Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker

Created a Stardew Valley OC Profile Maker Template just for funsies!~ Fill it up based on your farmer persona in-game, or any original character (OC) you can think of for story purposes! Update 8/22 - Added PSD version of this template.

Who Should You Marry in Stardew Valley Quiz

Ever wonder which among the Stardew Valley bachelors and bachelorettes are the most compatible with the character you portray in that new save file? Or if your all-time favorite Stardew Valley character to marry is actually a great match (or not) to your personality?

Take this quiz to find out which Stardew Valley character is the best one you should marry!πŸ•Š️

Ready to tie the knot with your favorite villager -- but you want it somewhere different from what Pelican Town subsidizes? Or yearning to renew your vows? Or perhaps, looking for a simple way to celebrate being Besties before moving in together? 

Buckle up as we explore More Wedding Venues in Stardew Valley!

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler - as Gunther - Stardew Valley Mod

Feel more inspired to stop by and regularly donate to the Stardew Valley museum with Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler as Gunther!

6/10 Update: Added compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded!~ ^_^ Added section about Sebastian in SVE.

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event Recolor ( Stardew Valley Mod )

Say "No more!" to The Implication being used to slander the finest bachelor in Stardew Valley with this recolor of Elliott's 10 hearts event.

How to Win in Stardew Valley's Annual Spring Egg Festival + Map Guides

The reward you get for winning in the Stardew Valley Egg Festival may neither be as valuable as the items you get in winning in the annual Fair and Fishing Competition, nor as awesome as getting your very first Prismatic Shard. But it's always satisfying to defeat Abigail, especially on mobile where it's trickier to win than its PC and console counterparts.

How to Make Money Fast in Hogwarts Legacy (Earn Galleons Easily!)

Depending on your current progress in the Main Quest, and also your playstyle: whether you prefer to actively grind galleons or simply chill and get them passively, this guide will provide you various means to earn quickly and easily in Hogwarts Legacy.

This is the secret to actually achieving your goals as well as keeping your New Year’s resolutions -- 
and why hyper-obsessing over them achieves the opposite.  This is also what horror games taught me about.

How to Develop Collaborative Culture in the Digital Age
A podcast of a controversial author had triggered a lot of people recently for many reasons -- which can all be summed up as belittling work-from-home employees and business owners, instead of properly addressing a major problem in this digital age:

Developing a collaborative culture and human connection

Here are some of the things I've learned from my own experiences in real life, as well as in MMO games and reading Webtoon -- don't laugh -- followed by 7 practical actions one can easily apply to develop that elusive collaborative culture in any group.

Anxiety in Streaming and Other Reasons Why I Stopped Streaming

So I've started streaming regularly again recently -- moved to Facebook Gaming from Mixer last month before the whole Microsoft - Mixer mess last week -- after noticing both fellow casual female streamers I personally know, as well as popular ones like Alodia Gosiengfiao, officially made the move from Twitch to FB Gaming. 

This was originally posted back in July 1, 2020. Edited and updated now 7/19/2022: After just half a year of streaming on Facebook, I quit. Decided to focus more on Youtube when it comes to long-form videos (I might stream there soon, though I prefer uploading normal edited ones since they generate better passive income than streaming), as well as Youtube shorts and IG Reels for short-form videos.

What's Your Savior Song? And Other People's Funny Stranger Things x Spotify Results

The 2nd part of Stranger Things 4 is finally out! Along with that is Stranger Things partnering with Spotify, allowing people to discover what their savior song and Upside Down playlist are that can help them escape from Vecna -- or you know, if we translate that metaphor into the real world, get out of the low-vibe state and survive mentally, emotionally and physically from this global recession and other maddening things happening in the world right now.

Or perhaps getting over your own inner demon, as personified by Vecna.

Fix Infinite Loading Screen and Other Bugs on Steam Games

So you've already clicked Verify Integrity of  Game Files as well as restarted your PC multiple times. You also definitely meet (or even surpass) the minimum or recommended PC requirements to run the game you've just bought from the Steam Summer sale. Yet upon restarting your PC and rebooting the game, you're still stuck at that frustrating loading screen for several minutes -- or worse, stare at your own reflection on a black screen without any pop-up error message hinting at what's causing the problem.

Let's go over the possible solutions on how to fix that infinite loading screen issue and other bugs on your Steam game.


How to Get All Endings and Achievements in Passpartout: The Starving Artist Simulator

If you find yourself stuck in a certain stage or studio, not getting the invitation letter you've been waiting for to move on to the next round, don't fret! I'm gonna help you get all 5 endings in Passpartout: The Starving Artist Simulator, as well as all of its 25 Achievements. Edited 6/11/2022: Added my gameplay for Minimalism Route and added correction about black paint in Passion Route.

This guide was originally published in my older art blog back in 2017. But thought it's better to move all my gaming stuff here now (similar to my Sims 4 and Sansar shenanigans lol), and also update this (added tips about Bad Ending and Achievements Guide) before the release of the 2nd one, Passpartout: The Lost Artist.

Awww... last episode of Mieruko-chan tonight in Muse Asia. I wonder if they have Season 2. But anyway, I'm extending it in "spirit" with the following Mieruko-chan Custom Content in the Sims 4 lol!
Edited 12/23/2021: Added the fashion showcase video:P

Took a short break from trading, video editing, and intense 3D rendering lol, and created this quiz to find out which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you?πŸ‘€ Edit 8/24/2021: transferred to a different quiz maker. No more annoying limit of takers per month now. Enjoy!^^

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