Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event Recolor

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event Recolor ( Stardew Valley Mod )

Say "No more!" to The Implication being used to slander the finest bachelor in Stardew Valley with this recolor of Elliott's 10 hearts event.

SDV players are divided about this man: on one side -- OUR side lol -- he's the best. He has all the green flags, unlike the rest with glaring red flags from the get-go.

(Just kidding. Emily, Sam, and Leah are very green flags too!)

I'm one of those players who find Stardew Valley a comfort game -- a very effective therapy even, from all the depressing crazy stuff that happened these past few years.

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event
Thanks for fixing my mental health too.


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I. Elliott Being the Best Marriage Candidate in Stardew Valley

So naturally, I gravitate to someone like him (although originally, I was with Sebastian lol). 

NOT this Sebastian -- although he's hella fiiiine too!

More so because unlike most bachelors and even bachelorettes in the game who randomly invite you to meet up with them after dark, Elliott? Oh boy. 

He only asks you out in day time.

Very elegant, respectable man. 


Also, why does he seem to be even more attractive in Spanish?!

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event in Spanish
Chef's kiss.

Disclaimer: I was testing if the image sheets in different languages also work and if I've coded them correctly that's why I got Spanish on there -- I'm not THAT weird and obsessed (yet) lol. Also chose that because Spanish is another language I could (sort of) navigate through without crying in French.

He may neither be as logical nor does he have a biting sense of humor as Sebastian of IT.

But he got that depth and creativity in expressing himself differently from normal people -- a trait I usually see and admire from writers.

Let's be clear, I mean writers like Allen Smith, and fiction writers like Ray Bradbury, my SO, and Neil Gaiman.

Not the typical clickbait ones with lame, generic listicles (chatGPT can do better, bet?), and predictable cringe virtue-signaling insights *raises hand* (not calling out anyone here, I'm pointing out my own BS lol).

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event Recolor
But then he suddenly backtracked and claimed he could still finish it without us.

He wrote his novel mainly based on the genre we picked. His default one is actually sci-fi. 

But because I like mystery, he's suddenly a mystery writer now.



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On the other side are those that find Elliott too judgmental, foppish, and overall bleh.. boring, because he's not entangled in some messy drama and general toxic behavior (unlike Shane and Haley, for example). Usually, these players who find Elliott's lack of toxicity boring and lame are also the type of players who transform the most chill game like Stardew Valley, into some kind of e-Sports. 

I've just discovered that side of SDV recently and it's actually kinda cool and exciting -- although not for me, especially fishing and Junimo. Both those 2 can go to hell.

But come 10-hearts event time, all of a sudden, they see Elliott as creepy?!


To be fair, the first time I saw this event -- no matter how much I liked this character -- I panicked too.

Elliott's 10 Hearts Event - original/vanilla
I mean look at how deep this sea is in the middle of literally nowhere

Since it's also around the same time that I started reading The Guy Upstairs webtoon, I thought Elliott might be some kind of Adam.

It doesn't help that he's suddenly talking like this, right after saying that he could still finish his novel without us being his muse or something.

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event
Oh, no. Oh, dear.

My character got nowhere to run. 

So naturally I accepted my fate of possibly being thrown and fed to the sharks. Even though he's still blushing (does he still like us, or...?), I've already assumed that secretly Elliott may have deeper issues and a plain psychopath just like Adam. 

It's also possible that perhaps writing is just a front, and he could be part of some mafia in the business of selling me to the pirates.

In short, that deep blue ocean is giving trauma.


But what is this? 

Turns out, that's not the case at all! 

Elliott is indeed a great guy.

II. Download Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10-Heart Event Recolor

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event
Take that, Eric in The Little Mermaid!

So I decided to create this mod in the hopes of making the players actually feel the romance in the air during this event (and not panic like me and The Implication gang lol).

Get ✨immersed✨ in that lovely vibe similar to the lagoon scene of Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Elliott is Safe - Elliott's 10 Hearts Event Recolor (v1.0):
  |  NexusMods

III. How to Install

Download from either MegaNz or NexusMods and then just follow the usual manual modding -- unzip and put the extracted files in the Mods folder of Stardew Valley.

Make sure you have the following required mods too:
  • Content Patcher

This isn't required but is highly recommended so you can easily adjust the settings in-game instead of restarting every time and opening Notepad.
  • Generic Mod Config Menu

All these 3 can be found on NexusMods.

Elliott is Safe mod is already enabled by default, but you may choose among 6 recolors:

Elliott is Safe - Stardew Valley Mod - Settings

Those with 1's have the lighter-colored ocean -- suggesting shallow waters near the shoreline. Version 2's are the ones a little close to the vanilla, but not as scary. 

You have the option to select the original boat (Safe), something ready to go to your next destination: wedding (Nice), and a third one which is the default one that adds a little somethin'-somethin' (Extra).

IV. Compatibility and Limitations

In theory, this should be compatible with any mods. Only tested on PC though, so let me know if you get any issues on the Android version. 

Not that I'd be able to fix it though. 

Or maybe I can. ๐Ÿ‘€

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I just started learning how to create mods in Stardew Valley late last month, lowkey in preparation for the upcoming 1.6 update real soon.

I know it's kinda wrong timing to be creating mods now.

But my thinking is that it would feel less overwhelming to learn as "early" as now, and definitely less challenging to merely convert mods, than waiting for the update first that adds more features than what we can currently do with Content Patcher and other frameworks available.

Got inspired to create this mod to chill a bit while finalizing the Wedding Venue mod -- which in turn is another substitute activity because the mod I was originally planning to do (neurodivergent brain going into deeper layers of fear, no?) is too complex for newbie modders like me.

Clue: yes, it's related to Mystery.

But after getting acquainted with the structure of Content Patcher and the interesting additional features in 1.6 soon, we'll see! Can't wait!

V. Update Logs

v1.0 - recolor Elliott's boat tile sheets and 10-heart event ocean

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