Life After Grind is a personal blog by Aiza Belle, where she shares reviews and tips related to her hobbies (video games, anime shows, movies), exciting discoveries in the metro, and useful info and insights about growing up as a millenial, prepping for wedding, and managing one's well-being.

This blog aims to constantly remind her (and hopefully others too-- especially younger ones who are forced by their environment or circumstances to delay pursuing what they really love doing), that there's more to life than the daily hustle.

Life After Grind was launched back in late 2018-- 2 years after she deleted her own personal Facebook profile (because of the privacy issues that social media platform had been going through), and just few months after the founders of Instagram resigned. She deliberated about quitting Instagram as well, but had a hard time doing so because of the lovely people she maintained contact with there, especially colleagues she genuinely vibe with and fellow gamer friends from across the globe (hence, just a 2-year hiatus).

--- πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ ---

Aiza Belle graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman, where she took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy (against her own will lol!). She passed the boards for Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate Appraiser, and used to be a corporate drone-- before finally deciding to transition to entrepreneurial life and focus on what she always wanted to do before: trade full-time, launch and manage her own shops, and create digital content.

She lives together with this playful ginger tabby named GarfielDio (Garfield because he loves eating a lot + Dio because he has the same temperament and personality as that vampire in Jojo Bizaare Adventures):

He's a sweet brat, nevertheless:

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