How to Win in Stardew Valley's Annual Spring Egg Festival (and Map Guides)

How to Win in Stardew Valley's Annual Spring Egg Festival + Map Guides

The reward you get for winning in the Stardew Valley Egg Festival may neither be as valuable as the items you get in winning in the annual Fair and Fishing Competition, nor as awesome as getting your very first Prismatic Shard. But it's always satisfying to defeat Abigail, especially on mobile where it's trickier to win than its PC and console counterparts.

Every 13th day of Spring, you'll get this message from Mayor Lewis to prepare for the Egg Hunting event that starts at 9am sharp at the Pelican Town Square and ends at 2pm.

Mayor Lewis Egg Festival Letter

And this is where all the eggs are located. Don't even bother trying to get the ones near Pierre during the festival -- unless you're on mobile with an auto-pathing mode in its controls. Else, you'll find yourself getting stuck a lot behind his shop and Harvey's clinic.

Stardew Valley All Eggs Location - Egg Festival

Old tips I've seen always seem to suggest following Abigail's trail on the lower left side of the map before going to where Vincent and Jas are. However, this only works on PC and console, and mobile players always fall short of the minimum required 9 eggs to defeat Abigail (or Sophia in Stardew Valley Expanded) within 50-ish seconds.

Also as of the latest patch, you can't do speed cheats anymore. Even in-game speed boosts like drinking coffee don't work either.


I. Tips to Win in Stardew Valley Egg Festival

II. Map Guides for the Best Route
A. Best Route on PC (and Console)
B. Best Route on Mobile

III. The Prize

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I. Tips to Win in Stardew Valley Egg Festival

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind to ensure that you always win -- even on mobile.

1. Focus on the lower right part of the map instead.

This is where Vincent and Jas roam around, as well as where most of the eggs are located. By focusing on this area more, you'll increase your chances of winning.

2. Use the shortest route possible.

This is why you should skip some of the eggs -- like the one near Pam and Penny's trailer. Unlike going to the bridge heading to the museum where at least you get 2 eggs, you're only rewarded with 1 after going through all that trouble in the trailer.

3. Avoid getting stuck behind trees and buildings as much as possible.

There's nothing more frustrating than wasting valuable time simply because your character gets stuck as you frantically rush to get the next egg, like at the back part of Mayor Lewis' manor (most likely because -- spoiler: his Golden Statue sometimes spawns there).

II. Map Guides for the Best Route to Win in Stardew Valley Egg Festival

Here's what worked for me so far and got 13 eggs on PC and 11 eggs on mobile. But feel free to experiment with other routes while keeping the tips above in mind, and let me know if you find a way to legitimately get... 15 eggs

But without using any speed cheats like the ones who claim to get 18 eggs lol.

A. Best Route on PC (and Console)

Their controls might be different, but since I see console players easily getting at least the minimum number of eggs needed like the PC players, and so far no complaints unlike mobile gamers, I'm assuming this route works on both versions of the game. If you have better control skills, you can ignore my 3rd tip above, grab the egg behind Mayor Lewis' manor, and beat me with 14 eggs lol!

Stardew Valley PC - Best Route in Egg Festival

B. Best Route on Mobile

Almost similar to the route above but with a little tweak because it's tricky to pick up items on mobile.

Stardew Valley Mobile - Best Route in Egg Festival

III. The Prize

Not much. Just a Straw Hat.

Reward in Egg Festival

And the ultimate satisfaction to beat Abigail.

She and I got some bitter rivalry going ever since I started playing Stardew Valley a few years ago.

Why I don't like Abigail in Stardew Valley
Wherever my S.O. and I hang out, she just pops out of nowhere.

When I started seeing Sebastian in another save, she totally ignored my relationship with him and kept begging for his attention.

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Now I've already ditched Sebastian because he's rumored to cheat on the player by seeing movies with Abigail -- even after you're married! Plus he doesn't stop smoking which is a major ick for me (whether it's fiction like this and manhwas, or real life lol). 

Meeting Elliott in Stardew Valley
Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces-- WHO is that dashing man at the bridge?!

But the main reason actually is Elliott ๐Ÿ‘€

Fancy man doesn't like cheap drinks like Joja Cola though. He likes his wine like Krobus.

Elliott Chitchat

If I'd seen this man first, I would pick him instead of Depressed Seb. How.. why did I not notice that vampire early. Or merman. I don't know. Theories vary.

Shoo Abigail
Girl, leave. You're NOT even his type.

I know she lives here, but I don't care. Go adventure somewhere instead of conveniently coming in whenever Elliott's here ๐Ÿ˜ค lol!

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