5 Main Things You Should Know About Illegal Parking and Traffic Violations in Metro Manila

5 Main Things You Should Know About Parking and Traffic Violations in Manila

Remember this viral video about the altercation between Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) enforcers and a pregnant female driver last year?

Original video uploaded by @YTGadgetAddict here.

I. New MMDA Rules
    A. Yellow Lane Violation
    B. Road Obstruction
    C. Illegal Parking (including the 5-minute and 3-hour rules)
II. Towing Rules and Standard Towing Costs
III. How to Report a Road Incident to MMDA
IV. How to File a Complaint Against an MMDA Enforcer
V. How to Check If You Have a Traffic Violation

This shouldn't have happened if only the female driver didn't attempt to escape and hit the MMDA enforcer's motorcycle (not shown in the video). She should have just honestly stayed and paid the mere Php 200 fine that time. She could have saved her reputation, and not have to insult the MMDA enforcers as well.

This shouldn't have escalated as well if only:

1. The MMDA clearly explained to her afterwards that they're issuing her a ticket for illegal parking per se, and the 5-minute rule is only for determining whether her vehicle is unattended or not. She mistakenly thought that she shouldn't be issued a ticket at all if she arrives within 5 minutes. The MMDA enforcers probably assumed that she knows the rule already, and is just trolling and trying to get away, but still...

2. She should have just shown her driver's license. (Maybe she doesn't really have one, so...). On top of that, her van's plate number ends on a number that isn't allowed to drive that day (number coding).

Demmit, she incurred a bunch of violations already!

no sis, no

She could have been hormonal that time especially she's preggo, but still doesn't erase the fact that she almost run over an MMDA enforcer.

Anyway, as a consequence of that event, plus the usual complaints regarding car owners parking in front of their homes outside and somehow partly blocking free passageway on public roads (since most hardworking ManileƱos don't have enough space for proper garage-- but if this bill is passed, no choice), MMDA decided to change the rules a bit to further discourage that while at the same time reduce the risk of immediate towing.

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I. New MMDA Rules

Starting last Monday, 07 January 2019, MMDA increased the the following fines, based on MMDA Regulation No. 18-008 (MMDA's site isn't updated yet but the PDF version of this should be available here soon):

New MMDA Rules and Fines

A. Yellow Lane Violation:

Drivers of vehicles, particularly public utility buses that leave their designated yellow lanes will now be fined Php 1,000 (previously Php 500).

B. Road Obstruction:

Drivers of public or private vehicles that block free passage of other vehicles in public roads will be fined Php 1,000 (previously Php 150).

C. Illegal Parking:

  • Unattended Vehicle - owner will now pay Php 2,000 (previously Php 500)
  • Attended Vehicle - owner will now pay Php 1,000 (previously Php 200)

There is the so called unofficial "5-minute rule" regarding unattended vehicles. The moment an MMDA enforcer arrives and sees the violation, the owner of an unattended illegally parked vehicle will still be fined. Once the MMDA tow truck arrives after incurring the same unattended illegal parking violation twice already within the day, that's when the 5-minute rule begins.

No Parking Hello Kitty
This isn't my car, ok? I just like Hello Kitty.
To alert and give chance if ever the driver or owner is nearby, the tow truck will honk 3-5 times every minute. Once the 5-minute grace period is over, MMDA will start towing.

Unlike before when MMDA can immediately tow the vehicle after the 5-minute grace period, there is now a "3-hour rule". An MMDA enforcer should issue a 2nd ticket if the 1st violation still continues after 3 hours. The third time around, that's when the MMDA can start towing.

MMDA can issue a Traffic Violation Receipt (TVR) on the same violation only twice max within the day, with a 3-hour interval.

For unattended illegally parked vehicles for example, if the owner arrives before MMDA hooks the vehicle to the towing truck, it will be considered attended but the owner still needs to pay a total of Php 3,000 illegal parking fine (Php 2,000 for the first violation of unattended illegal parking, additional Php 1,000 the 2nd time around after 3 hours but this time it's considered attended).

If the owner only shows up after MMDA hooks the vehicle to the towing truck or MMDA already towed the vehicle to the impounding area, the owner needs to pay Php 4,000 illegal parking fine, and additional towing costs (see below). MMDA can also issue another TVR to note the number of days the vehicle hasn't been picked up if the owner doesn't show up in the impounding area immediately.

* For another guide regarding other traffic violation fines, you may refer to this document.

For Number Coding Scheme, avoid using your vehicle on main roads during peak hours (7 am - 9 am and 4 pm - 7 pm) on the designated day below if your plate number ends in the following:

Monday - 1, 2
Tuesday - 3, 4
Wednesday - 5, 6
Thursday - 7, 8
Friday - 9, 0
    Metro Manila Number Coding Scheme
    Source: MMDA

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    II. Towing Rules and Standard Towing Costs

    MMDA enforcers aren't allowed to tow any attended vehicles. Civilians can file a complaint against them if they insist through the contact details in the next section.

    If your vehicle gets stalled due to flat tire, empty fuel or engine failure, move it to the nearest emergency lane or gasoline station immediately on your own, or else MMDA can still issue a traffic violation receipt (TVR) and you'll still be fined Php 1,000 illegal parking on top of MMDA's towing cost.

    I'm not sure if the following towing costs still apply in 2019 or if they raised it already by now (kindly let me know down the comments below if ever, so I can update).

    For the first 4 kilometers:

    • For vehicles weighing < 4,500 kg - owner shall be charged Php 1,500
    • For vehicles weighing 4,501 kg to 7,500 kg - owner shall be charged Php 2,500
    • For vehicles weighing > 7,501 kg - owner shall be charged Php 4,500

    For the succeeding kilometers:

    Owner of vehicle shall be charged Php 200 per additional kilometer afterwards.

    The towing agency shall be responsible for any damages or losses in the vehicle during towing.

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    III. How to Report a Road Incident to MMDA

    You may tag @MMDA on Twitter and report the incident with the hashtag #netizenswatch.

    MMDA Netizenswatch Twitter
    Source: MMDA

    If you want to report privately, you can also send them a message in their Facebook Page @MMDAPH.

    If you don't use Facebook, you may also send them a message through Viber instead at 09061476975 and 09399227161.

    MMDA Netizenswatch Viber
    Source: MMDA

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    IV. How to File a Complaint Against an MMDA Enforcer

    Get the name of the MMDA Traffic Enforcer, and do one of the following options:

    • Call the MMDA Hotline 136 or dial 09399227161, and report there
    • Submit a formal letter of complaint within 5 days to the Traffic Adjudication Division in MMDA's main office at the following address: MMDA Building, EDSA corner Orense St., Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. 
    • Send an e-mail at You may also send at (although I'm not sure how long they respond there)
    • You may also use the Pure Force Citizens app (Android | iOS), but please don't abuse this amazing app 
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    V. How to Check if You Have a Traffic Violation

    Since MMDA has implemented the No-Contact Apprehension Policy, they can now also monitor violations through CCTV. Not sure if MMDA still sends an official notice to violators, but for your peace of mind, you can proactively check your plate number through this site.

    May Huli Ba

    You may contest the violation (if any) through MMDA's Traffic Adjudication Division. If they insist on the violation still, you may file a motion for reconsideration within 15 days after the Traffic Adjudication Division's initial rejection.

    If the Traffic Adjudication Division continues to reject the motion for reconsideration, you may file an appeal through MMDA's Office of the Chairman.

    If MMDA's Chairman rejects that as well and considers the violation valid, it is already considered final and you have no choice but to simply pay the fine. You won't be able to renew your driver's license through the LTO anymore until the fine is paid.

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    1. Illegal parking has been a problem in the Philippines since low down payments in buying a car was already trending. Anyways, here are places where you are considered to be illegally parked:


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