Is Blogging Dead in 2021?

Why am I here?!

What is Youtube Shorts

Will Youtube Shorts grow your Youtube channel and even make you the next Star? Or do #Shorts just give temporary boost as they test out this new feature -- which may actually end up killing your channel? Updated 12/6/2020: Added info about Youtube shelf and update so far in my own experiment.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Craving for a creamy Oreo Milktea dessert while also wanna help out animals in need? If you're based in Manila, check out Lala Cafe PH!

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Dunno if I should be proud or feel embarrassed to admit that I still remember the lyrics of Doraemon's OP in its anime (same with Mojacko and Gundam Wing, since they were aired around the same time in GMA-7 before Yu Yu Hakusho back in the 90s lol).

Sharing some brief background commentary about Philippine culture, as well as my review and general preview of the items included in our very first Sims 4 Pinoy Stuff Pack!

Moriarty the Patriot: Review and Episode Guide

Move over Sherlock. It's Moriarty's time to shine now. Updated on 11/24/2020: Added Episode Guide for Episode 7.

ACASIS Capture Card Unboxing and Review

Almost five months ago, I decided to get ACASIS, a new brand of capture card I've just seen on Lazada, for my 2-PC setup stream in Facebook Gaming and Youtube recording (will try streaming too next on Youtube soon!) 

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