Which Jujutsu Kaisen Character Are You?

Took a short break from trading, video editing, and intense 3D rendering lol, and created this quiz to find out which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you?👀 Edit 8/18/2021: Transferred the quiz to a different maker so no more monthly limitation on number of visitors/quiz takers 😤 You can take the quiz now -- thanks to those who DM'd me about the issue!^^

You may need to manually turn on Javascript if the quiz doesn't show below. You also need a relatively good internet connection for the images to load quickly. The quiz consists of 13 questions.


Which character did you get?! Let me know down at the comments section either here or at whichever social media you stumble on this (tag me :P) and share it with others!^^

P.S. The characters included in this quiz aren't comprehensive, I included only 18 of the most popular ones in the anime at least (I have yet to catch up on the manga if I got time *peace* 😅)

I also really wanna make do with my promise of completing the Sims 4 custom content for Jujutsu Kaisen so that's what I'm gonna do starting this weekend! I won't be able to finish them all in one go (because playtesting them in-game is very time-consuming), but I'll be doing 1-3 characters at a time after my recent hiatus with Sims and Youtube in general. I got stumped with real-life stuff while at the same time teaching myself more lessons in 3D art and catching up on other anime shows whenever I can (looking at you, Moriarty the Patriot 2nd cour and Tokyo Revengers).

P.S.S. I initially thought of doing this Jujutsu Kaisen character quiz on Buzzfeed lol, but yeah. Decided against it. Why put it there when I can put it here, yeah?


  1. I got Gojo woah! Wish there's a way to post the screenshot or share the result in social media.

    1. You may post the screenie through Disqus (middle tab on the right ^^). Will see if I can tweak or find a workaround to allow quiz-takers to share showing their results directly ^^

    2. Done tweaking, quiz takers should be able to share who they got when sharing result in social media or wherever ^^


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