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Sansar city fashion // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

A month or 2 ago, I saw this video by Yorkie and my reaction was like "OMG! Is that Sims 5?!"

I heard Sims 4 was supposed to be an online game but that plan didn't pan out -- which is alright because the build and money cheats won't be available anymore in an MMO-like Sims (hello Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile).

Anyway, upon watching that video, I learned that the virtual world being featured was a new project  by Linden Lab and not EA, and it's called Sansar.

Sansar fashion // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh
Hair by FernandoP | Orange floral top by al am in |  Yellow draped skirt by Chic Aeon | Black tights by Sansar

It's rumored to be the spiritual successor of the notorious Second Life, a game which had a reputation in its early days-- at least in my school.

Since I wasn't even 18 the first (and last) time I checked it out, when one of my professors very eagerly asked our class if anyone tried it yet, I looked away and pretended to read a book instead.

Sansar lighthouse // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

But the devs clarified that Sansar is a whole new different project and not Second Life 2.0-- something more family and advertiser-friendly.

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Upon Googling about it some more, I ended up in Ryan Schultz blog (where I found out that Sansar is already available on Steam and also learned about some cool events that already took place back in its alpha/beta days like the launch of a virtual world version of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One), and Inara Prey's blog (where I've read some minutes of Sansar's product meetings).

So I excitedly installed Sansar, and oh boy...

Sansar dance fun // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Sansar dance fun // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Sansar dance fun // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Sansar dance fun // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

If you're a fashion player, Sansar is gold!๐Ÿ‘Œ

Sansar fashion photography // virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Fun fact: I have a similar skirt in real life as my character here (sort of)! The only difference is, the drapery thingie on mine is symmetrical.

Real life yellow skirt fashion
Oh yeah!๐Ÿ˜น

Back in virtual worlds. I rarely complain about clothes and armor in games, but I often find myself wanting more maps or worlds to roleplay in (or at least have more interesting backgrounds).

Sansar fashion photography \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Here in Sansar, there are over a thousand worlds (and counting) I can explore and do photoshoot in. The first time I looked at the Atlas which is the directory of Sansar's worlds, or what they call as experiences, I felt overwhelmed and didn't even know where to start lol!

Sansar Time \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh
Pullover blouse by Elke | Fitted plain skirt by Cheryl McGowan
After exploring the Social Hub, the next portal led me into the Sleeping Giant by Ravioli. Sadly, both my game and recording suddenly crashed while I was tinkering with my laptop's built-in microphone (the peeps there also told me that I sound weird, like a cracking static sound or something), so I wasn't able to capture any photos or video while I was there (hopefully next time!).

Sansar Church Gate \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

I then tried entering the portal leading to the Italian Job by Alfy but for some reason I couldn't. So I went to the third portal and finally got sucked in this trippy experience called Time by Dar (third time's a charm, as they say).

Sansar Fashion \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Here I just discovered that if I turn on the microphone, my avatar's mouth moves as I speak even if I'm on PC-- awesome! Probably not a surprise anymore to those who regularly play VR games. Since this is honestly the first time I experienced some sort of facial tracking on PC without me having to turn on the built-in webcam, this feature blew my mind lol!

Sansar 2077 Cyberpunk \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

After that, I visited yet another mind-blowing experience: 2077 by C3rb3rus. It's a cyberpunk world inspired by the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 (and probably even Observer because I see that eye over there).

Sansar  2077 Graffiti \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh
Gray hoodie by Chic Aeon | Black leggings by Sansar
Since this world is larger than usual, it took some time (almost 20 minutes) for it to fully download and load in my game. Probably depending on your internet connection and how close you are to their server, you might be able to load it faster than me.

Sansar Chinese New Year \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

The wait was worth it though ๐Ÿ‘ Just look at that detailed shiny dragon! ๐Ÿฒ

Sansar Chinese New Year \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

I love the small details in this world, including these Chinese rice box and fortune cookie. Since it's almost the eve of Chinese New Year when I went here, this "banana" (Yellow Asian on the outside, white on the inside) made her avatar dance here for awhile. 

I took a short break, grabbed some drink, and learned from my S.O. that Happy New Year in Chinese isn't "kung hei fat choi" but "xin nian kuai le" instead.

Sansar 2077 bar \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Afterwards, I let my avatar have her own drink as well from this badass NPC-- I love that glow in the dark detail in her arm!

I also dropped by DisneyHuntress' 404 Club Not Found. Any glow in the dark effect on clothes is perfect for clubbing!

Sansar dance clubbing  \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

I haven't figured out how to do that effect yet as of the time of this post. Hopefully I don't need to write any script just to achieve that. Probably need to play around albedo effect though similar to Minecraft, but on Blender.

But I don't even know how to use Blender yet, so goodluck to me ๐Ÿ˜‚

Sansar 404 club \\ virtual annika - bigeyedkitteh

Let's just chill and have fun for now ^_^

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