Sims 4 Must Have Mods and Custom Content for Students

Sims 4 Must Have Mods and CC for Students

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion pack is finally out on PC (coming to consoles on December 17th)! But to those who want more build items, or other alternatives to some of its features, read on... Edit 11/2/2020: Updated some outdated links, and also changed other links to point to the creator's feature page instead :3

Aside from reviving my Stranger Things LP save file because finally I can send Eleven and the rest of the Hawkins kids (now teens!) to school without weird bugs (I hope 📿), I also went CC shopping last week and tested a few mods in preparation for the release of the new University pack.

Despite being excited about it (and waiting for it even before seasons), I do share the same sentiment as other players that this pack might have been rushed to make it in time, not only for the holiday season, but also to give more time to work on the last few packs in Sims 4. They're busy doing the final "touches" here, probably 3-4 packs left while working on Sims 5 behind the scenes, especially with Sims 5 rumored release on latter part of 2020 -- just in time for the Sims 20th anniversary!

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I'll go in-depth about Sims 5 "rumors" in another post, so back to Sims 4 university lol.

With that said, I do expect some bugs but hopefully just minor ones. I haven't watched any game changer LP's yet though because I neither want them spoiling my fun (and end up watching them instead of playing on my own lol), nor get influenced by their opinions (i.e. most of the popular ones on Youtube aren't into modern builds for instance which I super looooove, like why?!-- Don't at me!).
I do have some ideas about most of University pack's features based on the official site and forums, and what this pack possibly lacks so with that in mind, here's my favorite mods and CC's which imho can supplement the new Sims 4 Discover University Pack and their downloadable links (I might add other comments or bonus mods below once I'm able to play this pack myself over the weekend!):

1. Acne Mod by Kawaii Stacie (this is now part of her Slice of Life Mod)
Sims 4 Acne Mod

2. Cute Right Arm Tattoos by Descargassims
Sims 4 Cute Right Arm Tattoos

3. Girl School Uniforms by Imadako
Sims 4 Girl School Uniforms

4. IPhone Case CC Descargassims
Sims 4 IPhone Case CC

5. MacBook Air (old 2017, new 2019) Descargassims
Sims 4 Laptop CC

6. Double-decker Bunk Beds by Around the Sims 
Sims 4 Bunk Bed

7. Vending Machines (functional version by Lurania, decorative version by Around the Sims)
Sims 4 Vending Machine

8. IKEA Home Stuff by Simsi45
Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff

9. Starbucks by dreamteamsims
Sims 4 Starbucks

10. Windenburg Fan Pack by Redhotchilisimblr (in cooperation with Zxta for the TS2 conversions, Vivicus Zombie for the CAS items, and Haziesims for the poses)
Sims 4 Windenburg University

11. Roommates Mod by Little MsSam
Sims 4 Roommates Mod

12. Meaningful Stories by roBurky
Sims 4 Meaningful Stories

For a brief summary of each item and video version of this list:

Sims 4 Must Have Mods and CC for Students


McDonald's Custom Food Set by Sandy of AroundtheSims 

McDonald's CC Set by SparklySimmer


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