Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Craving for a creamy Oreo Milktea dessert while also wanna help out animals in need? If you're based in Manila, check out Lala Cafe PH!

Lala Cafe PH offers not only milk tea but also coffee and juices.

But since I don't drink coffee often anymore, and also not fond of juice (ever since I had gastritis before), my only mission is to indulge in milk tea lol.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review
Even my cat, GarfielDio expressed interest. But of course, since milk tea has caffeine in it and milk not compatible with cat's digestion, this is only for hoomans.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Last September, I ordered some of their drinks: Wintermelon Milk Tea, Cheesy Brown Sugar Pearl Milktea CC, and their best-seller Oreo Milktea CC which all came with freebie pearls and these cute tumblers.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Wintermelon Milk Tea is oftentimes my go-to drink. Lala Cafe's version is extra creamy so the moment you mix it well, the sweetness of wintermelon is toned down by the cream.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

This is why I think the type of people who will enjoy their milk tea are those craving a dessert-like treat similar to the ones offered by Din Tai Fung and Cafe Pascucci, instead of the traditional type like Gong Cha and Serenitea.

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Cheesy Brown Sugar Pearl Milktea CC on the other hand, while I enjoyed the extra pearls added in it, I barely noticed the milk tea part because of the cream and the pearl sinkers. So if you really like this flavor, the upsized version might be worth trying out. But if you're after getting your money's worth in terms of milk tea and cream, get other flavors with fewer pearls instead.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

Or request not to have any pearls on them? I'm not 100% sure if we can make that request though since it seems like the boba pearls are automatically included already and someone who tried requesting them out of their drinks still got those for free.

However, we can request add-ons other than pearls like pudding, nata de coco, and coffee jelly.

And finally their best-seller, Oreo Milktea CC! This has been indeed the best I've tasted out of the three. Lala Cafe's signature creaminess matches with the chunks of Oreo well, creating a great combo.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

So for those who never had Lala Cafe's milk tea yet but a regular milk tea drinkers like myself and open to different experiences, their Oreo Milktea CC is worth trying out first!

Lala Cafe PH drinks can be ordered through Food Panda in select locations only in Metro Manila due to the limit imposed by Food Panda delivery itself.

Lala Cafe PH MilkTea Review

But if you're outside that limit, and still live within Makati, Quezon City or Manila areas, there's an option to have them delivered using Lala Move instead -- which I'm actually not really fond of because, unlike Food Panda, I feel like Lala Move's forte is shipping home furniture and other packages, and may not be that experienced when it comes to handling food and beverages well.

Maybe it's just my case, I dunno, but the driver who delivered my drinks has a fungal infection in his nails -- TMI I know. 


But well, at least I neither get a tummy ache nor died. It just made me paranoid especially we still have this pandemic and all.

So maybe try suggesting a different delivery option instead.

To save on shipping fees, they sometimes have a promo every Saturday, where select locations in the Metro can enjoy free shipping for a minimum of 3 drinks.

Lala Cafe PH Menu
Source: Lala Cafe PH

Shipping fees aside, I initially did find Lala Cafe drinks a bit pricey for their size. However it's worth considering that a portion of their sales proceeds goes to feeding animals plus I was craving for dessert-like milk tea that time with just the right balanced flavor and not overwhelmingly sweet like other dessert-like teas offered in a popular coffee shop near my place, so I was ok with it.

Lala Cafe PH Crave for a Cause
Source: Lala Cafe PH

Lala Cafe PH currently accepts orders online by messaging them through their Facebook page, texting them on their number provided on their FB Page (please wait for confirmation first that they received your order and are ready to deliver soon before paying because sometimes they're actually closed for the day, but they're usually open during the weekends) and also, as mentioned earlier, through Food Panda.

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