Free Copy of Morrowind on PC This Week Only!

TES III: Morrowind free on PC this week

Those who have only played the most recent Elder Scrolls (Skyrim, Oblivion, ESO, Legends), rejoice!

As part of Bethesda's 25th anniversary, they're giving away a free copy of Morrowind on PC this week!

Just login your Bethesda profile. Then go here and type this code:


Initially, Bethesda only made it available for 1 day only (last Monday, March 25... Ok).

Morrowind Invalid Code Meme

But since a lot of people complained that the code didn't work, they've extended it to a whole week. So grab the opportunity while it lasts!

The code is working now (or at least during the time I redeemed it earlier today):

TES III: Morrowind free on PC Bethesda 25th anniversary special

If you're interested in their other anniversary special freebies, check out this link for more.

P.S. I'll update my outdated gaming calendar soon, I'm sorry. Hahah!


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I remember years ago while I was still in the company where I last worked before trading full-time, I was gushing about how I look forward to finally being able to play Skyrim soon once I get more free time away from annoying accounting job lol. Then a dude who worked in a previous company I've been to and who also eventually became my friend, had been facepalming and telling me to go play Morrowind instead because it's more hardcore.

When I did some research, I found out that unlike Skyrim, Morrowind doesn't have fast travel, good luck reading the sign posts, the NPCs give cryptic directions, good luck completing your quests.


Special thanks to my wonderful, always-updated, Reddit junkie S.O. for telling me about this. Actually they've been posting about this in the Skyrim facebook group but since I rarely FB with my fake profile there, I'm quite late in the news. But at least I still made it! This khajit is happy! ๐Ÿ˜บ

I'm done installing Morrowind, and now I'm in the process of loading some beautification mods lol.

Since I haven't touched both Skyrim and M&B for a year or 2 now, I didn't know that Nexus mods have a new mod manager already called Vortex until today. 

Nexus Mods Vortex
It looks really nice and modern in 2019 standards.

Again I'm still installing them now and have yet to try them either tonight or tomorrow, but here are the Morrowind mods I've downloaded so far:

Morrowind Optimization Patch - to improve performance and fix mesh errors

Andromeda's Fast Travel - because who got time to walk? Makes this game a less pain in the *ss. Requires Real Signpost mod though.

Real Signposts - makes Morrowind's unreadable signposts finally readable 

Morrowind Buy a House - gives the option to buy a house in every city. Perfect for hoarders (me!) lol. Some warnings though:

Morrowind Buy a House Review

Better Dialogue Font - a high resolution version of Morrowind's Magic Cards font

Better Bodies - pretty self-explanatory. Also here are some reviews:

Morrowind Better Bodies mod review

Morrowind Comes Alive - adds 1,200 types of NPC's across the game for funsies. Probably it's better to play without this the first time around to see how things are originally, but meh. Hopefully this doesn't break any quests though. People are reporting a bunch of issues about this mod lately. Let's see if I encounter one as well *fingerscrossed*

The Face Pack Compilation - more types of faces and hair styles to choose from for the player's character. Also replaces what the NPCs look like. I only downloaded the compilation version but just in case I encounter an issue:

Morrowind's The Face Pack Compilation mod troubleshoot

Landscape Retexture - improves the textures of lands in-game. You can choose between 1k or 2k res. Some players report some issues but let's see if I'll encounter it since this Morrowind copy is directly from Bethesda and not from Steam:

Morrowind's Landscape Retexture Mod Review

Morrowind's Landscape Retexture Mod Review

Morrowind's Landscape Retexture Mod Troubleshoot

Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind - replaces Morrowind's dated UI with Skyrim's simpler and more modern look. I'm not sure if this will clash with the Better Dialogue mod above, we'll see.

More Better Clothes Vol. 1 (Vanilla) - pretty self-explanatory. Also recent review:

Morrowind's More Better Clothes Mod Review

Morrowind's Epic Ladies - this mod is definitely gonna clash with the Face Pack Compilation above. I'll just see which one's better for my taste then only use one of them.

HD Vanilla Textures - retextures all other items in the games such as armors, weapons, clothing, skies, and character skins (for set 1); and architecture, landscape and clutter (for set 2). I might actually try this first before the landscape texture above.

Races Redone - almost similar to Face Pack Compilation except that it doesn't seem to include hair I think (?). But might use this if I decide to choose Morrowind's Epic Ladies instead of the Face Pack Compilation.

Lovely Loading Screens - more art, much wow.

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