Eat Together at SM Megamall // Fowls Play + Nord's Bread Hub

Eat Together Food Hall

Last Saturday, we checked out this newly opened food hall in SM Megamall called Eat Together. It's brought to us by the Vikings Group and is located at the 2nd floor in Building A (just above National Bookstore).

Eat Together SM Megamall

Based on these grand opening flower stands and upon inquiring on the people there, Eat Together actually opened last Friday, 15 February 2019-- perfect for the long Valentines weekend!

Eat Together Food Hall Opening

Upon entering this food hall, the lighting and general ambiance brought back fun memories as they reminded me of that hidden gem in Century Mall, Makati called Hole in the Wall.

Eat Together Valentines Weekend

Although a little smaller than Hole in the Wall, the prices of food here in Eat Together are more affordable. Unlike in Hole in the Wall where there are small tables for 2, most tables here are arranged to be good for 4 or more people (obviously to encourage more people to eat together lol).

Eat Together Charging Nook

However, there's this relatively quiet spot here in Eat Together with dividers -- similar to the ones you see in Internet Cafés back in the early 2000's. Since each division has a dedicated outlet, you can charge your phone here or even use your tablet or laptop while you eat.

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I'm just not sure whether it's free or you have to pay per hour of use. If it's free, then this spot is a good hangout alternative to coffee shops (but let's all keep that hush-hush 😉). S.O. had a different idea though and said that you go there if you're eating solo and don't like to uhh... eat together with random strangers. Well, that makes sense too.

Eat Together Cashless Payment

You also don't need to bring cash here every time. You just load a Vikings Pay Card (similar to the beep card) through the reception at the entrance.

Eat Together Reception

Eat Together Rewards
If you top up at least Php 500, you get additional 30%.
I think their Pay Card and Vikings Reward Card are just the same. If yes, then that's how you get one for FREE 😸 (back then you had to pay Php 300 for it).

Eat Together Vikings Pay Credits Card

After getting the card, there are around a dozen concession stands here in Eat Together that you can choose from. Depending on where and what you order, it might take awhile before you get your food.

Eat Together - Lechoneros

Eat Together - Lechoneros Pig Figurine

Eat Together - Tong Yang Express

But you don't have to stand and wait. You can comfortably wait at your chosen seat, and then simply monitor your order # indicated in your receipt at the LCD screens mounted all throughout the food hall.

Eat Together - Panda Shabu Shabu

I'd love to go shabu shabu again and enjoy cooking on my own. But since we're actually in a hurry that time to catch the next shuttle bus to Okada, we chose something ready-made instead.

Fowl Play

Eat Together - Fowl Play

After roaming around a bit, we decided to go for something we haven't tried before: Fowl Play. For only Php 148, you get to enjoy 1 huge cup of fried rice + fried chicken + your chosen side dish. You can choose your "free" side dish under the Add Ons section.

Eat Together - Fowl Play Menu

Their rice serving is the traditional 1 cup (more like 1 mug), and not the tipid 1 cup most of us Pinoys got used to in fast food places. Their chicken is alright, while their side-dish is served in this regular-sized bowl instead of those usual little plastic cups. It also comes with coleslaw, gravy (not sure though if you can ask for more ala KFC), and vinegrette.

Overall, super sulit!

Eat Together - Fowl Play Rice Meal

Eat Together - Fowl Play Rice Meal

Eat Together - Fowl Play Rice Meal

Being small-framed and having smaller appetite than most people (except for white rice. I eat up to 2-3 cups!), this serving made me super busog!😺

Eat Together - Fowl Play Side Dishes

My SO ordered the one with 2 side-dishes, so we got to try their buffalo fries. They're thinly sliced, so the flavor was much more concentrated, but not too salty at least for my standards :P

Eat Together - Fowl Play Service

Though it took some time for our meals to arrive (similar wait time to a restaurant than food court), the service was still commendable. The lady there whom we entrusted our orders with (even if we haven't gotten a card yet), was really nice. She not only taught us where to get the Vikings Pay card, she even proactively served our food to our table once our number was up on the screen so we didn't have to pick them up ourselves anymore.

I wish there's a way to tip them.

Dear Eat Together by Vikings Management, please add that option.

Nord's Bread Hub

Nord's Bread Hub

While S.O. was at the queue to get a card, I sneaked in to this café called Nord's Bread Hub. By the sound of that name, this is obviously owned by the Vikings Group as well. They're the only one here in Eat Together Food Hall that offers an option to pay in cash, credit card or Vikings Pay card.

Nord's Bread Hub Menu

Aside from coffee and sodas, they also serve healthy beverages here, but I'm not really a juice person. I went here for only one mission:

Nord's Bread Hub Cakes
So many options and S.O. thought I'd get the Ube (yam) Leche Flan cake haha, but I decided to have a slice of their Mango Sensation instead.

Nord's Bread Hub Mango Sensation Cake

I know ordering mango cake in general is risky because based on personal experience, the mangoes usually turn out sour 😿.

Orphan Black - Helena Mangoes Meme

But I thought: if they're alright, then I would write an honest review about them; if not, they would simply be forgotten and dumped to my O:\ oblivion drive because I don't really like bashing something that other people could have honestly gave their best shot at but simply didn't turn out alright for reasons beyond their immediate control.

Obviously they did a good job on this slice of cake (at least during the time I went there-- mangoes are seasonal anyway). 😸

Orphan Black - Helena Mangoes Meme

The ripe mangoes in the cake tasted sweet (NOT sour-- hooray!), and the cake overall was great. For  Php 155 and at this size, worth it!👌 -- So unlike the pretentiously expensive ones served in hotels, casinos and other cafés frequented by older patrons and foreigners, which are sometimes even around half this size only because "gourmet".


Nord's Bread Hub Mango Sensation Cake

This cake wasn't too sweet and diabetes-inducing, and it wasn't too milky either (skip to the next paragraph if you don't wanna lose your appetite, highlight and read at your own risk:  I'm watching out for this because sometimes either I get LBM after a couple forkfuls of cake or get a giant pimple on my jawline from too much milk-- or both! Thankfully I didn't experience either of them with their cake.).

Though there's too much icing for my SO's taste particularly at the top, I didn't really mind it since I like icing lol and just consider that as part of its design. Since I could trust them with that tricky mango cake, I bet their other cakes are at least alright so I'll definitely come back and try them out one of these days -- definitely the Ube Leche Flan cake next time!

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