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Awww... last episode of Mieruko-chan tonight in Muse Asia. I wonder if they have Season 2. But anyway, I'm extending it in "spirit" with the following Mieruko-chan Custom Content in the Sims 4 lol!
Edited 12/23/2021: Added the fashion showcase video:P

Mieruko-chan is about a brave lady who needs to pretend that she can't see the spirits around her and live normally while protecting her BFF. 

This anime has some similarities with Jujutsu Kaisen -- except that the protagonist here doesn't have any special powers and is merely an ordinary person like us unlike the sorcerers in the latter.

This makes this anime more relatable and even actually scary particularly if you watch it in the dark at 3 in the morning.

If you love Jujutsu Kaisen, and as long as you can get past the annoying perverted ecchi fanservice at the first few episodes here (don't worry, they eventually stopped that) or are used to it (no judgment), then you'll surely love Mieruko-chan too!

Just a short Sims 4 Mieruko-chan "fashion showcase" I did -- enjoy!XD


I. Miko Yotsuya
II. Hana Yurikawa
III. Yuria Niguredou

What I'm sharing here are other talented creators' CC's which (I think) are somewhat close to what the Mieruko-chan characters look like in the anime -- plus my own recolors. 

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I would really love to create custom items that match closely with what's in the anime (& manga) better using Blender & Sims 4 Studio -- but just couldn't find the time to do so (sorry! I'd also love to slowly clear my existing backlogs both here and in Youtube first).

I. Miko Yotsuya - Sims 4 Mieruko-chan

Starting off with Miko, the main protagonist of Mieruko-chan. She has the ability to see all kinds of spirits -- weak, strong, good, and bad.

She pretends not to see the spirits and tries her best to mask her fear. Miko is the most courageous anime character I've ever watched. 

If you've played Amnesia or playing Dead by Daylight every now and then (like me), you'll understand the terror of being followed or chased by an entity but not being able to fight and actually defend yourself against it. 

In Miko's case, she also has to pretend that she isn't afraid.

A tall ordeal.

Once the spirits find out that she can see them, her life and those around her will be in danger.

Hair by yours truly (I used Miwa's updated hair with new swatches)

Skin (Asian set) by S-Club (TSR)

Yellow Cardigan by Gorilla (Patreon)

Necktie & Socks by Imadako (Tumblr)

Shorts (because I couldn't find a skirt that wouldn't clip with this cardigan) by Trillyke (Tumblr)

II. Hana Yurikawa - Sims 4 Mieruko-chan

Hana is the deuteragonist in Mieruko-chan. Aside from serving as comedic relief at times to balance out Miko's eerie experiences, Hana's voracious appetite and bright aura further attract the spirits around them which give Miko the main purpose of protecting her.

Unlike Miko (and Yuria, whom we're gonna talk about below), she cannot see any spirits and aura at all -- she has the most enviable position of being carefree from not seeing the horror show around her. 

The only struggle she's experiencing is being constantly hungry during class, and sometimes suddenly feeling drained when a very strong spirit is around.  

Hair by Enrique (Blogspot)

Hairclip by aharris00britney (Tumblr)

Skin by Goppolsme (Wix)

Uniform (top, tie & socks) by Imadako (Tumblr)

Skirt by Trillyke (Tumblr)

III. Yuria Niguredou - Sims 4 Mieruko-chan

Yuria is the tritagonist as well as Miko's rival in seeing spirits (from her point of view). Unlike Miko who can see big powerful and very dangerous spirits, Yuria can only see weak and relatively harmless ones -- like the little spirits stealing coins and other shiny objects on the ground, and a few ghosts in their school.

Despite her weak ability to see different kinds of spirits, Yuria makes it up by being able to see people's auras.

Yuria tried to out Miko in seeing spirits and even challenged her abilities. But Miko would do anything to brush off Yuria's claims about seeing those otherwordly entities for their own safety. 

Hair & Hairtie by Candy (Tumblr)

Recolored Yuria Mushroom Hair Tie by yours truly (SFS) 

Skin by sim3melancholic (Patreon)

Uniform w/ Vest by MoonChild (Tumblr)

Necktie by Imadako (Tumblr)

Skirt by Trillyke (Tumblr)

Leggings by Saurus (Tumblr)

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