Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Dunno if I should be proud or feel embarrassed to admit that I still remember the lyrics of Doraemon's OP in its anime (same with Mojacko and Gundam Wing, since they were aired around the same time in GMA-7 before Yu Yu Hakusho back in the 90s lol).

Decided to create Doraemon (a custom content for Sims 4 that no one asked for lol), because aside from how fast and easy it is to do so -- I actually cheated and just used the bear mesh from Outdoor pack for the lower body lol -- I wanted to fill up the new Mt. Komorebi map with some of my favorite Anime characters ^_^

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I also wanted to enjoy immersing myself in Snowy Escape first and take a break from finishing the Jollibee custom food CC after realizing that it's more time-consuming to do than I expected -- I might delay the Jollibee pack if it eats more time this week because I need to start the Neo-Tokyo furniture by later this week especially since it matches with the Snowy Escape pack which I totally love! 

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

By downloading this Doraemon CC, you agree to my TOU. Basically you can recolor (*cough* improve my texture/diffuse map lol) but please direct the link here for the mesh. Tag me in Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or Youtube (@bigeyedkitteh) so I can see your post or video with Doraemon ^^

This CC is only available for kiddo Sims so he's the same height as Nobita.

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Current known issue is the shoulder part (as usual *sigh*). Will definitely re-do the weights of the mesh for it. Also might not be super obvious but there's an annoying shadow on his eyes which I can't figure out yet how to remove. It's not in my diffuse map at all, and I checked the other maps already as well. Hmmm...

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

Anyway, hope you still enjoy having him in-game. I *might* re-do his pocket to make it more visible. I decided against drawing it because it looks like a literal drawing instead of a somewhat realistic-looking pocket that I wanted to achieve (nevermind that his whiskers and eyes aren't even realistic, but a drawn style actually gives a cute cartoony feel to it so I'm actually torn lol).

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

I love how my Sim and Doraemon are BFFs now in-game, further emphasized by the new sentiment feature. He doesn't like Hisoka there though but he enjoys his rolls (just not his eyerolls).

Sims 4 Doraemon CC Download

He bonds well with my dad here at home too when he dropped by to visit us :3

“Now you know you can not make the gadgets do all the work. You yourself also have to make effort.” – Doraemon 

This is one of Doraemon quotes I like that I found. But for those who watched the Tagalized version like me, this is my favorite:

Nobita: Bakit maski isipin ko na kaya ko gawin to, di ko pa rin makaya? 
Doraemon: Simple lang yan! Kasi iniisip mo lang, hindi ka naniniwala!

Yown. Always believe in yourself! 😸


  1. Question, can the head be a hat?

  2. Can there be an adult version of the costume? Like I have height sliders installed and I'd like for Doraemon to be able to do things that adults do ingame.


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