Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot CC Download

Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot CC Download

Happy Halloween! There's a demented Jollibee mascot roaming around Sims 4 Willow Creek (got a normal version of Jollibee mascot as well -- so don't worry!😸). 

I've been getting addicted to creating CCs in Sims 4 lately, and this Jollibee mascot is my very first custom fullbody CAS item -- and oh boy it was a headache to make especially around early this month: 
1. I've just started learning Blender, and
2. I didn't know anything aside from recoloring

Attempt to create Jollibee mesh
There was an attempt to create my own mesh from scratch.

And then I found this awesome ready-made mesh by Springtrap 341 which he made available for download in his Deviantart account and saved me so much time -- go check out his Youtube channel and FB page:
Jollibee mesh by Springtrap 341
Thank you!
I did a lot of trial and error, and I wish there's a comprehensive guide out there from start to finish so I didn't have to guess which one to do next.

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But a huge thank you to a couple of awesome CC-experts in Sims 4 Studio forums for helping me solve my issues, to the fellow Pinoy simmers in our FB group and forum for inspiring me to create CCs (I was actually planning to submit this as well for our first ever Pinoy Stuff pack but I wasn't able to finish this on time), as well as to Sim Live for giving me a clue about grouping meshes and giving me hope when I almost lost it after seeing this and had to guess which parts go where lol!:

UV problem and texture abomination in Blender

Right now, I consider this 1st version done lol! Current known issues
  • can only be used to sims with normal weight and muscle (or thinner) -- I'm sorry for any thicc healthy sims out there!
  • the annoying small spikes on Jollibee's left elbow whenever he bends his arm (not sure if a problem with weight transfer or if because I decimated the mesh from 60k+ polys down to 17k, or both)
  • weird way Jollibee holds his cellphone because I changed his rigging to avoid his hands clipping on his hips (another reason why I couldn't make Jollibee as thicc as I originally wanted -- oh well)
  • not being able to add a specular without making everything shiny (I originally wanted this Jollibee mascot to have a glossy head and shoes)
  • his thumbs -- like why are they frozen like that?! lol! I need to re-arrange the mesh for that someday and re-do the weights transfer as well 
If these are "ok" or tolerable with you, then hope you enjoy this Jollibee Mascot CC! Tag me in Instagram, Tumblr, FB, or Youtube (@bigeyedkitteh) so I can see!:3 

Also by downloading my CC, you agree to my Terms of Use (basically just please don't reupload anywhere especially to paywall sites but feel free to recolor it just link back here and add credit for the mesh and conversion, thank you!~):

I will update this post and add newer versions whenever I'm able to fix at least some of the current issues enumerated above. Version 1 currently includes 2 swatches.

This is what the normal swatch looks like:

Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot CC - Normal Version

And the creepy swatch again (because halloween!):

Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot CC - Creepy Version

I love how while I was testing this Jollibee mascot, the very first Sim to approach the creepy version is none other than Cassandra Goth!

Sims 4 Jollibee Mascot and Cassandra Goth

Snobby Victor Feng passed by and took this opportunity to criticize Jollibee fast food (he's a food critic too afterall aside from being some wealthy politician in Willow Creek, if I'm not mistaken).

Cassandra Goth wasn't too pleased about that and tried her best to defend creepy Jollibee.

Cassandra Goth Defends Jollibee
She's a fan.

According to Sims news, that was the last time they've seen Victor Feng.

Jollibee Mascot in Sims 4
Such lore. Much wow.

The next things I wanna work on next that are Jollibee related are: Jollibee light fixtures (in-progress), Jollibee food (haven't started yet) and the Jollibee restau build itself. 

Happy Simming!~

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