Tita Witty Planner: Answers to 2018 Funny Quizzes, Review and Preview of 2019

Tita Witty Planner Review

The most #relatable planner I ever got.

For those who wanted to try doing bullet journal, but either don't feel artsy enough or simply don't have the time to do so, or those who find the free planners from Starbucks and CBTL cute and purposeful, but either still lacking oomph or too preachy serious, Tita Witty planner might be for you! 😺

     I. Answers to the Funny Quizzes in Tita Witty Planner 2018
     II. Tita Witty Planner 2019 Review
     III. Where to Buy the Tita Witty Planner

I. Answers to the Funny Quizzes in Tita Witty Planner 2018

Those who got the 2018 planner most likely didn't take these seriously. But this nerdy cat here did (except for the essay part). I struggled in the Matching Type part though because either I was too young then to even understand them, or I haven't read/seen them yet.

Tita Witty Planner 2018 Answers to Matching Type

When I tried answering it by myself without cheating, I only got a dismal 5 out of 25 right. With a bit of Google's help, I finally got all the right answers, yey! For those who struggled in this part as well, no need to Google them one by one anymore with this cheat guide.

Why am I doing this? I don't know.

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1. Jessica Wakefield - M. Lila Fowler

These are characters from Sweet Valley High, a series of young adult novels I haven't read yet but often hear about from my older female cousins and schoolmates. Apparently these two are BFF's and arch-rivals, with Lila Fowler being portrayed as the mean girl in the series (probably equivalent to Veronica in Archie Comics, but I'm not too sure).

2. Todd Wilkins - I. Elizabeth Wakefield

Another Sweet Valley High thing, and these two are a couple.

3. Julio - L. Julia

One of my favorite cartoons in the morning back then called Julio at Julia: Ang Kambal na Tadhana (Twins of Destiny) with a very catchy song that I can accurately sing from memory up to this day.  

4. Shaider - B. Annie

Shaider is one of those funny masked Japanese superheroes that I occasionally watch back then, and Annie is his most popular side-kick, which mainly got famous for revealing her panties way too much during fight scenes.

5. Jamie - J. Eric

Jamie of the Jamie Foxx show's name in real life is Eric Marlon Bishop. There's also a chick flick called Grind featuring characters named Jamie and Eric. I don't watch both but this pair is the last one left after I matched the rest so...

6. Kambal - U. Tadhana

See number 3 above.

7. Sarah - S. Patatas

Sarah,the main character in the Japanese adaptation of The Little Princess (Princess Sarah) suffered from child labor from a mistress named Miss Minchin, and one of the frequent tasks the former is forced to do is peel potatoes. This cartoon animation was popular among 90's kids. By 2014, Sarah and her potatoes became a viral meme.

princess sarah patatas meme

I feel like I've been used to dank and weird memes or maybe I'm just old, I never find these Sarah patatas memes funny at all. Just "meh". But I'm glad Sarah resurrected and still brings joy to people :)

8. Mama Sarah Mama Sarah - O. Lottie

See that little girl with blonde hair on the right above? That's Lottie, and she often calls Sarah "Mama Sarah" because she always runs to her for comfort everytime Lavinia and her biatches bully her. Poor little Lottie.

9. Mark, Eric, Jomari - V. The Gwapings

These guys are the main cast of a popular 90's movie in the Philippines called The Gwapings. Whether I've seen this movie or not, my memory escapes me.

10. Betty - W. Veronica

The 2 main ladies in The Archie Comics. I can't remember if they started as BFF's which turned arch-rivals when Archie came in the picture, or they're enemies ever since who both try to win Archie's love. Anyway, I only got to read some of it back when Bazooka bubble gum includes its comic strips in its wrapper. Fun old days.

11. Frank and Joe - K. Hardy Boys

These two are the main characters of  Hardy Boys, a popular series of detective stories. I haven't read a single pocket book from that series, but I'm a huge fan of its girly alternative: The Nancy Drew.

12. Buffy - A. Angel

The main characters in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Buffy is a slayer, while Angel is a vampire, and they used to be enemies. But after some twist and turns in the story which I don't remember anymore, they ended up liking each other (I ship them a lot!) but Cordelia comes in the picture. Ugh.

13. Prue, Piper, Phoebe - E. Charmed Life

The witch sisters in the TV show called Charmed Life. But there are actually 4 sisters. Where is Paige?!
paige charmed life

14. Rory - N. Lorelai

The mother and daughter I love in Gilmore Girls, a popular TV show in the early 2000s.

15. Jughead - D. Big Ethel

Jughead is another main character in the Archie comics with a crown-looking headgear, and Big Ethel is his partner. Fun fact: I just found out that Riverdale (a popular Netflix show which I don't really watch because meh, but I like their fashion sense there) is based on Archie comics, and it kinda feels weird for me to see the Betty there dating the Jughead there because I ship Archie-Betty a lot.

16. Esmyuskee - Y. Yoursmyus

A cute and slightly corny variation of knock, knock joke being used and also sang in Ang TV, a popular kiddie show in the 90s aired every 4:30 in the afternoon.

17. Bubuli - Q. Mokong

The 2 silly brothers in an old Pinoy sitcom, Ober Da Bakod.

18. Dagul Sungcal - G. Debbie Sungcal

The funny couple in Pugad Baboy, a Pinoy comic series which I read together with Kiko Machine, and the only reason I check out The Philippine Daily Inquirer. The moment it's gone, I switched to Philippine Star, until I stopped reading local papers for good.

19. Kevin Kosme - C. Ason

Who would ever forget the love-hate relationship of these 2 oldies in Home Along Da Riles?

20. Joey - F. Dawson

The main couple in Dawson's Creek.

21. Chandler - R. Monica

One of the couples in Friends. I've only seen 1 episode of that funny American rom-com series. I was more acquainted with its recent version, How I Met Your Mother. I've binge-watched all the latter's seasons as a way to de-stress back when I was still doing accounting work.

22. Rovic - H. Eds

The main couple in Tabing Ilog, the Pinoy version of Dawson's Creek.

23. Diane Villaruel - T. Ricky Salveron

An interesting couple in Gimik, played by Judy Ann Santos and the late Rico Yan. Just like with number 23 above, I've only seen a few Gimik episodes, and more familiar with its recent version, G-Mik, instead. But I ship Juday-Rico a lot back then. Don't judge.

24. Peachy - X. Wacks

Another interesting couple in another teen series, TGIS. Unlike Gimik, I haven't watched TGIS, but I've seen other shows where Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon played as a couple (or at least they're being partnered together) and OMG I ship them so much, their chemistry just oozed out from my television screen that I felt devastated when I later found out that they didn't end up together in real life.

Please don't judge and cringe too much lol.

25. Yuan - P. Missy

This is the real deal guys. The real cringey couple featured in G-Mik. Unlike with the previous love teams I've mentioned above, this couple made me stop watching G-Mik. Actually the moment Heart Evangelista joined that show, I started watching it less and less.

Other Fun Stuff in Tita Witty Planner 2018:

Tita Witty Planner 2018 True or False
Don't believe these lies.

Tita Witty Planner 2018 Connect the Dots and Membership Cards
I think this is the hardest connect-the-dots I've answered in my whole life.

Tita Witty Planner 2018 Essay
I wonder if there's anyone who actually emailed Tita Witty for this, and what the price was (if there really was indeed lol).

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II. Tita Witty Planner 2019 Review

I planned on actually trying out bullet journal after seeing a bunch of creative videos about it, but I still did continue collecting Starbucks stickers as backup lol, especially for 2019, you can complete their stickers by simply ordering good old café latté and caramel macchiato, and won't be forced anymore to buy their holiday flavors.

But imagine my joy when I received another Tita Witty planner as gift!

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Monthly Inside Look
Thank you! No this isn't a sponsored post, I actually got this as gift and my S.O. doesn't work at TitaWittyWillSaveTheWorld Co. either lol. We're just genuine fans :P

Unlike the Starbucks and CBTL planners where the days are setup vertically (so you have to write your daily stuff horizontally) and skimp the space to only one page per week (with the other page for other stuff I don't really care about), I love how Tita Witty continues to use the whole spread and line up the days horizontally so I can easily jot down my daily focus and To-Dos.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Weekly Inside Look

As usual, the Tita Witty planner features interesting quip per week, this time, at the bottom of the page, perfect to brighten haggard days.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Funny Quips
Since its theme for this year is Stress, most pages feature funny relatable comics and lines about work, shopping, and budgeting.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Credit Card Management

I'm not sure if I'm the only remaining tita now who doesn't have a credit card. I never got one because I know how weak I am with shopping temptations. For anyone currently drowning from credit card debt, you might find comfort here aside from reading Tita Witty's comics above.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Stages of Shopping
I learned this the hard way.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Money Issues
Which number can you relate to the most? Mine's #9.

Tita Witty Planner 2019
On the contrary, I actually wish I don't have to sleep because I feel like it's a waste of time.

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Describe Your Job
Please don't remind me of Netflix. I wanna see Bird Box so bad, but I'm still busy 😿

Tita Witty Planner 2019 Credit Card Oath

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III. Where to Buy the Tita Witty Planner

It might be a little late now because it's already 2019, but just in case any of you still don't have a planner yet and interested to get one (AND interested to get Tita Witty's 2019 planner), you can buy here.

You can also buy it from Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Linya Linya and Quirks but subject to availability.

The Arrow that Pierced Through Him
Image from
Remember this book briefly featured in the movie That Thing Called Tadhana? I just found out that they sell it too there in their site :D

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  1. Super tiyaga mo hahaha! A for effort. Di ko naisip na may gagawa ng answer key dun sa planner. Love it! May 2021 Planner ka na ba?


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