Top 10 Spooky Halloween Mods in Stardew Valley

Spooky Halloween Mods in Stardew Valley

Ready to embrace the spooky side of Pelican Town? Transform your cute, cozy farm into a fun gothic realm with these 10 Stardew Valley Halloween mods — all handpicked and tested to work (as of this writing)~ πŸ˜‰

Most of us tend to stick to a handful of favorite mods, occasionally cycling through different aesthetics, extra dialogues, and expansion mods. But since it's Halloween season, this is the perfect opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and give these a try. Who knows, some of these may just become regular staples in our gameplay!

Note: Though these mods don’t exactly induce heart-stopping fear, they surely give off cool spooky vibes!

Video version for those who want to see it in action.

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1. Halloween Feelings: Where The Eerie Comes Alive

Stardew Valley - Halloween Feelings

This is an all-in-one Halloween mod that has some mild scary elements and not just spooks. It transforms not only your intro screen but also your game UI, farmhouse, trees, grass, barn animals, and even the townies' homes and other buildings in the game.

Stardew Valley - Halloween Feelings
It's the ultimate instant Halloween makeover!

2. Dark Mode UI: Embrace the Gothic Vibes

Stardew Valley - Dark Mode UI

This mod is your ticket to a stylishly gothic Stardew Valley. It changes all the game's UI and letters to black. But don't forget to download the optional fix (we recommend using fix #2 along with the Theme Manager mod) to make the fonts easier to read in white, instead of the default orange one.

3. Bat Form: Take Flight as a Vampire

Stardew Valley - Bat Form

No spooky, gothic mood is complete without the ability to transform into a bat and fly around Pelican Town. Just watch out for those tight spots (i.e. bus stop, indoors) – you won't want to get stuck!

4. Neo-Gothic Vampire Sebastian Bedroom: Unearth the Secrets

Stardew Valley - Neo Gothic Vampire Sebastian

Want to add a little more oomph to the rumors that Sebastian might actually be a vampire? Drop this into your Mods folder and uncover intriguing Easter eggs that add depth to his character.

Bonus: To complete Sebastian's transformation, give his cute dark sprite a go with the Vampire Goth Sebastian Sprite, and also check out #7 below.

5. Creepy Houses: From Cozy to Creepy

Stardew Valley - Creepy Houses

Transform the exterior of your farmhouse into an eerie, abandoned cabin with this mod. Be sure to download the required mod (Alternative Textures), then purchase the Paint Bucket from Robin, click your farmhouse while selecting the Paint Bucket tool, and you’re all set!

The great thing about this is that, since it uses Alternative Textures instead of Content Patcher, it minimizes conflict with other mods that replace the farmhouse. It matches well too with the Halloween Feelings mod above.

Bonus: Get the Creepy Fences and Creepy Craftables too!

6. Elegant Victorian Interior: Haunted Estate

Stardew Valley - Elegant Victorian Interior
Image by Campanulamis

This one isn't included in the video above because it surely deserves a place in your Stardew Valley world year-round, not just during Halloween. But it certainly fits the spooky gothic vibe perfectly with its old-money aesthetics featuring wooden antique-looking furniture and decor.

7. Void’s Weird Wonders: Goths Among Us

Stardew Valley - Void's Weird Wonders
Image by VoidWitchCult

A spooktacular, dark, vampire Halloween isn't complete without changing your favorite Stardew Valley bachelors and bachelorettes into goths πŸ–€

8. Idaida’s Witchy Scarecrows: A Touch of Witchery

Stardew Valley - Witchy Scarecrows

For those seeking something more witchy, Idaida’s Witchy Scarecrows aren't just effective against ravaging crows, they're incredibly cute too!

Bonus: Add mysterious purple orbs that replace the torches in the game with Idaida’s Wisp Torch.

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9. Spooky Cat and Dog Costumes Mod: Dress Up Your Furry Friends

Stardew Valley - Spooky Cat Costumes

No Halloween vibe is complete without something for your furry companions. The Spooky Cat Costume and Spooky Dog Costume ensure that your pets are adorably dressed to "spook.”

10. Summoning Circles: Where Magic Lurks

Stardew Valley - Summoning Circles

Add a hint of magic with this mod that — though it won’t summon any monsters or demons — serves as a cool replacer for the totems in the Witch Hut. The best part is that you can place them anywhere you like (as long as it's not occupied by other furniture, boulders, or your pet)!

Simply buy them from Robin or grab them for free through the Furniture Catalog. Remember to keep the Paint Bucket tool on hand when you want to switch them into different colors.


Just wanna add this cute "drama" bit that we're not able to include in the video above.

So Elliott and my farmer were exploring around after transforming Pelican Town into some Halloween galore thing when Sebastian appeared out of nowhere.

Elliott's indirect way of saying "Back off.🀺"

Sebastian decided to butt in.


I don't know what Sebastian was talking about, but Elliott surely wasn't having any of his random quips today.



Happy spooky Halloween!πŸŽƒ

All images are from own gameplays of the author unless indicated otherwise (feature images for mods #6 & #7). All rights reserved.

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