McDonald's BTS Meal: Was it Worth the Hype?

McDonald's BTS Meal: Was it Worth the Hype?

As of this writing, we only have 2 days left to avail of the free upsize -- from medium to large -- on fries and drinks (unless they extend it)! Sadly this is only available for those who will be ordering the BTS Meal through its Ride-Thru-- which isn't just limited to cars, but now inclusive of bicycles, e-scooters, even kalesa, anything with wheels basically. 

Also, let's take a look at some of the fans' fun creative DIYs. I'll be sharing my first impressions and review about the BTS Meal experience too, as well as my reaction to some crazy BTS Meal-related news.

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In the beginning, was the Word, and the word was "no free photocards included in McDonald's BTS Meal unless you buy merch from their shop app first and show receipt."

I wanted to get a nice simple cloth bag I can use for groceries, but this is only one of the few items left. 
McDonald's x BTS Collab Merch
from WeVerse shop

Aside from being the priciest McDo x BTS collab merch in the shop app, lounging around in that robe color risks getting teased as:
Grimace is adorbs though, c'mon.


I. Review of McDonald's BTS Meal Experience Here in the Philippines
   A. How Much Is the BTS Meal Here in the Philippines?
   B. My BTS Meal Experience
   C. What are the Ingredients for the BTS Meal Cajun and Chili Sauces
   D. Is It Worth Ordering the BTS Meal Just for the Sauce Alone?
   E. Would I Recommend the BTS Meal to a Friend (or Stranger)?

II. What Makes BTS Meal Really Special?
   A. Top 5 Creative DIYs You Can Do to Immortalize the BTS Meal Experience
   B. The BTS Meal Hustle

III. Conclusion

I. Review of McDonald's BTS Meal Experience Here in the Philippines

Though I feel proud of how smooth the McDonald's team handled the event here in our place, I sympathize with those living in areas with branches that got forced to temporarily close down for not observing the social distancing protocol, as well as to those who only got 9 nuggets.

Why You Give Me Only 9 Nuggets

I don't understand why they have to do that either especially they could've adjusted the price a bit instead so it doesn't feel unfair.

A. How Much is the BTS Meal Here in the Philippines?

The regular BTS Meal here costs Php 260 (around $5.36). It's the standard one with 10 nuggets, 1 medium fries, 1 medium drink, 2 special sauces (Cajun and Sweet Chili) and comes with the BTS x McDonald's themed packaging.

However, to encourage more people here to avail of the BTS Meal, McDonald's offers McFlurry with Oreo along with the BTS Meal for Php 275 instead of Php 309 (regular McFlurry is Php 49), and Php 7 delivery charge for a limited time, for those ordering using their app which can be downloaded here if you're using Android, or here if you're using iOS.

Free Upsize in BTS Meal

Also, as mentioned earlier, we can get a free upsize on fries and drinks if we order through Ride-Thru, aka the BTS Meal Lucky Ride Promo. Previously, there was a requirement of presenting merch you own featuring the BTS Bias of the Day:

June 21: RM
June 22: Jin
June 23: Suga
June 24: J-Hope
June 25: Jimin
June 26: V
June 27: Jungkook

But it should be physical merch like photocards, standees, and poster sheets. Digital ones, as well as funko pops, BT21, and TinyTan aren't allowed.

However, they've removed that requirement now from their site and didn't ask me to present V anymore.

B. My BTS Meal Experience

For most of the ARMY, the whole BTS meal experience itself is part of celebrating the success of BTS' new hit single "Butter", with the sauces symbolizing the BTS guys being "smooth like butter" (and also hot).

BTS meme

This is also part of a promotional meal deal under McDonald's Favorite Order program, where they present the usual go-to meal of a particular celebrity such as J Balvin and Travis Scott

I've read somewhere before that McNuggets meal with Cajun and Sweet Chili is what BTS guys regularly order back in Korea, however it seems anecdotal and no one's really confirming that. 

For the rest, BTS Meal is all about the sauce.

BTS Meal - 10 Chicken Nuggets and Cajun & Sweet Chili

Being a solid classic barbecue sauce fan, and having a sad bad experience with McDo's regular sweet and sour (with a hint of chili) sauce, I kinda wanted to avoid the Sweet Chili and ordered my fave barbecue sauce as a backup in case the Cajun too turns out to be not good as I expected.

McDonald's Classic Nugget Sauce
We can order this as an add-on for Php 12.

I tried Cajun first because I've never tried one ever, and I thought---

"It probably is like mustard, with spices that are like nice chili flakes." 

BTS Meal - Cajun Sauce
I love mustard sauce and chili flakes-- what can possibly go wrong? 

Cajun sauce surprised my taste buds with it being less tangy compared to mustard sauce. The texture is indeed smooth, although oily buttery? Not like cheap butter at least. It's like good milky butter without any oily icky feels in the mouth.

What I love about it the most is having a nice smoked barbecue aftertaste. Although, if given the chance, will I replace my favorite barbecue sauce with this? 


This Cajun overall surpassed my expectation, and also tastes like it can be added as an alternative sauce to say, Big Mac.

For those who want to turn the spiciness 1-2 notches up, here's where the Sweet Chili comes in.

BTS Meal - Cajun and Sweet Chili

I initially expected Cajun sauce to be spicier, and Sweet Chili being annoyingly sour with overpowering vinegar taste, that I almost didn't wanna open it.

But, YOLO.

I'm so glad THAT wasn't the case.

I'm in for a wonderful surprise. It's like a thick tolerable version of McDonald's regular sweet and sour sauce -- more like a jam even -- and blends well together with the Cajun sauce.

McDonald's BTS Meal - Cajun and Sweet Chili
Satisfied *burp*

Overall, the sauces for me together with the BTS x McDonald's collab "memorabilia" are worth it as a fast food meal, especially since the chicken nuggets meal is also my regular go-to order in McDonald's.

C. What Are the Ingredients for the BTS Meal Cajun and Chili Sauces?

The BTS Meal Cajun sauce is made up of: soyabean oil, water, sugar, Dijon mustard, citric acid, vinegar, egg, honey, Cajun seasoning, onion, iodized salt, modified corn starch, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, natural flavors, spice extracts, beta carotene, and EDTA.

Cajun and Sweet Chili Ingredients

The BTS Meal Sweet Chili sauce on the other hand is made up of: sugar, corn syrup, vinegar, water, tomato paste, modified corn starch, pimiento, iodized salt, chili, natural flavor, spices, garlic, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate.

D. Is It Worth Ordering the BTS Meal Just for the Sauces Alone?

While I enjoyed the interesting BTS Meal experience overall, Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces seem like they complement beef's flavor more than chicken or chicken nuggets for me. They can also be a great alternative dip to McDonald's fries and even plain potato chips.

BTS Meal Order in McDonald's

For chicken nuggets meal, I'm gonna stick to my old-time favorite classic barbecue sauce, and if you're a hardcore lover of that classic sauce too, then I don't recommend ordering the BTS Meal (again) just for the new sauces alone -- unless if it's you're first time doing so and just wanna experience it yourself. 

However, if they offer Cajun and Sweet Chili to be sold separately or as part of another meal like their BigMac or QuarterPounder, hell yes! I'm down!

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I found some interesting homemade Cajun and Sweet Chili recipes online that we can try at home to recreate our own version of BTS Meal once the limited time collab is over. However, since I haven't tried them yet, I don't know yet how close or how far they are from what the original BTS Meal sauces taste like -- for those who already tried it, let us know down the comments below!

I do low-key wish these Cajun and Sweet Chili sauces become part of McDonald's regular sauce choice.

E. Would I Recommend BTS Meal to a Hungry Friend or Stranger?

Oof, the ultimate test. 

If that friend or stranger craves some fast food and has no health issues whatsoever, and better yet, an ARMY, then sure. Yes, I'll recommend it until it lasts because the BTS Meal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even if they'll have something like this again in the future, that's gonna be different from the BTS Meal "Butter" we have now.

McDonald's BTS Meal Limited Time Collab

If a friend or stranger doesn't have any particular craving though, isn't too picky or no food restrictions, and just really hungry-- regardless if that person is a BTS fan or not, I will recommend something a little more practical and filling instead, such as this roast pork which has the same price point as the BTS Meal, just add Php 9. 

Roasted Pork - Rustan's Marketplace
It doesn't look very photogenic here lol -- it looks better in real life and tastes really good too!

Home-cooked food is still the best if that person isn't busy (and lazy in cooking) like me, or is lucky enough to have someone else in the family do the regular cooking for them.

II. What Makes BTS Meal Really Special?

This sounds very cheesy, but what makes BTS Meal special is the intangibles showing the adoration and dedication of the BTS fans, and the joy of sharing their passion with other people (and perhaps even influencing non-ARMY to become ARMY too πŸ˜†) which is evident by the following.

A. Top 5 Creative DIYs You Can Do to Immortalize the BTS Meal Experience

1. Journal

This is usually the first thing an ARMY will think about doing, especially if they're already writing in a journal regularly. There's a little pressure to make the right cut and paste the right items in whichever you think suits them best, based on your feelings about the experience, overall mood that day, and personal aesthetics.

BTS meal journaling
by myeowtyy

BTS meal journaling
by lena.spreads

BTS meal journaling
by paolapaperie

BTS meal journaling
by vstrjess

2. Tumbler

The best choice for those on the go. It's the easiest to do. Just cut the BTS Meal Cup vertically, then remove the bottom part of the cup. Get a transparent tumbler, insert the BTS Meal cutout in there, and you're good to go!

3. Planner

Kinda similar to the Journal group above, but instead of writing a diary about the experience, you can also use the BTS Meal memorabilia as a nice accent page for your planner.

4. Coasters or Keychain

If you're the crafty type and already have the materials like resin here, you can also do something similar. This is something I wanna do-- but instead of a coaster, I wanna make some keychains, I just need to get more resin --- I'll make a different post once I find some time to finally do so!😸

BTS meal coaster
by artse_by_maria_g

5. Notebook Cover

A bit tricky to do (depending on how clean you managed to maintain the BTS x McDo themed packaging), but as long as the notebook isn't too big and you have enough coverage, then go!

B. The BTS Meal Hustle

There are always those who are in it for some other personal gain. 

My opinion on them varies too: some are annoying like those who buy merch in bulk right on the spot (perhaps even before the official announcement) so items quickly get out-of-stock, and they resell them to fans at a way higher price.

Others I'm neutral about, and respect both the passion and hustle, such as fellow reviewers myself (hi, lol!), and those who do creative DIY's for others for a fee (you just have to provide the BTS x McDo themed cups and wrappers to them).

And then there are a few enterprising people out there who totally blow my mind and leave me in awe, such as this genius seller who saw the art in a nugget.

Among Us - Shaped BTS Meal Nugget
by polizna

The first time I learned about the BTS Meal golden nugget shaped as Among Us character in this article, it was selling at around $30k. 

Bid closed with the final price close to $100,000.

Among Us - Shaped BTS Meal Nugget - E-Bay Auction
 πŸ‘ πŸ‘„ πŸ‘

I have no words.

Well, I do. I believe its true value is higher than this Banana on Wall art valued at $120,000 because:

1. Unlike the banana which is surely rotten by now, this Among Us BTS Meal Nugget seems to be sealed in a vacuum-packed container.

2. Among Us x BTS crossover: 2 of the most iconic "brand"-- rather, phenomenon -- in our modern times

3. What are the chances for a nugget to look like an Among Us character by accident? Even if one tries to replicate this and create several Among Us-shaped nuggets, it's not gonna be the same anymore. It's like a fine art painting. The original is priced higher, the limited copies are priced less, and the open copies (and illegal ones lol) are priced the least.

So whoever brought that can surely profit off it sometime in the future after having those many bids and also having gained this much attention.

III. Conclusion

Going back to the main title of this post which is: Was it worth the hype though?

Also translated as: Was there any value in the McDonald's BTS Meal?

As we can see from above, there definitely is. Surely there's also gonna be different opinions thrown here and there, ("haters gonna hate, likers gonna like" as they say). To each on their own.

I always believe that as long as it's something that you're happy about, you're not hurting anyone on purpose, and you also bring joy to others, then it's definitely worth it.

McDonald's BTS Meal: Was it Worth the Hype?

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