Jose Mari Chan Memes... PASOK!

Top Jose Mari Chan Memes

There's no escape from him. Updated on 9/2/2020: Added my recent reaction video about Jose Mari Chan memes in 2020.

Jose Mari Chan Memes in 2020

Back in Chinese ghost month August, some Pinoys have this weird feeling that someone is waiting for them in the corner.

Tita Witty August Jose Mari Chan

 And as soon the clock strikes 12 by September 1 midnight, the official "Ber" months season begins.

Unlike most other countries where they prep for Halloween and Thanksgiving first, here in the Philippines, we start prepping for Christmas more as soon as we enter "Ber" months. Not only do we double our efforts to save and try to find good bargain gifts for our monito - monita this early, it has been part of our tradition to play Jose Mari Chan Christmas carols.

Tita Witty September Jose Mari Chan

I'll bet 1,000 pesos as soon as you go out today, you'll hear Jose Mari Chan. Maybe even just staying at home you'll still hear his Christmas serenades.

No one can hide from Jose Mari Chan.

I don't know how that started. I've been hearing his songs since I was a kid. A friend even shared a twisted version of his Christmas in Our Hearts song, but I choose to forget it.

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Anyway, here are our favorite Jose Mari Chan memes so far (might add more to this list):

1. The REAL Winter King awakens.

Jose Mari Chan Winter King Meme

2. Rumor has it that he parties away by September 1 midnight.

Jose Mari Chan Meme Party

3. Others insist that he just does a quick prep, then actually sleeps early (kelangan fresh kinabukasan).

Jose Mari Chan Prep Meme

4. A few people claim he helps bring out the Christmas decors.

Jose Mari Chan Christmas in Our Hearts

5. Anyway, good morning!

Jose Mari Chan Getting Ready Meme

6. September is finally here.

Jose Mari Chan Memes

7. You know the drill.

Jose Mari Chan It's Time Meme

8. Jose Mari Chan, PASOK!

Jose Mari Chan Pasok Meme

9. He's everywhere.

Literally nobody:

SM Malls:

Jose Mari Chan SM Malls


Jose Mari Chan Everywhere Meme

11. If there's Brad #2, there's also Jose Mari Chan #2.

Francis Kong as Jose Mari Chan # 2

Whether you like or hate his songs now, all of us Filipinos at one point in our lives like Jose Mari Chan Christmas songs.

Tita Witty October Jose Mari Chan

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