinterest pin. Boring grammar corrections I never bothered to do before lol.

What is Youtube Shorts

Will Youtube Shorts grow your Youtube channel and even make you the next Star? Or do #Shorts just give a temporary boost as they test out this new feature -- which may actually end up killing your channel? Updated 24 April 2022: YouTube Shorts has now been officially rolled out globally. Added latest news and info about Youtube Shorts.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Craving for a creamy Oreo Milktea dessert while also wanna help out animals in need? If you're based in Manila, check out Lala Cafe PH!

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Dunno if I should be proud or feel embarrassed to admit that I still remember the lyrics of Doraemon's OP in its anime (same with Mojacko and Gundam Wing, since they were aired around the same time in GMA-7 before Yu Yu Hakusho back in the 90s lol).

Sharing some brief background commentary about Philippine culture, as well as my review and general preview of the items included in our very first Sims 4 Pinoy Stuff Pack!

Moriarty the Patriot: Review and Episode Guide

Move over Sherlock. It's Moriarty's time to shine now. Updated on 11/24/2020: Added Episode Guide for Episode 7.

ACASIS Capture Card Unboxing and Review

Almost five months ago, I decided to get ACASIS, a new brand of capture card I've just seen on Lazada, for my 2-PC setup stream in Facebook Gaming and Youtube recording (will try streaming too next on Youtube soon!) 

Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot CC Download

Happy Halloween! There's a demented Jollibee mascot roaming around Sims 4 Willow Creek (got a normal version of Jollibee mascot as well -- so don't worry!😸). 

iPhone 12 - Sims 4 CC Download

Looking for the latest phone replacement in Sims 4 this year -- such as the new iPhone 12? Check out below! ^^ Edit 11/2/2020: Added mirror download link (Mega) as advised because I got some DMs that SimFileShare is not working & having Bad Gateway error lately. Apologies to that tech issue.

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