ACASIS Capture Card Unboxing and Review

ACASIS Capture Card Unboxing and Review

Almost five months ago, I decided to get ACASIS, a new brand of capture card I've just seen on Lazada, for my 2-PC setup stream in Facebook Gaming and Youtube recording (will try streaming too next on Youtube soon!) 

Although my new desktop PC can handle rendering both the game and OBS Studio well, I wanted to be on the safe side especially World War Z -- the game I started regularly streaming in FB back then -- is pretty demanding (and even crashed my laptop twice).

World War Z Gameplay
It has awesome graphics though -- like look at those plants!

Since I just wanted to test out streaming, I figured that it's wiser to not splurge on the more popular brand of capture card especially I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to maximize its use and get my money's worth. Plus, since I'm streaming (and also recording on Youtube) at only 1080p anyway and not in 4k, I decided that ACASIS capture card may be enough to do the job.

ACASIS Capture Card Unboxing and Review

The box comes with the capture card, 1 HDMI cord for the input and another USB-C-to-USB for the output. To be able to use the 2nd HDMI port for the monitor, I need to use the one that comes with my monitor. It also has a manual but it's all in Chinese, no English translation. Thankfully, it has a diagram on how to set up my 2-PC stream using it.

ACASIS Capture Card Diagram Setup Guide

Based on the diagram, I can also use it for DLSR, console and mobile phone. I just need to use a USB-C-to-HDMI cord to be able to mirror my phone to my streaming laptop's screen (actually there's an easier way using SCRPY program which is just free and works really well on android phones). 

I still haven't tried it yet on iPhone though since I don't wanna splurge on one of these adapters or this just for the sake of testing it (I tried the cheap imitation ones bought from Shopee but it didn't work lol -- unless maybe if I jailbreak my iPhone 12 :P). Also if you're using that lightning cable adapter in the first place for mirroring or streaming your iPhone screen to a larger screen, then you don't need ACASIS capture card at all anymore.

ACASIS Capture Card - Audio Output

The first feature that I like about ACASIS is being able to plug in my old headset with 3.4mm jack right away, set the audio in my streaming laptop to capture in-game sounds, and not having to worry about setting up the sounds separately on my gaming PC. 

It's just plug and play! 

But since I eventually switched to a USB-type headset, I now have to setup my audio using a sound mixer.

ACASIS Capture Card - HDMI In and Out

The second thing I like about ACASIS capture card is the extra HDMI port that I can use to plug my gaming monitor -- other capture cards only have 2 ports: 1 in and 1 out -- which is usually for DLSR and consoles, and not really advisable to use for a 2-PC setup. Or else, we'll be stuck with watching our game on our streaming PC, unless we do a multi-monitor setup in that PC, which most definitely have an issue with delay, unless we play directly on the streaming PC and defeats the purpose of having a 2-PC setup lol. 

ACASIS Capture Card - USB-C Out

And the most important thing that I like about this capture card is being reliable and never giving me a black screen in the middle of my stream. I only stream for an average of 4-6 hours per session back then though (unlike others who do an 8-12 hour stream, some even do 24 hours -- and I have no idea where they get the energy for that, and also that's not really advisable both health-wise and business-wise, but I digress). 

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There have been a few times that I experienced the game audio not transmitting to my OBS in my streaming laptop -- but only because I got a new headset and either forgot to set up the audio connections in advance or tweaked my sounds in OBS and it bugged out. But I got the audio issue resolved right away by simply removing the old audio input in my OBS, and re-adding the audio input from ACASIS capture card.

Overall, I highly recommend this capture card (assuming they still keep producing the same level of quality as the one I got, and also assuming you get the original one from its official store in Lazada #notspons lol). Back in June, I got this for Php 2.7k.

ACASIS Capture Card Order and Delivery from Lazada

Now I'm kinda annoyed that it dropped down to Php 1.9k already lol -- as most popular products from China do over time. But definitely great for those planning to get one (at least as of the time of this writing).

ACASIS Capture Card Current Price in Lazada


  1. detected naman ang acasis pero wala sounds. any work around?

    1. just turn it on the sound mixer of the pc and tick listen to this device

    2. If no sounds po pagplug headset sa ACASIS mismo or no sounds sa either 1st or 2nd PC, try using a sound mixer po and tweak settings dun. I use VoiceMeeter Banana:


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