What's Your Savior Song? And Other People's Funny Stranger Things x Spotify Results

What's Your Savior Song? And Other People's Funny Stranger Things x Spotify Results

The 2nd part of Stranger Things 4 is finally out! Along with that is Stranger Things partnering with Spotify, allowing people to discover what their savior song and Upside Down playlist are that can help them escape from Vecna -- or you know, if we translate that metaphor into the real world, get out of the low-vibe state and survive mentally, emotionally and physically from this global recession and other maddening things happening in the world right now.

Or perhaps getting over your own inner demon, as personified by Vecna.

Or maybe jam with your demon because why not -- I just found out that the actor who played as human Vecna also played as Caius, one of the antagonistic vampires in Twilight.

I mean, demn he's fiiiinnne! 

He reminds me of Louis in Interview with the Vampire. I like him more as a vampire than a nut job in Stranger Things -- but I appreciate his voice in the latter.

Anyway, I digress.

If you wanna see what your personal Upside Down playlist is, login to Spotify and click here

This only works though if you regularly use Spotify (wish they have this in Youtube Music too like the neat year-in-review Spotify Wrapped feature, so people like my significant other who uses Youtube Premium can have a good chuckle about this too). 

Else, you'll see this official Upside Down playlist instead:

The first song in your personal Upside Down playlist is your savior song. I dunno how accurate it is with other people, but mine sure is!

Every time I listen to LilNasX songs before trading -- whether crypto or FX -- I get great results!💵
I swear they're like subliminals for wealth lol!

I'm surprised why none of Billie Eilish and Snow Ghost songs turned up though even if I listened to them a lot before -- then again they're my emo songs which honestly caused me to spiral into further depression last year (it was cathartic though!) and not exactly the kind of music that can save me (although I bet it is for some people -- to each on their own).

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Here are some interesting savior songs by others:

1. Spencer is a low-key Taytay fan. 

With the crazy stuff happening in the world in the first half of 2022, most people wish to be back in December too.

2. Mrs. Stacielynn would use Oxytocin to keep Vecna away 

Scientifically speaking, those warm fuzzy feelings oxytocin gives may help ward off those dark clouds in one's head, and be a great protection against Vecna.

3. Playing some popular tunes on Tiktok like Kacie here can disorient and keep Vecna away.

4. Or maybe actually communicating what you want, like what Skully's savior song here suggests, is even way more effective.

5. Or seducing Vecna perhaps while playing hard to get? As Chloe's savior song (and her playlist too) suggests.

6. Talking to Vecna in another language like Maciek's song here may help too.

7. A playful banter like a breezy renaissance' song here might put you in Vecna's whitelist too.

Ngl, it has these vibes. Purr.

8. More often than not, situational awareness like Jen here always gives you one step ahead of Vecna.

9. As well as foresight on what's about to go down like Shelby here.

10. I have no words, Emerald.

I mean human Vecna IS fiiiine, so...

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