How to Make Money Fast in Hogwarts Legacy (Earn Galleons Easily!)

How to Make Money Fast in Hogwarts Legacy (Earn Galleons Easily!)

Depending on your current progress in the Main Quest, and also your playstyle: whether you prefer to actively grind galleons or simply chill and get them passively, this guide will provide you various means to earn quickly and easily in Hogwarts Legacy.

Warning: this guide contains some minor spoilers regarding the Main Quest line. 


I. Earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy Upon Arrival in Hogwarts

II. Earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy During Early-Game
A. Hogwarts Eye Chests
B. Hogsmeade Eye Chests
C. Side Quests
D. Sell Gears

III. Earn Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy during Late-Game
A. Magical Beasts Bizness

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I. Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy Upon Arrival in Hogwarts

Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy Upon Arrival in Hogwarts

At the start of the game, Professor Fig teaches you the Revelio spell. Use this regularly to see any hidden chests and other interesting points on the map as you explore around during your first day in Hogwarts. Ordinary chests and other containers have a few galleons, and some gears you can use early on and sell later once you reach Hogsmeade.

⚠️ Important: Never open chests anymore if your inventory is full.

If you do, any high-level or worse, legendary item you're supposed to get from the chest won't go into your inventory, as raised by other players.

Also stick to newbie areas for now and don't go skipping classes to explore and loot chests in high-level areas yet because even legendary gears are adjusted to your current level (unlike in say, Cyberpunk 2077), and it seems like there's no way yet for them to respawn anymore once you level up.

Aside from that, you can also find more random clothing you can sell by swimming around nearby outside after class.

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II. Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy During Early - Game

Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy During Early - Game

Once you reach this part, you can learn the Disillusionment spell through Sebastian Sallow. This spell is not only helpful when sneaking around enemies, but also in avoiding being seen by the Eye Chests while attempting to open them. They're a jumpy bunch in the most literal sense: casually walk by and they instantly float away to guard their precious galleons inside.

Each Eye Chest contains 500 galleons. There are a total of 25 Eye Chests so far: 11 inside Hogwarts and 14 in Hogsmeade, giving you a total of (11 + 14) x 500 = 12,500 galleons. Not bad for a start!

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Unfortunately, once looted, the galleons don't spawn anymore. But it's still a nice boost early on in the game especially when you're planning to buy the Silver Arrow Broom, and also upgrade your broom.

If you're on PS5, you can craft the Liquid Luck potion or Felix Felicis which will instantly reveal the Eye Chests on your map for one day. 

Liquid Luck potion or Felix Felicis

Since that item and another PS5 exclusive, the Hogsmeade shop keep quest, are actually included in the game files, some talented modders are now working on unlocking them for PC too.

But if you're up for the challenge of a fun treasure hunt, and just need some hints here and there, then you may refer below. I'll be also uploading a video guide soon.

A. Hogwarts Eye Chests Guide

The Eye Chests in Hogwarts are located in the following areas:

1. Lower Grand Staircase

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Lower Grand Staircase

Upon fast traveling, go down then climb up the other stairs on your left, and then you’ll see a Hippocampus facing the Eye Chest.

2. Divination Classroom

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Divination

Fast travel there then go left. Walk straight ahead of the wooden walk boards.

3. Greenhouses

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Greenhouses

Fast travel to the Greenhouses Floo. Head down the pathway with a snake-like ditch covered in metalworks, then head down to the dark spiral stairs on the left of a tree in the middle of a pond.

4. Viaduct Courtyard

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Viaduct Courtyard

Upon fast traveling, turn around, climb up the first flight of stairs, then climb the next one on your right. Head to the right-most one leading to the highest corridor going straight to the castle walls.

5. Underground Viaduct

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Underground Courtyard

Head back to the Viaduct Courtyard floo you spawned in earlier and head down to the Underground Harbour elevator (along the corridors to your right). Once you see the boats, walk up to the left-most dock.

6. Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Defense Against the Dark Arts

Fast travel to this floo then head down the stairs behind you and turn left. Sneak straight ahead to a statue pointing a wand in the direction of the Eye Chest.

7. Professor Fig’s Classroom

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Professor Fig

Get inside the bathroom right beside this floo.

8. Bell Tower Courtyard

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Bell Tower Courtyard

Fast travel here and climb up several flights of stairs to your right after the first level, then turn right again once you reach an attic-like area.

9. Dungeons

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Dungeons

Head back to the first level floor you passed by earlier after spawning from the Bell Tower Courtyard and open the door in the middle (your left side).

Go down, open another door, turn left, and continue going down straight ahead towards the Hogwarts emblem with horse armor.

Once you see a dragon statue, turn right, then once near the door at the end with stacks of pots, turn right again. Go through the hall and climb the stairs at the end.

Open the gate to your right and head down the spiral staircase. Once you see the open wet area, turn right.

10. West Tower/Flying Class Lawn

Hogwarts Eye Chest - Flying Class

Fast travel to the West Tower or to the Flying Class Lawn. If coming from the former, go to the door leading outside the castle then turn left along a path before the stone steps. If coming from the latter, climb up the stone steps then turn right.

11. Hogwarts North Exit

Hogwarts Eye Chest - North Exit

Fast travel here, then climb up towards a tower at your left. Upon reaching the top of the castle wall, turn left and go inside.

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B. Hogsmeade Eye Chests Guide

The Eye Chests in Hogsmeade are located in the following areas:

Hogsmeade Eye Chests Guide

1. Tomes and Scrolls

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Tomes and Scrolls

Get inside the shop, then head over toward the shopkeeper's sleeping quarters behind him then to the left.

2. Ashwinder Hideout

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Ashwinder Hideout

Leave the Tomes and Scrolls shop and head north and climb over a low fence. You'll see the Eye Chest beside a wheelbarrow behind a building.

3. Under the Bridge

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Under the Bridge

Head over to the bridge nearby, and just below it on the left side, you'll see the next Eye Chest.

4. House by the Bridge

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - House by the Bridge

Cross the bridge and go to the left side of the house with a fence and wheelbarrow.

5. House by the Bridge 2.0

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - House by the Bridge 2

Go back to the bridge you crossed earlier, and walk Eastward. Go behind another house before heading to the next bridge.

6. Hogsmeade Graveyard

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Graveyard

Cross the next bridge and head over behind a mausoleum in the Hogsmeade Graveyard.

7. Dogweed and Deathcap

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - D and D

Go Northeast until you see the Dogweed and Deathcap shop. Inside at the left, you'll see the next Eye Chest.

8. Dogweed and Deathcap Lookout

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Lookout

Climb up a rock path on the right side of Dogweed and Deathcap, and then walk at the path near its roof. 

9. House by the Bridge 3.0

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - House by the Bridge 3

Cross the 3rd bridge, then check out the next Eye Chest at the house on the left, near the bridge lamp.

10. Dervish and Banges 

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Dervish and Banges

Head over to the Dervish and Banges, and you'll see the next Eye Chest on the right, immediately upon entering the shop.

11. Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Quill Shop

Leave Dervish and Banges and walk towards the steps on the right side of Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, and go head down behind the latter's building.

12. The Cliff

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Cliff

Go behind the houses near the cliff.

13. South Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - South Hogsmeade

Head all the way southwest until you're near the buildings at the South Hogsmeade floo.

14. Hogsmeade Garden

Hogsmeade Eye Chest - Hogsmeade Garden

Leave the busy area of Hogsmeade, open the gate on its South, and head over to a garden with a moving plant dragon. Go up the stairs ahead then turn right. 

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C. Side Quests

Another way to earn galleons is to request additional payment in some side quests and maximize what's being prompted in the game. Unlike with say, Stardew Valley or Sims where every interaction of your character has either a positive or negative impact on some friendship or relationship points, here in Hogwarts Legacy, it's very forgiving (at least in the side quests) and doesn't have any effect on how your main quest line will go.

D. Sell Gears

Unlike with other RPGs where you have to keep any clothing item you fancy to transmog it later on, in Hogwarts Legacy, you don't have to do it. The moment you acquire an item or gear, its skin is automatically part of the fashion style that your character can use later on in higher-tiered gears so make sure to regularly sell any extras you have to clear up your inventory space and earn extra galleons -- it's not much: around 60-90 per item -- but it can still accumulate over time.

Complete all the Merlin Trials to gain 20 additional inventory slots, so you don't have to go back and forth that often to Hogsmeade. 

Unfortunately, even if we have dormitories in-game, it's just for lore related to Hogwarts Houses and common rooms, since there aren't any chests or cabinets we can use to dump our items into.

III. Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy During Late - Game

Earn Galleons from Hogwarts Legacy During Late - Game

As of this writing, it seems like there's no way to be cheeky in gaining substantial riches if you just wanna explore around and keep doing other characters' side quests and fun side activities, instead of progressing in the Main Quest (oof.. guilty here lol).

Actually, the game seems to penalize you if you don't do the latter because there seems to be no other way (yet) to get the Nab-sack which can help you earn an average of 5000 galleons (or more!) a day. The only way to get it so far is through a house elf named Deek who will hand it to you during The Elf, Nab-Sack, and The Loom quest under Prepare for Your Search for the Final Keeper.

How to Get the Nab-sack in Hogwarts Legacy

It's all good though because The Loom is also very useful in upgrading your gears.

A. Magical Beasts Bizness

Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have your own Vivarium and Nab-sack, you can start capturing rescuing magical beasts. Go back to the Puffskeins den from the Main Quest and get more of them, and then sell them here at Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade for 120 galleons each. 

Rinse and repeat for as long as you like. You can also do this for Jobberknolls and Mooncalves, although with the latter, you have to do so only at night time.

If you don't want to go hopping around multiple dens, you can sit (and sleep lol) on the ground by opening the Map and clicking the Wait time skip at the lower right. Beasts respawn every 24 in-game hours, so click Wait twice, and then back to business.

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