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Zombieland Saga Anime - Reimagined - Sims 4 Tray and CCs Download

Just sharing the Zombieland Saga girls (un-zombiefied version) I made and the list of custom content (CC's) I currently use for them (*≧ω≦*).

The uniforms and "look" don't exactly match the ones from the anime (so if any of you are expecting that to a T, I'm sorry!). But I did enjoy creating their re-imagined alternate universe where they successfully ran away from their talent manager:

Kotaro Tatsumi - Zombieland Saga annoying talent manager dude
This annoying dude 🙄

And actually went to school while still doing their Idol thing on the side.

Sims 4 Zombieland Saga Ladies
Boomer Yugiri: Bah, Gen-Z! 

Another exciting news (aside from the upcoming Sims 4 University pack) is that according to my S.O., contrary to what we previously know about Zombieland Saga being just a one-off anime intended to advertise its video game, it's actually gonna be having a season 2 soon titled Zombieland Saga Revenge!

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It has been officially announced through this dramatic video:

I have no idea what that dude is saying, but the last part of the video shows Kotaro with an unbuttoned shirt smiling maniacally and people saying in the comments section to get ready for season 2, as well as this Tweet.


As to Zombieland Saga Revenge official release date, no announcement has been made yet-- will update this post as soon as it's out! ^__^


The Zombieland Saga girls Sims 4 tray file can be downloaded from the gallery (check "Include Custom Content") or here.

List of CC's used is available here.

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