All Sims 4 Deaths in First Person + Camera and Cheats Guide

Funny Sims 4 Sleeping Pod Bug

What better way to add immersion than to experience playing Sims in first person!

Around a month ago and before the release of Sims 4: Get Famous new expansion pack, EA rolled a patch featuring a new option to switch the camera into first person mode by pressing Shift + Tab.

Positivity Challenge Box Sims 4
Guess what I got from this Positivity Challenge
Since a lot of players were focused on using this new feature to do Woo-Hoo and house tours, and back then as of the time I recorded my video (way back in November) there wasn't anyone else showcasing Sims 4 deaths in first person,  I decided to make one.

Positivity Challenge Sims 4 Millie Bobby Brown
Just do it!


I. All Sims 4 Deaths in First Person Mode

    1. Drowning
    2. Fire
    3. Starvation
    4. Overexertion
    5. Lightning / Natural Electrocution
    6. Sauna
    7. Anger / Cardiac Explosion
    8. Embarrassment
    9. Laughter / Hysterics
    10. Wishing Well
    11. Puffer Fish
    12. Extreme Cold Weather
    13. Sunlight / Vampire Burning
    14. Repair Fail / Machine Electrocution
    15. Extreme Hot Weather
    16. Poison Dart
    17. Rabid Rodent Fever
    18. Old Age
    19. Death Flower Scent
    20. Cow Plant
    21. Fire Flies
    22.Other Temple Dangers

II. Camera Guide

   A. First Person Camera Mode
   B. Third Person Camera Mode

III. Other Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

IV. General Sims 4 Cheats

I. All Sims 4 Deaths in First Person Mode

Unlike most Sims gaming veterans out there, I'm technically new in this game. I've only played Sims City back in gradeschool, then briefly played Sims 3 few years ago until I got the notorious eternal loading screen, so I stopped and played other games. I returned to the franchise and started playing Sims 4 late last year after getting tired from trading and all the battle royale gaming marathon I did.

Since then, this game has become my go to every time I wanna relax so bad, and just like with pets, I often get attached to my Sims too after awhile.

Sims 4 wash dog in first person
You smelly, smelly doge.
It isn't surprising anymore that this was actually my very first time to kill Sims on purpose (hopefully the last one too lol).

For those who have already seen that and/or simply want more info, then scroll down below :)

1. Drowning

The very first Sims death I've learned is drowning, based on a couple of videos I've seen on Youtube. However, it sometimes require more than just removing the pool ladders here in Sims 4 because sims can still manage to get up and leave the pool even without them, unlike in the earlier versions of the game. Put a barrier around the pool such as walls or make it fully "open" and inaccessible to other sims on a higher floor. Then wait for the sim to run out of Energy, and voila.

sims 4 drowning in first person

Tip/Cheat: Make the sim swim laps so it loses Energy faster.

sims 4 ghost of drowning

It isn't that obvious in this photo, but if you see my video above, the ghost of a drowned Sim is dripping wet as if it's sweating a lot.

2. Fire

The very first sims death I experienced myself while playing some Avengers characters, and one of them (Wanda/Scarlet Witch) decided to practice her magic spells while cooking. Since my Pepper Potts panicked and ran out of the apartment instead of extinguishing the fire to save Wanda, the latter died in a few minutes.

Sims 4 Scarlet Witch Dead
Poor Scarlet Witch :(
There are other ways to die from fire such as forgetting to replace the lint trap in the washing machine (if you have the Laundry Day Stuff pack), rocketcrash (although this is a bit tricky and haven't done yet), and simply lighting up firecrackers indoors (the fastest and easiest).

sims 4 grim reaper scared of fire
I just found out that Grim Reaper is scared of fire too.
Tip/Cheat: Make sure to remove any fire sprinkler and fire prevention system in your lot.

sims 4 ghost of fire

Please ignore the ghosts' colors because they change depending on their moods. However, the ghost of fire has a burning flame inside her chest.

3. Starvation

Tried this for the first time in my Detroit Become Human machinima by locking up Alice down in the basement. But since sims kids won't die from this (probably the same thing with teens), I got to see how she got taken away by social services instead.

sims 4 social services for kids

In my recent video however, I just locked up my Sim and waited 24 hours for her Hunger bar to go red, and after becoming ravenous, just waited another 48 hours for Grim Reaper to come.

sims 4 grim reaper

Tip/Cheat: Remove doors so your Sim won't escape while you're not looking.

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_motives_hunger_starving"

sims 4 ghost of starvation

The ghost of starvation looks normal -- well, probably a little leaner than others.

4. Overexertion

Aged up my sim through the Birthday cake and then made her do wall climbing non-stop. Other physical activities such as jogging, swimming, bowling and woo-hoo work too. Not sure if this is just with my sim, but she gets the "Dangerously Tired" moodlet faster in wall climbing so I made her do that instead.

sims 4 wall climbing in first person

Tip/Cheat: Since Sims can multitask in Sims 4, keep lining up those "Dangerously Tired"-inducing activities. If you do them one at a time (or if the game combines the same activities together without you noticing it), the sim will automatically stop the moment the Dangerously Tire moodlet appears, and the activities will become grayed out like a safe mechanism until both enough energy replenishes and the moodlet disappears.

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning"

sims 4 ghost of overexertion

The ghost of overexertion looks normal, though it seems like she's a little more perky and active than the rest considering that my clones all have the same personality (except the "evil" one whom I changed to kill one of my clones from anger, and who died from Death Flower Scent below).

5. Lightning / Natural Electrocution

I was trying to achieve this by letting my Sim with low handiness skill play God with the Weather Machine.

sims 4 weather machine
Let there be snow.
Just fry her up twice and we're done.

But no.

sims 4 gardening
Watering the plants even though it's gonna rain.
Probably because my Sim is witty (has enough brains to survive and climb up the secret agent ladder), she actually learned how to use the Weather Machine (even if I dragged her handiness skill to 1 using the MCCC mod -- I should have made it 0 perhaps).

sims 4 lightning

So I made her change the weather to Thunderstorm, and simply waited for the lightning to strike, instead of trying to electrocute her with the Weather Machine itself.

sims 4 grim reaper

Tip/Cheat: Don't forget to make your Sim get an umbrella from the umbrella rack. Not sure, but just based on my own gameplay, lightning seems to hit the sims carrying umbrellas first (love how this game matches science!).

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_Death_Electrocution_Warning"

sims 4 ghost of lightning

The ghost of lightning has this interesting spark in her chest :D

6. Sauna

This one is as easy as the firecracker death. I just locked up my Sim in a vault and let her use the sauna for 2 days straight.

sims 4 sauna first person

Tip/Cheat: Make sure to lock the door, or better, remove it, so the Sim won't sneak out and escape.

sims 4 ghost of sauna

The ghost of sauna is the 3rd one from the left. I'm not sure if it's just the design of her dress, but the more I stare at her in-game, the more she looks like her skin suffered from burns.

7. Anger / Cardiac Explosion

This death is very tricky. I changed one of my Sims' trait in CAS using some cheats below, added the Hot Tempered trait so she can have the Rile Up interaction to my victim other Sim.

sims 4 cardiac arrest first person

Tip/Cheat: If it seems like it's taking forever for this death type to happen, use the MCCC mod and repeatedly add the Angry negative mood to your Sim.

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_Enraged"

sims 4 ghost of anger

The ghost of anger who died from cardiac arrest looks normal, and I'm glad she's in a good mood now compared to when she first spawned in the lot lol.

8. Embarrassment

For this one, I made my Sim travel to Willow Creek and visit the Crick Cabana lot. I then made her walk towards this magical tree, and kept talking and watering it until its portal opened. Then I kept selecting "Follow the Light" for the next 24 hours.

sims 4 mortified death

Tip/Cheat: If you're feeling impatient, use MCCC mod and repeatedly add the Embarrassed negative mood so your Sim gets the Mortified moodlet quickly.

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_Mortified"

sims 4 ghost of embarrassment

Again, just ignore their color. I'm not sure why she's mad now, but the ghost of embarrassment also just looks normal.

9. Laughter / Hysterics

Among the 3 emotions based death, this one took me the longest to accomplish. It would probably be less difficult if my Sim has Goofball trait, and at the same time working as a  Comedian under the Entertainer career track. Anyway, finally made it happen when one of my dead Sims invited my other Sim to a karaoke night.

sims 4 karaoke night
Since my Sims just goofed around and never really sang, the Grim Reaper did the honors.

sims 4 grim reaper singing karaoke
"Our love is six feet under, I can't help but wonder..."

I didn't know the Grim Reaper likes singing too. I just know he likes cats.

Tip/Cheat: If all funny interactions fail, just use the MCCC mod and add the Funny positive mood repeatedly.

Or do the following: Ctrl + Shift + C, type "testingcheats true", then "sims.add_buff buff_Hysterical"

sims 4 ghost of laughter

The ghost of laughter is right there in the middle, still grinning and brimming with joy :D

10. Wishing Well

This one is a hit or miss depending on the wishing well's "mood". I guess once the well has that facepalm expression while being hooded, that's the time it gives eternal "youth" by transforming your Sim into a ghost.

sims 4 dark side wishing well
Wish you well tonight.
Tip/Cheat: Since a Sim can only wish once within 24 hours, have 5 or 6 more Sims make a wish because the more wishes are made, the likelihood for failure increases--

15% chance of failure after 1 wish
40% chance of failure after 2 wishes
70% chance of failure after 3 wishes
85% chance of failure after 4 wishes
95% chance of failure after 5 wishes
100% after more than 6 wishes

sims 4 ghost of the wishing well

The ghost of the wishing well looks normal, although in my gameplay in the video above, she's the one with the sunlight on top of her head because she got some special buff after finishing the Jungle Adventure's Temple Exploration. Since this ghost isn't reaped by the Grim Reaper, players will be able to control it, and actually a fun way to play as a ghost and do pranks on other Sims hehe.

11. Puffer Fish

Since I don't remember where the Japanese stall is located in San Myshuno, I just put one myself in Build mode and hired a vendor. Then I made my Sim order a puffer fish dish. Unless you're extremely unlucky, your Sim won't die right away on the first meal. But once it learns how to cook it, keep cooking and eating it until food poisoning happens.

sims 4 pufferfish first person
Shot to the heart, and you're to blame. You gave sushi a bad name.
Tip/Cheat: Once your Sim finally learns this skill, make sure your Sim's needs are mostly red or has negative moodlets, and also has very low Cooking skill to have bad quality pufferfish dish, and higher chances of it being lethal.

sims 4 pufferfish ghost

I just noticed the fish inside the ghost's chest recently and I find it cute and hilarious.

12. Extreme Cold Weather

This was the Sim I pity the most, because aside from the unintended walk of shame in the middle of making her skinny dip in the pool, I made my vampire sim feed on her (just to see if my victim sim's body temperature would drop faster -- I think it did!)

sims 4 frozen first person

Tip/Cheat: Use non cold weather clothes under the Cold weather tab in CAS so you won't have to keep making your Sim naked or switch to other clothes everytime your Sim switches automatically to cold weather clothes. Also make your Sim stay outside during snow. If it's not snowing yet, make it happen through the MCCC mod by clicking your lot's mailbox.

sims 4 ghost of freezing to death

The ghost of extreme cold weather is usually wrapped up in cold winter gear --assuming the Sim was able to quickly change into warmer clothing as a final attempt to stay alive. If not, then  it will act as if it's feeling cold by shivering and all.

13. Sunlight / Vampire Burning

Locked the vampire who fed on my other Sim earlier in somewhere roofless. Also made sure it was hot and sunny that day.

sims 4 burning vampire
Tip/Cheat: Make sure it's hot and sunny outside for your vampire sim. Nothing will happen if it's cloudy and rainy even during day time. If you're feeling impatient, just use the Weather Machine, or change the weather with MCCC mod by clicking your lot's mailbox.

sims 4 vampire ghost

The ghost from this is my favorite because of this mesmerizing sun inside her chest.

14. Repair Fail / Machine Electrocution

I think any electronics drenched in the rain will work, but I personally find using the ever reliable washing machine the quickest to achieve this type of fail.

sims 4 electrocution first person

Tip/Cheat: Low handiness skill + rainy weather outdoors = epic fail

Similar to the lightning ghost above, this ghost also has this zzzzzzzzztttt spark inside her chest.

15. Extreme Hot Weather

I made my Sim wear layers of cold weather clothes, then traveled around Oasis Springs during a hot sunny day.

sims 4 too hot for life first person

Tip/Cheat: If the current weather isn't the ideal one and you're feeling impatient, either use the Weather Machine and change it to sunny, or modify the weather with the help of the MCCC mod and by clicking on your lot's mailbox.

sims 4 ghost of scorching heat

The opposite of the ghost of extreme cold weather, this ghost usually acts as if it's constantly feeling hot and also changes into a different clothing that is more compatible with hot weather.

16. Poison Dart

This one is a hit or miss especially the Temple changes randomly in the Jungle Adventure game pack every vacation in Selvadorada. I made my Sim keep selecting the wrong choices and doing random unintelligent guesses and hoped for the worst.

sims 4 poison dart death

Tip/Cheat: Have a companion Sim who will extinguish the fire out from your victim Sim if the Temple relics decide to burn your Sim instead of spewing out poison darts. Also, it's better if your victim Sim has very low fitness and handiness for less chances of avoiding that poison dart once it happens.

sims 4 ghost of poison dart

The ghost of poison dart burps a lot and has this green poisonous gas swirling around.

17. Rabid Rodent Fever

Waited for the hamster cage to get really dirty, never cleaned it, before my Sim played with the secret hamster of NIMH.

sims 4 hamster rocket
It took me 3 hamsters to accomplish this because I kept forgetting to feed it in the first place, so they kept dying instead (and also bugging out my game for some reason).

Tip/Cheat: Yell at the hamster and max out the negative relationship with it before taking it out and playing it while its cage is dirty, to ensure instant rodent virus the moment your Sim gets bitten.

sims 4 rabid rodent fever ghost

The ghost of rabid rodent fever looks unique because unlike all other ghosts who still look like regular sims, this one looks like a giant rodent constantly foaming at the mouth.

18. Old Age

No tricks here this time. Arranged my old Sim's will and simply waited for Death day.

sims 4 funny sleeping pod bug
Tip/Cheat: To speed this up a bit, select short lifespan under Gameplay Options. Also double-check if Auto-age up is selected for your active household.

sims 4 ghost of old age

The ghost of old age looks like the typical normal ghost in the game.

19. Death Flower Scent

Since I don't have any Sim yet in the Gardening career path, or at least with high gardening skill, I just used MCCC mod to endow one of my Sims the green thumb so her flower bouquets are always excellent.

sims 4 flower bouquet

In order for our flower bouquets to have the death flower scent, we need a death flower. To do so, we need to harvest the following from the right location and season:

1. Cherry (circular park in Del Sol Valley | Summer) + Apple (Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek | Fall) = Pomegranate

2. Lily (Ancient Ruins in Windenburg | Summer) + Snapdragon (Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek | Fall & Spring) = Orchid

Harvest the Pomegranate and Orchid at the right season below, and graft them together to finally get the Death Flower.

Pomegranate (Winter) + Orchid (Winter & Spring) = Death Flower (Winter)

After getting the Death Flower, my Gardener Sim added it as a scent in one of her excellent bouquets, then gave it to my old Sim.

sims 4 gardener
Tip/Cheat: If you're like me and don't really like gardening that much, just do this-- Ctrl + C, then type "testingcheats on" and press enter. Then type "bb.showhiddenobjects" and press enter. Press Ctrl + C again to hide the console, then switch build mode and get that effing Death Flower. The Death Flower Scent technically ages up a Sim and not actually insta-kill i unless it's given to an old Sim.

sims 4 ghost of death flower scent

The ghost of death flower scent looks normal too like the ghost of old age above (the one on the left is the ghost of the wishing well who got a buff from the Jungle Adventure, as mentioned above).

20. Cow Plant

I find this the funniest type of death. There are a couple of ways to get this alien plant. One is to get it through fishing in the Forgotten Grotto and Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs. The other one is through exploring space if your Sim household has a rocket.

We can also get cow plant berries by harvesting and grafting the following:

1. Snapdragon (Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek | Fall & Spring) + Strawberry (Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek | Spring) = Dragonfruit

2. Snapdragon (Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek | Fall & Spring) + Dragonfruit (Fall) = Cow Plant (All Seasons)

It took around 3 days before my Cow Plant blossomed into this holy shmolly cow. Waited for it to get a bit hungry, then let my Gardener Sim attempt to get the slice of cake from its tongue.

sims 4 cowplant

The 2nd time my gardener sim did, she never made it back alive.

sims 4 cowplant death first person
Galing sa dodo ng cow.
Tip/Cheat: Again if you're lazy and can't be bothered to look around for Cow Plant Berries, just do this cheat-- Ctrl + C, then type "testingcheats on" and press enter. Then type "bb.showhiddenobjects" and press enter. Press Ctrl + C again to hide the console, then switch build mode and get that Cow Plant Berry.

sims 4 ghost of cowplant

The ghost of cowplant fodder looks normal as well. To be honest, I was low-key hoping for it to look like a giant cow or something, similar to the rodent fever ghost lol, but meh.

21. Fire Flies

I find this the most difficult type of death to achieve (unless you know how to spawn the fireflies through cheats maybe? Please teach me lol). It depends on the game's RNG whether your Sim will be attacked by fireflies or some other creatures in Selvadora instead such as lightning bug, plasma bats, spiders or bees. Also, your Sim won't automatically die when it gets attacked by fire flies even without any gear on hand.

sims 4 fire flies

My test grandma Sim for the All Deaths video survived the attack and was able to put out the fire by herself. However, when I launched my normal playthrough and showed the Selvadora adventure to my S.O., my own Sim didn't survive -- LIKE WHUT?!

sims 4 fire flies death

The game bugged out and Grim Reaper refused to reap my Sim's soul, as if he too was like:

sims 4 grim reaper bug
Ooops... Wrong playthrough.

Tip/Cheat:  I don't know about this one. Please teach me.

sims 4 ghost of fire flies

The ghost of fire flies kinda looks similar to the ghost of fire above (well, it's obvious why -- probably same logic with lightning and electrocution ghosts). But gee, this ghost seems to bond well with Grim Reaper.

Wait. This is my main Sim and not one of the clones.


22. Other Temple Dangers (bonus)

Your sim can also actually die from other traps in Selvadora temple, such as being electrocuted twice in some of its blocked portals, and burning from either the blocked portals or the punishment for trying to activate the wrong triggers (similar to poison dart).

sims 4 selvadora traps

I've read somewhere that lightning bugs in the Selvadora jungle can cause death too. But I think as long as you don't get attacked again right away and there's no thunderstorm, the chances of dying from lightning bugs are preeeeeeeetty slim.
sims 4 scorpion

There's also a risk for getting poisoned by a scorpion, but since my grandma Sim survived that as well (she's one tough old lady!), I can't verify yet if it's possible to die from that too.

sims 4 poisoning
Not today.
Tip/Cheat: Just walk straight away to the traps in the Temple and ignore any safety precautions and survival gears. But always bring a companion.

Sadly I don't have any photo of ghost for this one because I sent the clone sim here alone, without companion and I lost her urn when the Jungle Adventure auto-ended after her death. Hence, again always bring a companion.

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II. Camera Guide

A. First Person Camera Mode

Switch back and forth between first person and third person point of view:
Shift + Tab

Switch to another Sim while in first person POV:
Left and Right Arrows

Look at a view different from what your Sim is looking:
Move mouse around

Use the game's interface while in first person POV:
Hold Shift

Interact with the world:
Left mouse click

Automatically move between rooms and floors:
Right mouse click

Slowly zoom in and out while in first person POV:
Scroll mouse wheel forward and backward

B. Third Person Camera Mode

Change camera type to Sims 3:
Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Take in-game screenshots (adjust the resolution and quality in the Settings):

Start and end recording a video (adjust the resolution and quality in the Settings):

Hide the game's interface (dashboard and menu):

Move the camera forward, right, backward and left:

Move the camera up and down:
Q and E

Zooms the camera in and out:
Z and X or Scroll Mouse Wheel

Zooms the camera faster in and out:
+ and -

Tilt the camera smoothly:
Shift + A or Shift + B

Freely adjust the angle and tilt while using Sims 3 Camera:
Hold mouse wheel and move mouse around

Walls Up:

Walls Down:

Go up and down a floor:
Page Up and Page Down

Top Down view:

Camera follows Sim:
Right click on Sim icon

Preset camera angles for recording videos:
1. Setup your desired view and camera angle
2. Press Tab
3. Do minor adjustments to the camera angle (optional)
4. Hold Ctrl
4. and finally, press one of the following (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9)

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III. Other Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Pause the game:

Change the speed of the game (normal, fast, faster):
1, 2 and 3

Toggle grid:

Hand tool:



Diagonal floor tile:
Ctrl + F

Rotate floor tiles:
Hold , or .

Fill entire room or floor with same design:
Hold Shift then Left Click

Scale objects (smaller or larger):
Shift + [ or Shift + ]

Freely place object anywhere:
Turn on move object cheat (see below) then Hold Alt

Freely rotate object:
Turn on move object cheat (see below) then Hold Alt + Hold Left Click then move mouse around

Move object up and down:
Turn on move object cheat (see below) then press 9 or 0

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IV. General Sims 4 Cheats

Ctrl + Shift + C to open or close cheat console then type "testingcheats true", then type any of the codes below

Turn on move object cheat:

Make special rewards and items available (i.e. deathflower, cowplant berries):

Unlock grayed-out items related to career progress:

Free houses:
freeRealEstate on

Build on any lots anytime:

Add 1,000 simoleons to household funds:

Add 50,000 simoleons to household funds:

Add a specified amount of simoleons to household funds:
sims.modify_funds <+amount>
ex. sims.modify_funds +100000

Remove a specified amount of simoleons from household funds:
sims.modify_funds <-amount>
ex. sims.modify_funds -100000

Set exact amount of simoleons in household:
money <amount>
ex. money 999999

Hide plumbob above Sim:
headlineeffects off

Hide or Show Object Highlight when hovering mouse on it:
hovereffects on or hovereffects off

Reset Stuck Sim:
resetsim <first name> <last name>

Disable death:

Change Sim traits already set:

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