Life After Grind is a safe corner here on the Internet to unwind after the daily grind in school, work, or business. Here we share news, reviews, and guides about video games, anime shows, webcomics, books, and movies we love. We also share exciting discoveries in the metro and other fun stuff!
Hobbies (and entertainment in general) are also a great way to nurture your well-being and avoid burnout. Anyone seeing them as a mere waste of time has bigger issues to address. 
As long as you remain highly functional and whatever it is that you love to do doesn't turn into a crippling addiction -- because for some, passionately pursuing "hobbies" even turned into a life-changing career or business, all is good! πŸ‘
And with that, Life After Grind also aims to inspire you, whoever you are that happens to stumble upon here, to go for what you genuinely love -- be it a type of person, a belief system, and most importantly: 
Your calling.
"Doing what you want to do is life; and there is no real satisfaction in living if we are compelled to be forever doing something which we do not like to do, and can never do what we want to do." - Wallace Wattles
Life is short to merely follow what society thinks and expects you to do. 
Life is also short to be too hung up on things that should be treated as tools like metrics, analytics, even titles, and influence -- we are lovely human beings and shouldn't be enslaved by such. 

Overall, the aim of this site is to encourage people to always pursue true happiness.
Feeling is the Secret and by doing things we genuinely enjoy, we attract great luck and more success (whatever that means for each of you) and happiness! 
What our mind focuses on, we attract, while our emotions act like amplifiers.
So it's all the more important to bring out that inner child and always have fun!

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--- πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ ---

Life After Grind is founded by Aiza Belle back in 2018 when she began mulling over quitting social media because of privacy concerns.
She graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman, where she took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy since it's the one she got when she drew lots (other choices were: Molecular Biology, Economics, Mathematical Finance, and Psychology).

Let it be known that she regrets this-- or actually nah. That's how she stumbled on her long-time significant other ~ ^^

If money wasn't an issue and if she wasn't forced by her Asian parents to choose something "practical", she would've pursued something Arts related.
Since realistically speaking, she's not on par (yet) with highly skilled artists pursuing Visual Communications or Advertising at that time (the part in Arts where it satisfies anyone's definition of "practical"), and neither does she have anyone in the family or any other relevant connections to actually "make it" in either Fine Arts (unlike her idol) or Fashion Design (her other idol) -- 
Accounting it was.
She passed the boards for Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate Appraiser but decided to take a leap of faith in the entrepreneurial path to have more freedom to be able to do what she loves doing: trading; playing video games; watching anime and movies; sharing her experiences, lessons, and fun shenanigans online; making videos; reading manhwas; learning more about crypto; dabbling in music production; and of course, (and more importantly) secretly honing her skills in 3d and digital art.
She enjoys being a cat mom 🐈 and treating her businesses as her "babies" (but just like her long-time S.O., she doesn't wanna have her own human kids EVER. So nosy Titas who can't stop bothering her, please... This is ok and she's genuinely happy this way.)
Traditional parenting lifestyle simply never appealed to her from the get-go, and broke up with her exes as soon as they started giving her The Wedding-and-Baby talk.
Think Barney Stinson, but is taken and not a womanizer (err.. man-izer??). Married but still bachelor lifestyle #goals πŸ™Œ
We're also saving our SEA developing country from overpopulation. /s
Since she's a strong empath too, aside from hoping to inspire people through her sites and Youtube channels, she occasionally likes helping out others by channeling Spirit's advice through her tarot readings (she never does paid readings though --  only free ones for the public on social media and free private ones among select friends and followers).
Whatever one's chosen path is, she hopes everyone visiting here feels refreshed as well as motivated to become one's best self.
 Always remember to enjoy life! ✨

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