Sebastian from Black Butler as Gunther

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler - as Gunther - Stardew Valley Mod

Feel more inspired to stop by and regularly donate to the Stardew Valley museum with Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler as Gunther!

6/10 Update: Added compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded!~ ^_^ Added section about Sebastian in SVE.


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I. Fun Theories About Gunther

A few theories about Gunther's true nature in Stardew Valley have cropped up. 

Some speculated that he's like Peeves in Harry Potter and just a mere ghost apparition that guards the museum -- and ineffectively so.

That's why the previous curator effortlessly managed to Lupin III the treasures prior to the player's arrival in town. 

Sebastian as Gunther - Rusty Key Scene

Others easily debunk that with these 3 other theories:

1. Once the Community Center is restored and (spoiler) Joja Mart closes, Sam starts working in the museum. Gunther has to be a real living breathing physical creature capable of paying Sam real gold, or else, they're gonna run into this predicament.

2. Gunther or G.U.N.T.H.E.R. (General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot) is actually a robot created by Maru and has to be constantly in the museum to physically guard it -- poor guy can't even enjoy vacations and festivals. Either he doesn't have the AI sentience yet as MarILDA and can't "break free", or he's sentient enough to know the value of staying and that he'll be held responsible if any break-ins happen and more items get stolen.

3. And the most interesting theory of all: Gunther is actually Rasmodius The Wizard's brother.

Anyway, Stardew Valley is a fun inclusive game, so we're actually free to go for whatever headcanon fits our playthroughs. πŸ€—

This Sebastian as Gunther, on the other hand, is more than capable of watching over the Archeology Office, and of course -- being a demon -- has extensive knowledge about artifacts and minerals. 

Sebastian as Gunther - Krobus Friend

Aside from giving you the Rusty Key after having donated at least 60 items to the museum, Sebastian-slash-Gunther will also give you a random surprise gift.

Sebastian (Black Butler) as Gunther - surprise gift

II. Download Sebastian (Black Butler) as Gunther

Originally, I planned on making him ask the player for 3 wishes after. But I'll save that for the future and let's keep it a simple extra gift for now. 

Sebastian from Black Butler as Gunther (v 2.0):
MegaNz | NexusMods 

III. How to Install

Same with Elliott is Safe, just unzip the file in the Mods folder in Stardew Valley. 

Also, make sure these 2 required mods either from NexusMods or their official sites are installed for this to work:
  • Content Patcher

Sebastian's portrait, sprite, and dialogues are enabled by default. Still, you can easily disable any of them through the Generic Mod Config Menu (highly recommended mod to download though not required).

IV. Compatibility and Limitations

6/10 Update: Now compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded!~

 This is NOT yet compatible with:
  • Gunther mods that make him a marriage candidate 

If you have an incompatible mod installed, Gunther's portrait and sprites won't work properly. The dialogue may still work fine though, but it's gonna be weird since I've written it to match Sebastian Michaelis' character in Black Butler. 

Sebastian as Gunther - Stardew Valley Mod

Also only tested on PC, and not tested on Android.


Sebastian as Gunther in the Museum - Stardew Valley Mod

I'm gonna be honest -- this is just an excuse for my character to feel inspired to drop by the museum regularly lol.

Sebastian as Gunther and Wedding Presider - Stardew Valley Mod

I also just want a handsome wedding presider in my More Wedding Venues mod.

Sebastian as Gunther and Wedding Presider - Stardew Valley Mod

The only thing that's making me visit the museum-slash-library, other than Elliott's public book reading, is the joy of unlocking Krobus and making him live on the farm with us.

But with Sebastian Michaelis here, I have another reason to stop by there.

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I've only recently started watching Black Butler as well. It's been on my "To Watch" list for a really long time already, similar to Fruits Basket.

It's mind-boggling how I let opportunities to watch it pass when it's sooo on-brand with my type of anime (i.e. Moriarty the Patriot, Witch Hunter Robin -- and probably just related because of the themes and fight scenes: Jujutsu Kaisen, HxH, and Psycho-Pass)

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler Anime
*sips double-espresso shot ☕*

Back to Stardew Valley.

Sebastian as Gunther in the Museum - Black Butler Anime x Stardew Valley

I actually want a butler in-game too and play the way I do in Sims 4 lol. 

But since I'm still a newbie modder, let's just make a demon curator... for now.

V. Sebastian in Stardew Valley Expanded

Sebastian - Black Butler - Stardew Valley Expanded

If you have Stardew Valley Expanded installed, you'll be able to be a creep and explore Gunther's room on the 2nd floor of the museum interact with Sebastian more especially since he's now able to attend festivals, and explore his "lore" why he's in Stardew Valley as "Gunther" through his heart events. 

Sebastian - Black Butler - Stardew Valley Expanded

Well to be fair, we can call him anything other than what Ciel gave him -- the audacity of that spoiled brat to name this awesome demon after his family dog 😀.

You'll also be able to invite him on a movie outing which is super cool!

Sebastian - Black Butler - Stardew Valley Expanded

Since I changed Gunther's dialogues to fit Sebastian better (at least I tried my best), his movie and snack preferences also changed from what's originally in SVE's Gunther. 

So have fun exploring!πŸ˜‰

Sebastian - Black Butler - Stardew Valley Expanded
Love how he spits out random facts sometimes lol

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VI. Marriageable Sebastian as Gunther

To follow! ^_~ (I knew this type of request would come!XD)

VII. Update Logs

v3.0 - (WIP) Compatibility for Make Gunther Real mod
v2.0 - Added compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded, added custom dialogue to override majority of Gunther's lines to fit Sebastian better
v1.2 - *Official Public Release: Added custom dialogues
v1.1 - replaced Gunther's vanilla sprites with Sebastian's
v1.0 - replaced Gunther's portrait with Sebastian's (2 versions)


  1. I got a weird updating message in the console (really weird since I downloaded the unique available file), but I'll play it anyways hahah.
    The thing is, I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason the console says that I can update the mod and marks it as if I were using the v1.0.0 when the file before downloading indicates that it's v1.2.0. I tried with both links and it's the same. I comment it here just in case, have a good day/night!

    1. Oh, yup they're the same! In Nexus, first upload there I guess is officially v1.0. I just typed in v1.2 in the change log because the first one I made (but not released in the public) didn't have any dialogue changes -- I just followed my personal file saving haha my bad. So sorry for the confusion! And have a good day/night as well! ^_^

  2. Sebastian! owo welcome to the club! lol

  3. Waiting for the marriageable Sebastian πŸ‘€


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