Life After Grind is a safe corner here on the Internet to unwind after the daily grind in school, work, or business. Here we share news, reviews, and guides about video games, anime shows, webcomics, books, and movies we love. We also share exciting discoveries in the metro and other fun stuff!
Hobbies and entertainment in general are actually a great way to nurture your well-being and avoid burnout. For those with the calling to it, with enough dedication, consistency, and most importantly, finding your own Blue Oceanpassionately pursuing "hobbies" can turn into a very fulfilling path. ✨
And with that, Life After Grind also aims to inspire you, whoever you are that happens to stumble upon here, to go for what you genuinely love -- be it a type of person, a belief system, and most importantly: 
Your calling.

"Doing what you want to do is life; and there is no real satisfaction in living if we are compelled to be forever doing something which we do not like to do, and can never do what we want to do." - Wallace Wattles
Whatever your chosen path is, we hope that you feel refreshed as well as motivated to become your best joyful self! πŸ€—  

Overall, this site aims to encourage people to continuously pursue true happiness.

Feeling is the Secret and by doing things we genuinely enjoy, we attract great luck and more success (whatever that means for each of you) and happiness! 
Whatever our mind focuses on, we attract, while our emotions act like amplifiers.
 So always remember: Enjoy life! ✨

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Aiza Belle


Though she's been casually blogging and running fan sites on and off since high school, it was only after leaving her auditing/accounting career (merely forced on her by her late parents) that she's finally able to pursue what she truly loves -- day trading, running small boutiques and creating content online full-time. 

She also enjoys regularly playing video games, reading manhwas, and watching anime and Youtube videos with her husband and friends, not only as a way to bond with them but also to fuel more creativity and inspiration. Aside from her usual trading and content creation (Youtube, modding, webcomics), she also manages her other sites and channels in different niches, publishes on Amazon KDP, and dabbles in music production.


Contributor/SocMed Manager

She got into digital marketing while doing some university projects. She manages social media accounts and occasionally writes copies for brands and private family-run businesses. She aspires to be a ghostwriter, if not a life coach, one day.

She's a stay-at-home mom, taking care of her growing family and successfully expanding one of her shops into a franchise. She loves cooking and traveling with her family. She also loves reading manhwas, watching KDramas, designing digital journals, as well as collecting Copic markers and calligraphy sets.



Responsible for managing comments and suggesting topics. A graphic designer by day, and a storyteller and comic artist by night. 



He manages the security and other backend tasks, but mainly helps in editing writeups (if he has free time), and occasionally teaches everyone how to make better titles.

He also loves playing video games (any platform: PC, console, mobile), watching anime, and recently got influenced into reading manhwa/webtoon comics -- but overall, he's still more into mangas. He used to run a gaming Youtube channel and a gaming photography social media account, but got too busy both in his day job nowadays and in crypto.

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